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On Rahul Gandhi's ‘pitai’ remark for Indian Army, here's what Jaishankar said

India is not an easy place to understand for outsiders. Though you guys come closest.
LOL at your wordings. You sound as if understanding a community that consists of majority selfish, greedy, low IQ, dislikable people is a science worth lstudying.
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India is not an easy place to understand for outsiders.
What is there to understand about India (it's people)? The below quote sums up the Indian mind.
You know, what's the best way to send your company down the drain? Make an Indian it's CEO. There are many countries offering better professionals, then why top companies chose Indians? It's all the result of politics. When an Indian sits in any position in a company, whether he knows about his profession or not, he knows that what people are thinking around him, what is boss thinking about others, I mean total non professional things, which he/she manipulates.
I have seen that a Chinese proves to be better leader, but all West deliberately pushes Chinese professionals to work on shitty positions. I have seen that happening in all Western industry.

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