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The Boys have been crushing dreams of self rule of every generation. Starting from Liaqat Ali Khan, Fatima Jinnah, ZAB, and list goes on. Our generation dream was Imran Khan which is also bulldozed in front of our eyes. Nothing new WRT Pakistan, It hurts because our generation had to suffer it for the first time.
No more sympathies for this regime. No more "Corrupt Politicians" Churan. This whole state structure is rotten to core. Nothing good can come out of it. Bloody Government Servants are the Owners here. Just be part of this oppressive system or get out of this ship who ever gets the chance. No more dreams
Hafiz is going to disqualify khan in this week , after putting him in jail he will go for elections

Imran Khan: Why Western Media wants to project IK as Pro-Taliban & Anti-Woman? IK with Tim Sebastian​

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