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Movies to watch out for, From Pakistan!

Umair Nawaz

Sep 10, 2012
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This thread will discuss the Data, pictures,teasers/trailers, news and discussion(discussion about, release date,actors, new project etc no propaganda will be allowed) abt upcoming Lollywood movies only. So kindly refrain from off topic, unnecessary and illogical arguments. Moderators please make this thread sticky.

The host members r requested to contribute freely under the mentioned rules and regulation.

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First is Moor/Morqaye. expected to release this year 2014.

Moor is a Pashto language word meaning Mother......The film will be focused on Railways and our beautiful Motherland. It will truly be heart touching film with a very promising story-line. This is a film im personally anticipating more then any other this year.

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Operation 021/The Extortionist.

The first Spy thriller, This film is very special because its the first time in a film they will reveal the curtains over how our Intelligentsia Network operate. And what goes in their mind and struggles they face to save/safe guard our motherland. Interestingly its funded by Americans.;)

So in the end in this movie they r gonna blame Indians for it.

The focus of film is expected to be about NATO supplies and related ops.

It is expected to be released in coming months.

Pakistani Cinema Revival

Operation 021 - Behind The Scenes

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Saya e Khud e Zuljalal (SKZ)

his movie is another masterpiece From Pakistan and ISPR and is expected to present views the real time war simulation.

First soundtrack SKZ.

Im already loving it.

Jaag jaa Pakistan another soundtrack of this movie to be released soon.

Pakistani Cinema Revival
January 7
Shoaib,Rambo and Kamran Mujahid singing Jaag jaa Pakistan

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naughty film for naughty people. It also looks good.

News Video was on aired 27th December 2013.
News report on JALAIBEE by ARY News ...
ARY Films, Redrum Films in association with Sarmad Films & Jaswal Films Presents
Jalaibee... A film by Yasir Jaswal

January 13, 2014 | Rabi-ul-Awwal 11, 1435

Jalaibee to uncurl in cinemas, summer 2014

Published 2013-12-30 20:03:35

ARY Films and Redrum Films, in association with Sermad Films & Jaswal Films, locks “Jalaibee” for a summer 2014 release.

Starring Adnan Jaffar, Ali Safina, Danish Taimoor, Uzair Jaswal, Wiqar Ali khan and Zhalay Sarhadi, “Jalaibee” focuses on a series of intertwined stories of several characters scuffling through desperate circumstances. The movie is directed by Yasir Jaswal and features a soundtrack of 10 songs by artists including Qayyas, Uzair Jaswal and Humaira Arshad amongst others.

From its purposely vague first look teaser trailer, “Jalaibee” features a hard-contrast palette and shifts between a disparate set of situations including some gunfire action.

According to the Press Release, the movie is the first Pakistani feature to be shot on anArri Alexa HD – a high-end cinema camera known for its organic film-like aesthetic (the camera has a long list of motion picture credits including): “Skyfall”, “Iron Man 3” and the Oscar winning “Life of Pi”.

ARY Films has confirmed that “Jalaibee” will be released simultaneously in Pakistan, US, UK and the UAE in summer 2014. A fixed date is not confirmed at this point, however.
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Kites Grounded.

his film is expected to be real masterpiece after a long long time with focused on a common man and his life and hardships he faces.
The film is based on a story of a kite maker performed by Legendary Actor Irfan Khoosa. This will be another heart touching film.

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A journey which begins with Faith and ends with Hope.
Its expected to be based on Afghan Refugees and Afghan war.


Release year 2014

Shaan Is A Dance Teacher In This Movie
Javeed Shaikh Also Playing A Role .

Focus should be on Music and Dance.

Pakistani Cinema Revival

Shaan and Momal Shaikh from upcoming movie Naach

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What about Khuda Ke liye, Ramchand Pakistani, Zindaa bhaag ?
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