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According to the latest information published in the database of the SIPRI Institute (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), the United States intends to deliver 7 THAAD air defense missile systems and 360 missiles to Saudi Arabia, during the period between 2023 and 2027..


During the Global Defense Exhibition in Riyadh, which was held in March 2022, the Saudi General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) announced that it had approved two local projects for the “THAAD” air defense system: the first to manufacture missile launchers, and the second to produce protective canisters for missiles.

Italy lifts the ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia


The Italian government announced the lifting of the ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, after a cabinet meeting. There were previous restrictions on the export of military equipment to Saudi Arabia in 2019 and 2020, with the aim of preventing its use in the Yemeni conflict.

In its statement, the Italian government declared that the ban had become unnecessary "based on the changing situation" on the ground, and praised Saudi Arabia's recent efforts to broker peace.
Saudi Arabia is looking forward to the full acquisition of the Turkish company Baykar


Details regarding the #AkıncıTiha agreement signed between Saudi Arabia and Baykar have been revealed. The deal is said to be worth more than $3 Billion. Some sources claimed that with this agreement, Saudi Arabia will buy approximately 50 Akıncı TİHAs. In addition to the agreement with Baykar, agreements regarding ammunition, ground stations and ground control units were also signed..Saudi Arabia wants to cooperate with direct supply and ToT.
The two acquisition contracts signed by the Ministry of Defense with the Turkish company "Baykar" for defense industries aim to raise the readiness of the armed forces and enhance the Kingdom's defense and manufacturing capabilities.


The two contracts include the localization of the drone industry and its constituent systems within the Kingdom, with the participation of national companies specialized in the military and defense industries, in addition to providing training and support services, developing localization capabilities through the transfer of technology and knowledge, and training Saudi cadres, which will contribute to strengthening local capabilities and creating job opportunities for Saudi youth.

The acquisition contracts will enhance the process of localization in the military industries sector by achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s vision to localize more than 50% of the total military spending by 2030.



KSA is taking one version for the Army and another version for the Navy..
And for an export contract for marine cruises intended for work on air platforms
Congratulations to the first international customer 😅




Baykar, has signed the largest defence deal in Turkish history with Saudi Arabia, entailing the advanced combat drone supply, Akinci, to the Saudi army, accompanied by technical, logistical, and educational support..Furthermore, the cooperation between Turkey and Saudi Arabia extends beyond delivering Akinci drones. The two countries have agreed to collaborate on future technology transfer and joint production..

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Saudi Arabia is looking forward to the full acquisition of the Turkish company Baykar

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Details regarding the #AkıncıTiha agreement signed between Saudi Arabia and Baykar have been revealed. The deal is said to be worth more than $3 Billion. Some sources claimed that with this agreement, Saudi Arabia will buy approximately 50 Akıncı TİHAs. In addition to the agreement with Baykar, agreements regarding ammunition, ground stations and ground control units were also signed..Saudi Arabia wants to cooperate with direct supply and ToT.
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turkish goverment will not aprove it
Signing a partnership between SCOPA Defense and Avibras


On Monday 7/31, Avibras signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Saudi company SCOPA Defense during the Brazilian-Saudi Arabia Investment Forum held at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of São Paulo State (Fiesp)

The partnership aims to develop and manufacture advanced defense equipment, bring important capabilities, create new jobs, and ensure the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia, especially in the field of defense.

For João Brasil Carvalho Leite, President of Avibras: The collaboration adds more value to Avibras' business, strengthening the long-term partnership between the company and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

One of SCOPA's goals is to contribute to the defense sector by identifying ways to invest in the private sector and create job opportunities for Saudi nationals. To this end, the company believes that the creation of private defense industries will stimulate other sectors: industrial equipment, communications and information technology.

SCOPA wants to partner with leading global companies to deliver advanced defense solutions with an emphasis on local manufacturing.


Signing a partnership between SCOPA Defense and Taurus


Taurus Armas S.A. signed a memorandum of understanding with SCOPA DEFENSE TRADING LLC to establish a joint venture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The proposed joint venture aims to manufacture Taurus firearms in Saudi Arabia and distribute them throughout the GCC region.
This partnership is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 project, which aims to promote economic and social development, particularly in the field of defence.

SCOPA DEFENSE TRADING LLC, owned by Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan, will act as the commercial agent and distributor for Taurus, to explore opportunities with the police and army forces in the region.

