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Pakistan's population reaches 241 million: PBS

Both over population and underpopulation are a problem. You are trying to connect them when they are two different problems.

Over population always have issues with literacy, shortage of resources, food shortages and lack of funds to address these challenges. They are already apparent in Pakistan, we have a Literacy rate of 50%, shortage of water and mass hunger and poverty line below population.

Underpopulation faces what is called gdp shrinking effects. Your entire gdp drops by 10-30 percent. And different sectors like housing, food industry and others collapse due to shortage of new demand. They are also easily dealt by automation(see Japan's vending industry and robots technology).

Say it now should we be happy about overpopulation? Everyday someone dies in this country from hunger, from lack of jobs, etc. You are calling to promote these factors just so what? What is even the endgame here become the #1 most populated country? Spread your population around the world as expats?
All those factors will still exist even if you somehow control population as long as you let people like Nawaz and Zardari rule. Corruption is the main issue which destroys merit, growth, justice system and everything else.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) report stated that the Population of Pakistan has reached 241 million, ARY News reported on Saturday.

In a statement, the PBS spokesperson released a report regarding the population till now. The report says

According to the bureau’s spokesperson, now the population of Balochistan has reached 23 million while 2.3 million people have been counted in the provincial capital Quetta.

Earlier, Ahsan Iqbal directed provincial governments to complete the field verification/coverage of the 7th Population and Housing Census by May 15 in areas where population growth is not in line with normal Demographic trends and close the field operation in all areas exhibiting natural trends.


Prof. Ahsan Iqbal emphasized that Prime Minister, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif took strict notice of the repeated extensions of field enumeration activities of the 7th Population and Housing Census, therefore, targeted verification and enumeration operations should be carried out in areas with abnormal Population Growth, where gaps have already been highlighted using the digital systems architected by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) for the first-ever digital census.

He stressed that special efforts will be made in urban areas of Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and ICT to counter issues of under-coverage and low coverage.

300 million here we come, inshallah.
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