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Pakistani dramas to air in Saudi Arabia


Recently, Fawad Chaudhry, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, revealed that Pakistan will take stringent steps to strengthen its cultural ties with Saudi Arabia. Part of this will involve the latter incorporating Pakistani artist’s expertise into their upcoming art schools.

The minister took to twitter to shares the news and wrote: “Back in Islamabad after a very pleasant visit of Riyadh. Had the honour of attending inaugural ceremony of Culture Ministry headed by a dynamic and spirited HRH Prince Bader Al Saud – a front line warrior of HRH Mohammad Bin Salman for his vision of cultural revolution in KSA,” he wrote.
Shamoon Abbasi's upcoming web series is about money laundering

Mind Games is reportedly based on true events and will also star Emmad Irfani, Kinza Razzak and Sana Fakhar among others


Mind Games is apparently based on true events and will also star Emaad Irfani, Kinza Razzak and Sana Fakhar among others

Many Pakistani actors are now playing around with the web-series format and Shamoon Abbasi is the latest actor to jump in.

His upcoming show Mind Games is being directed by Farhan Tajammul and has been written by Inaam Shah, whom Abbasi is full of praise for: "Inaam is a very detailed writer, he gets into the nitty gritty details. I can't say how much research he's been doing but I can tell he's done a good job."


Talking about his role in the show being produced by Picture Wala Productions, the actor shares, "As you know, I like to do projects based in reality rather than fantasy stories. The plot of this series is based on some true events, and is partially about money laundering done via models from Pakistan. That part intrigued me and I wanted to get more involved; the character that I'm playing is part of that gang that does all this business. There are a few complications, things go awry and then the story revolves around the protagonist, the cop played by Emmad Irfani."


Abbasi also shared that Mind Games is a potential Netflix project. Anyone else getting Sacred Games vibes?

Other than Shamoon and Emmad, the cast also includes Kinza Razzak and Sana Fakhar among others; at the moment, Mind Games is being shot in Pakistan but Shamoon says they'll probably be shooting parts of it in Canada as well.
7 must-watch films that have returned to Pakistani cinemas

After Bollywood films were pulled from cinemas, some Pakistani and Hollywood films are back to take their place


With the current tensions between Pakistan and India, local cinema owners have largely removed Bollywood films from their screens.

As a result, many Pakistani and Hollywood films are getting some additional screen-time. And looking at the options that have returned, we don't mind at all!

While films like Jurassic World 2, Azaadi and Furious 8 return in select spots, we went through the list and have picked out the films we're happy to see back on the silver screen and we feel you all should visit/revisit while you have the chance.

1) Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2

The JPNA sequel reportedly broke all box office records when it first released, making it the highest grossing film of Pakistan. And we understand why! With non-problematic slapstick humour, the film asks you to suspend your disbelief so that you can get the most laughs out of it. Also, Fahad Mustafa does a great job in the film.

2) Pinky Memsaab

What really sets Pinky Memsaab apart is the absence of masala comedy or musical sequences. The Hajra Yamin-starrer is based on a simple idea about a maid living in Dubai who aspires to hold her own. The film is thankfully free of any cringe-worth silly antics to achieve that; instead, it makes an attempt to show the beauty of women supporting women.

3) Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse

Spiderverse has won multiple awards since its release in December with the latest being the Oscar and we see why. With beautiful visuals, a promising script and some of the most brilliant artwork ever to have hit the screen, the movie is a landmark film for animation. In many countries it has been on screens since its release and still is. Plus, it's Spider-Man, how can you resist that?

4) Parwaaz Hai Junoon

With a stellar cast and an homage to the Pakistan Air Force, PHJ combines romance, drama and tragedy with a sense of pride for the country and balances it all out with some very welcome comedy bits. We all enjoy a good laugh, don't we?

5) Donkey King

At this point, we can't tell whether The Donkey King has been brought back in the cinemas or was just on all along, but oh well. The film is one of Pakistan's finest works when it comes to animation and has been received positively with its audience. With cute characters and an unapologetic call out to the corruption within politics, the film is a fun watch and has something in it for everyone.

6) Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody has been described as a celebration of rock band Queen and is a must watch for any who love the band... and for those living under a rock and aren't familiar with the band's amazing work, it's a great introduction. Rami Malek has numerous accolades under his belt for his portrayal of Queen frontman and vocalist Freddie Mercury and for good reason.

7) 3 Bahadur: Rise of the Warriors

3 Bahadur is Pakistan's first 3D animated feature and that's a big milestone. Its third installment boasts a star-studded cast and a plot that children will enjoy, while having major improvements in story and animation as compared to its prequels. We don't have many movies catered directly to children, and for them to have a nice option that offers entertainment along with important social messages is a plus in our books.
business of these films must have been increased after re-release.
This is a thread to show how Pakistanis are mental slaves of Indian content.
Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj to be screened at Cannes


We reported earlier that Shamoon Abbasi-starrer web series Mind Games might make it to Netflix. The good news is now confirmed. Shamoon Abbasi’s upcoming directorial venture, titled Durj, will be screened at the prestigious Cannes.

Based on real events, the suspense-thriller’s official trailer released last year, which was dark and intense, exploring the untapped genre of cannibalism.

