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Modi-led government in UP set to rename historic Aligarh city to Harigarh

A great gesture by UP government (Yes, Not Modi Government). Muslim invaders had changed the names of many historical cities. Now it is the time to rectify those historical wrongs. Foot prints of Invaders should be erased. Next in line should be Hyderabad. There are few converts who try to link their ancestry to invaders but they should be ignored and marginalized.

Are you lot going to demolish the Taj Mahal?

Your answer is going to be no....so you are clearly narrow minded hypocrites.

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That couldn't be further from the truth. Every Indian Muslim I have met, yes including religious ones have been fanatical followers of the Indian cricket team. I have NEVER met any Indian Muslim supporting Pakistan, not abroad anyway.

Bro, he is making it up. These indian Muslims are vehemently anti-Pakistani. In many cases, the religious ones are more anti-Pakistani than even indian hindus and sikhs.
Are you lot going to demolish the Taj Mahal?

Your answer is going to be no....so you are clearly narrow minded hypocrites.

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A bit of trimming is in order for that particular monument, I can see the minarets being replaced by something more appropriate like Shiv Lings maybe ?

The dome could use some work too , bit pointy, eh ?

We are in support of restoring the Tejo Mahalya to it's previous glory.
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Thanking you bottom of my heart Sir.

Muslims shud also support Hindu rashtra. Because we already give Muslims seperete country. And Hindu deserving Hindu only country for us.
I am the biggest supporter of Hindu Rashtra

I will donate to your campaigns with dollars and ask my relatives to do the same

We will together IA make India a Hindu Rashtrya!!

Jay Endia!!!
Thank you Sir.

We also give full support to Great Pakistan joining of Afghanistan with Pakistan
Nope we are good! No one wants that

But carry on with your great initiative

Hindu Rashtrya 2025 and Superpower 2030 (cause you can't be a superpower without being a Hindu Rashtrya first- ofcourse)
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It's more like "this is happening because Jinnah created Pakistan in the first place". None of this would have happened if Partition hadn't taken place.

I ask you again, do you have a problem when a country gives preference to one religious group only? You know, a country that is kinda based on religion?
Jinnah did not create Pakistan, Nehru and Gandhi did. He just realized that the so called seculars are in bed with the likes of RSS and Muslims will never get a fair deal in India. Nehru allowed it to happen because he thought Pakistan was fundamentally unviable and will collapse soon and will come back to the Union on its knees. It’s been 70 years and we are still around and a pain in your #utt. Unfortunately, the likes of you are still living the Nehru mindset and waiting for Pakistan’s imminent demise. Your grand father waited and your grand son will also wait.

Pakistan is based on religion and we have no qualms about it. We are The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I thought India was a secular state as per its constitution or is it the Hindu Rashtriya of Bharat. At one end the likes of you talk about equal rights for all and on the other hand you talk about and justify Hindu domination. Aren’t you and likes of you a little confused or hypocritical or both.
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Sir I wanted to form hindu NGO for love jihad victems nd also support to Hindu boys who marry Muslim girls. Needed guidance nd sponsorship.
To solve the issue of love jihad forever one needs to address fundamental issue

The impotency and average size of the Phallus among Indians

Frequent use of cow dung have proven to solve the issue of impotency

But Sexually frustrated Indian woman think procreating with Muslims will give them the same pleasures of procreating with a Pakistani male, but it doesn't

So they keep falling for it again and again only to be disappointed and when they go abroad they realize Pakistani men in general are not interested in procreating with them and would much prefer Thier own or other races

This delusion that Pakistani male is the same thing as Indian muslim male is the issue and can be solved by basic education

The indian male also suffers from this issue,

So with basic education we can stop this delusion and end this menace of love jihad forever
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