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Chinese military exercises "Single Sword" started near the island of Taiwan. Chinese exercises around Taiwan are aimed at testing the readiness of the Air Force to gain air superiority over the Taiwan Strait and control over the island. Also, task forces of the Chinese Navy organized combat patrols around Taiwan, simulating a circular blockade of the island. As part of the Joint Sword exercise, a computer-animated video simulating a Chinese missile attack was shown. All types of Chinese troops are used in the exercises. On April 9, 31 aircraft and 9 ships of the Chinese army crossed the "middle line" of the Taiwan Strait, or have already entered the southwestern part of the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense said. China's "Joint Sword" exercise around Taiwan, organized by the Eastern Command of the People's Liberation Army of China, will last until April 10. J-10, J-11, J-16 and Su-30 fighters, H-6K strategic bombers, Y-8, Y-9 and Y-20AR transport aircraft, KJ-500 early warning and control aircraft are used in the exercises. As well as marine and land equipment.

The construction of a modular military field camp of the Chinese army. Footage of the construction of an advanced field camp of the Chinese army has been published. The Joint Logistics Center in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province has supplied one of the brigades with a new, rapidly erected military modular campus. The military field camp is quite modern and equipped with automated auxiliary equipment, including climate-controlled accommodation for personnel, a kitchen, a bathroom, a mini-laundry, a waste disposal unit and other equipment. The military camp is equipped with a face recognition system, it is difficult for an outsider to enter it.

Overview of the main tank Toure 96A of China. The Chinese army has published a promo video of its main battle tank ZTZ-96A, also called the Third Generation Toure 96A. The Type 96 tank, like many other examples of Chinese military equipment, traces its lineage to Soviet prototypes. The Type 96 tank was created in 1997 on the basis of the Soviet T-72, in 2005 the tank was upgraded to the Type 96A version. The tank has a combined multi-layer armor in the frontal projection and dense dynamic protection. The tank is equipped with all modern systems and equipment: a thermal imager, a modern laser rangefinder, a high-speed fire-fighting system, and a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction. The main gun of the Type 96A tank is a 125 mm smoothbore gun, a copy of the Russian 2A46M, the tank has an automatic loader similar to that of the T-72 tank. The tank can fire not only conventional projectiles, but also anti-tank systems from the gun barrel. Auxiliary armament of the tank is a 12.7-mm W-85 anti-aircraft machine gun and a 7.62-mm machine gun coaxial with a cannon. In general, the tank has good indicators of firepower, mobility and security. The tank is equipped with a 1000 hp engine. capable of speeds up to 65 km / h on the highway, and up to 40 km / h on rough terrain. The weight of the tank is 42 tons, the crew is 3 people.

China's Twin Tailed Scorpion UAV attack, review. The Chinese army has published footage of exercises with the use of airborne weapons by the Twin Tailed Scorpion A strike UAV. The Tengden TW 328-A drone is an enlarged version of the TB001 UAV, the drone has added a third engine and has a maximum takeoff weight of 3250 kg. The UAV has seven hardpoints, three of which are triple or double. The UAV uses an extensive arsenal of missiles and bombs, including the TL-2 air-to-ground missile, FT-9 and LS-6-50 precision bombs, Blue Arrow 7 and Blue Arrow 11A anti-tank missiles, GB laser-guided bomb -25 and the YZ-102A bomb. The maximum flight range of Twin Tailed Scorpion A is 6000 km, autonomy is 35 hours, service ceiling is 8000 meters. Communication range - up to 3000 km when using satellite data transmission channels.

At the Changchun Airshow-2023 in China, a visualization of the Chinese strategic bomber Xian H-20, developed since 2000, was shown. The bomber is made using stealth technology. Itsappearance is in many ways similar to the American B-2 bomber, many of the characteristics of the aircraft are still kept secret. It is assumed that with a mass of 200 tons, the aircraft will be able to carry up to 20 tons of combat load at a distance of up to 8 thousand km. Presumably, inside the fuselage there will be a launching "drum" for several missiles - analogues of the Russian Kh-101 or Kh-55. The aircraft must fly at subsonic speeds, less than 1,000 km/h.


PLA Eastern Theater Command's Task Forces Excel in Real Combat Training​

The navies of China and Thailand have begun military exercises Blue Assault-2023 in the waters of the Gulf of Thailand and in the area of the Sattahip naval base. The Blue Assault-2023 exercises will last until September 9, the parties will work out tasks during joint search and rescue operations at sea, landing personnel when helicopters land on the decks of ships. Three ships of the Eastern Fleet of China will take part in the exercises: the Simingshan Type 071 landing ship, the Anyang Type 054A URO frigate and the Chaohu Type 903A ship replenishment transport.

Chinese army exercises to restore an airfield after a bombing. The Chinese Army conducted exercises to restore a destroyed runway in the city of Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, the location of the 95th Fighter Brigade of the Chinese Air Force. The purpose of the exercise is to quickly restore an airfield damaged as a result of an enemy air raid. According to the exercise scenario, the runway was destroyed. Emergency services with special equipment and sappers were involved to carry out restoration work. The runway was reportedly restored within three hours.


Via http://www.81.cn/tp_207717/jdt_207718/16259183.html
A Chinese J-16 fighter intercepts a US RC-135. Footage of Chinese fighter jets JH-7, J-11 and J-16 intercepting American reconnaissance aircraft in the East China and South China Seas has been published. There is nothing particularly interesting, except for the case when a Chinese fighter crosses the path of an American reconnaissance aircraft. Notice how the American RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft bounces when it hits the exhaust gases from the engine of a Chinese J-16 fighter.

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