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I would advise PTI to put real candidates on these seats and win them! That way they would be back in parliament with 33 seats and can easily dislodge that OAF Raja Riaz as opposition leader.
won't happen the oaf that is Imam khan will veto it: I am cheef exektiv I decide, mein janta hoon kia karna hai

But does anyone in PTI have any such wisdom???
there was and some still is but he hounded most out of the party and dumbbell surrounded himself with the rejects from other parties.

such a 'democrat' that his word and wish is the law.
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Now a days lots of gossip and polls are circulating on Internet, especially on Facebook that Imran Khan would be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. I, myself, am a fan of Mr. Imran Khan for his philanthropist works, leadership in cricket, social works. As far as his politics is concerned I am his fan because of the dirty politics and corruption of previous and current leaders.
But personally I feel that it is near to impossible for Imran Khan to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. Pakistan’s politics is so cruel that it can let at least fifteen people die because of a statement against a leader of a party and even then life goes on. It is survival of the fittest - fittest in the field of dirty politics, floor crossings, horse trading, blood sheds, murders, strikes and street power, seasoned politicians. Fortunately or unfortunately, Mr. Imran Khan lacks in all the pre-requisites of Pakistani politics.
I really don’t think IK will be the next PM and if it happens, I am really scared about Pakistan’s future as economy, foreign policy, control over intelligence agencies and street power needs experience which IK doesn’t have under his belt. From where he will bring the cabinet? Will he again start ‘jor tor ki siasat’? Then where is politics on principles?
IK was given the opportunity to lead and rise to the challenge and given a clean chitty via popular vote and what did he do? He took in corrupts from the old guard, took out colonial type constrictive loans from the IMF, almost soured relationship with China, failed to melt the cold relations with Iran, failed to strengthen relationships with the Arabs, failed to act on Kashmir, failed to support Palestine, had no new revolutionary ideas or initiatives on the economy, maintained the status quo, rifled up Uncle Sam, let inflation spin out of control, showed flower power to India, sold Kashmir, instigated intercommunal strife, failed to spur any meaningful change in quality or integrity of Pakistan's education and skills training system ,failed to act on the corrupt judiciary and corrupt civil service and didn't run the government like a true captain of a ship in tumultuous waters AND because of his promiscuity for power led Pakistan to almost a failed state. Unless IK and PTI can bring something new to the table they can stay out of power. At least the greedy corrupts achieved things and produced results (with hefty commissions), almost the whole infrastructure and CPEC achievements were completed under their watch.
History will not forgive anyone!!
It will be written in history that he stood alone in front of this dirty system.

If you ask for accounting from Judges, it is contempt of court.
If you ask a cleric, you are a disbeliever.
If you ask the general, you are a traitor...
And if you ask Imran Khan? What are you then??
@ghazi52 Do you know the answer?
I am, what I am. Nothing more.
Sorry, you lost me there. What exactly does that mean?

You didn't answer my question.
Correct answer is this...
If you ask for accounting from imran khan, you are all of the above....and a lot more!!

Just ask anyone who has ever dared to ask imran khan for any kind of accountability, whether from inside his party or outside.

@ghazi52 @everyone
Good to see PTI is lobbying in the US. PTI needs to lobby with both Democrats and Republicans. If PTI can come up with a realistic economic plan, it offers a lot of business opportunities for American companies especially in agricultural modernization and American universities for Pakistani students. Pakistan in turn would want to export more to the US, making it able to afford to buy American made products like Boeing planes and California made Siemens trains. (California being the home state of Speaker McCarthy)

Speaker McCarthy is from an agricultural part of California, so deals in modernizing agriculture and water management can be win win for Pakistan, PTI and McCarthy

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