“Durj is based on a terrifying reality, all I can say is that the story is based on a historical criminal act that has occurred numerous times all around the world. We researched thoroughly and picked up incidents that took place in Pakistan and then turned it into a suspense film,” Abbasi told Instep in an earlier interview.

The film features Shamoon Abbasi and Sherry Shah in lead roles, who have undergone major transformation to achieve a certain look for the film. Moreover, major parts of the film have been shot in deserts, caves and mountains.

Apart from Abbasi and Shah, Durj stars Myra Khan, Nouman Javaid and Majid Khan (Dodi) in key roles. The film is all set to release on Eid this year.
First look of Chaudhry Aslam's biopic leaves viewers stunned


Makers of biopic based on the life and times of Pakistan's highly revered Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Chaudhry Aslam have released first look that is sure to leave viewers stunned.

The biopic, namely 'Chaudhry: The Martyr' pays homage to Chaudhry Aslam known for his audacious services to Sindh Police.

The poster shows Chaudhry Aslam, played by famed actor Shamoon Abbasi, in his signature white salwar kameez style.

The movie also stars Arbaaz Khan in the role of SSP Rao Anwar.

According to sources, the 90% of the movie's shooting is done in Karachi while the rest 10% in Abbottabad.

The film will also showcase some important incidents that have occurred in Karachi involving SSP Aslam.

To show Chaudhry Aslam’s real struggle in the movie, the actors are getting trained under Services of Special Unit (SSU).

Chaudhry Aslam embraced martyrdom on 9th January, 2015 after succumbing to a terror attack on Lyari Expressway.

Meanwhile, 'Chaudhry: The Martyr' is expected to release next year.
Chhalawa | Official Trailer |
Mehwish Hayat | Azfar Rehman | Zara Noor Abbas |
Eid ul Fitr 2019

“Parwaaz Hai Junoon” Gears Up for China Release

It was last Eid Ul Azha that we saw release of “Parwaz Hai Junoon”, an underdog compared to other two big releases of Eid that went on to do a surprisingly higher box office than expected.

The film is now adding another feather to its cap by signing a contract for releasing the film across China this year. According to the press release issued by the production house, a contract is signed between producer of film Momina Duraid and Mr Wang Ye of Fire International Media. The signing was part of Pakistan China Trade and Investment Forum – part of the BRF which is being held in Beijing.

Momina Duraid, Mr Wang Ye, Mr. Razzaq Dawood & Mr Duraid Qureshi
It is worth mentioning here that earlier “Parwaaz Hai Junoon” became the first Pakistani film to release commercially in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, (Parchi was screened first but not in theaters) and now it is going to become the first Pakistani film to release in mainland China after a hiatus of forty years.

This won’t be the first time that Momina’s work is breaking barriers for local film industry internationally, as earlier “Bin Roye” paved ways for Pakistani films in the cinema markets of Middle East, UK, USA, Canada and Australia and became the highest Pakistani box office grosser in overseas market.
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I wanna watch:
Kala Gujajr
Chota Jatt
Nika Wakeel
Bonga Jasoos
Rafah e aam kay launday
Pinidi ka techi badmash

Can anyone guess who is who
Pakistani cannibal movie Durj will release on October 11 globally

The film is inspired by real-life events in Punjab


Shamoon Abbasi's Durj, the story of a Pakistani cannibal, is confirmed for an October 11 international release, according to latest publicity reports.

The film will simultaneously release in multiple countries including US, UK, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

The film, which is inspired by the real-life story of two cannibalistic brothers in Punjab, stars Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Maira Khan, Nouman Javaid and Dodi Khan in main roles.

The film was made with a small crew, with Shamoon writing and directing it, Sherry producing it and Dodi serving as executive producer.

Talking about the hurdles of telling an unconventional story, Shamoon said, "Everyone is doing comedy because it is easier to sell, it is easier to advertise, you get a lot of sponsors. We did not have any sponsors, we did not have any advertiser, we do not have any channel, yet we never gave up, we kept doing whatever we could for this film."
Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj to release internationally in October 2019
Wed, 05, 2019


Last month we reported that Shamoon Abbasi, who has helmed the suspense-thriller, Durj, became the member of Societe Des Realisateurs De Films (The Society of Film Directors) and that he will attend the opening ceremony of Directors’ Fortnight, where the film will be screened.

Durj is again making headlines it seems. Recently, Abbasi took to social media and announced that Durj will be releasing internationally [in selected countries] in October 2019.

“The wait is over! Durj releases globally on the 11th of October 2019. Experience #Durj in cinemas across multiple regions of the US, UK, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. See you at the cinemas,” he wrote on his official Facebook page.

The actor and director also thanked everyone for all their love and support and shared the official global poster of the upcoming film.

Based on real life stories and events, Durj, explores the untapped genre of cannibalism. According to Abbasi, the suspense-thriller highlights a historical criminal act that has occurred numerous times all around the world and after thorough research on incidents that took place in Pakistan they turned it into a suspense film.

Durj features Shamoon Abbasi, Sherry Shah, Myra Khan, Nouman Javaid and Majid Khan (Dodi) in key roles. Both Abbasi and Shah have undergone major transformation to achieve a certain look for the film, major parts of which have been shot in deserts, caves and mountains.

While a release date has been announced for overseas viewers, we wonder when Durj will hit cinemas across Pakistan.
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