The interested parties will have up to 12 months to complete the feasibility study and business plan for the joint venture, and to define their respective interests and other terms. This agreement represents an important step in Taurus' global strategy as a leading firearms manufacturer, with an emphasis on sustainable profitability, quality and technological advancement.

The Saudi and Japanese defense ministers discuss bilateral relations and military and defense cooperation


Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu held talks with his Saudi counterpart Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz at the ministry in Tokyo

An official ceremony was held for the Saudi Minister of Defense, during which the national anthems of the two countries were played and the guard of honor was inspected

The two officials discussed bilateral relations, military and defense cooperation, and reviewed the latest regional and international developments and efforts exerted to deal with them, in addition to issues of common interest.

The meeting was attended on the Saudi side by Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Fayyad Al-Ruwaili, Assistant Minister of Defense for Executive Affairs Dr. Khaled Al-Bayari, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Japan Nayef Al-Fahadi, and Director General of the Minister of Defense office. Hisham bin Abdulaziz bin Saif

On the Japanese side were the Japanese Chief of Joint Staff General Yoshida Yoshihide, Deputy Defense Minister for International Affairs Oka Masami, Commissioner for Procurement, Technology and Logistics Agency (ATLA) Fukasawa Masaki, Defense Ministry Policy Office Chief Kazuo Masuda and Director General. International Affairs of the Office of Defense Policy of the Japanese Ministry of Defense Miura Jun

***** Japan has an impressive defense industry..Whether equipment or technology





Within two months, more than five meetings between defense leaders in Saudi Arabia and Japan!!!

** Legislation and laws in Japan limit and prevent defense cooperation and arms export..
But recently, there have been changes in Japan's defense doctrine, even with regard to arms exports.. So we may see good news..

Also, concerning Nuclear technology, Japan is a good bet.. They now have helium gas cooling reactors instead of heavy water. The reactor can increase its temperature to above 1100 Celcius instead of 360 degrees now. Thus, it is even possible to manufacture hydrogen in fabulous quantities + molding and casting of metal and steel.. Japan builds these reactors through the government company Mitsubishi and produces hydrogen that they call red hydrogen..


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Technology transfer 70% is as follows..

SAMI Saudi Arabia will be responsible for:

1 Manufacturing of electronic systems

2 Manufacture of mechanical parts

3 Manufacture of aircraft structures with composite materials

4 Manufacturing and final flight testing

5 Providing training and support services.

NCMS Saudi Arabia will be responsible for:

1 Manufacture of ammunition

2 Fabrication of optical sensors

Baykar General Manager Haluk Ozdemir:
Bayraktar Akinci is not just an ordinary weapon or a plane..It is a flying intelligent robot with dozens of computers, tens of thousands of lines of code and artificial intelligence..
BAYKAR is aware of the scale of the project and mobilizes all its capabilities to ensure a success story that is the harbinger of many years of strategic cooperation.

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August 9, 2023

An Australian company manufacturing counter-drone technology is aiming to expand its presence in the Middle East.

Oleg Vornik, CEO of DroneShield, told Breaking Defense that the company currently has contracts with government agencies from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait. He added that the company will set up offices and manufacturing in the region once it gets “enough meat on the bone.” He also floated the idea of forming a joint venture with a local operator to begin assembly in the Middle East.

DroneShield is based in Sydney, Australia, but it also has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. In July, the company secured a $33 million contract to provide equipment and multi-year support for an unnamed U.S. government agency.

DroneShield may need to build apparatuses to locally manufacture its products in the Middle East if it wants to continue doing business with Gulf nations. Saudi Arabia, in particular, is demanding that foreign firms establish regional headquarters in the kingdom by 2024.


Saudis ask to join UK, Italy and Japan’s joint air combat programme​

UK-backed move could help spread cost of developing fighter jet and drones, but may prove controversial..


Saudi Arabia has asked the UK, Japan and Italy to be made a full partner in their joint effort to build the next generation of fighter jets, in a move backed by the British government.

Companies from the UK, Japan and Italy are working together to build a new fighter jet and other systems such as drones under the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP), also known as Tempest. The programme aims to deliver the first planes by 2035, a tight turnaround.

A senior UK defence source said: “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the UK’s strategic partnerships and UK defence is keen to deepen work on GCAP. We see Saudi Arabia as a key partner in the fighter programme and we are working to ensure strong progress as soon as possible.”


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