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Prime Minister Imran Khan - A new era begins

Not to sound any alarm but there are 5 or 6 threads about your interview and they have no more than 2 comments on average. It seems shero bakhts are fatigued and they cannot praise you anymore with the same vigour.

You cannot survive a day without being praised. I would try engage the threads to calm things down.
Oh Good. So after PTI is gone --- food, medicine and electricity prices stop sky rocketing.
corruption enabled by his direct signatures on countless projects initiated.

So initiating projects equates to corruption or the issue is him signing the contract? If it is the latter, please share the list. Signing authority in the government is designated and not something random. In fact, if there is corruption, the corrupt person will be very hesitant to sign any contracts. Zardari I was like that. He never signed any thing.
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