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Seoul and Riyadh release joint statement rejecting actions targeting civilians in 'escalating ...

He was not satisfied with the Iranian threats to the Kingdom and surprised the West with terrifying intercontinental weapons Bin Salman bomb..




In the Saudi_Semiconductor_Program, more than 120 Saudi engineers and students were trained in semiconductor manufacturing techniques.


KACST signs a memorandum of understanding with the China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Corporation and the Beijing Microelectronics Technology Corporation to establish a center for the design and manufacturing of electronic chips in smart cities and energy digitization.

There is cooperation between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where MEMS research is conducted by Egyptian students at the CENA Center in Saudi Arabia

The agreement allows students to conduct part of their research at the Center of Excellence in Nano-Manufacturing Applications (CENA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Saudi Arabia is in talks with South Korea to purchase the Cheonggung-2 defense system


Saudi and South Korean government officials announced on Monday that they are in the final stages of talks to conclude major defense deals.

Kim Tae-hyo, deputy director of the National Security Office, at a press conference in Riyadh, emphasized the growing importance of the defense industry in the relationship between the two countries, especially discussions on air defense systems and firepower weapons.

Details of these potential defense deals currently remain confidential. A presidential official revealed that it is in the contract drafting stage, stressing that the size and value of the agreements are large.

He also pointed out that security threats near the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contribute to not disclosing the details of these deals. Disclosing information about weapons systems and their value could affect the ability of other countries to evaluate the quantity of units purchased by Saudi Arabia.

Cheongung-II system

One of the main defense systems being considered is the Cheongong-2 missile defense system, which is designed to intercept air strikes.

“Cheongong-2” is a medium-range surface-to-air defense system (SAM), called the Korean equivalent of the American-made “Patriot” missile defense system, which the UAE has concluded an agreement with Korea to purchase.

It was developed based on the “9M96” missile technology used in the Russian-made “S-350E” and “S-400” missile systems.

One battery consists of four to six 8-cell transport launchers (TELs), a 3D radar, and a passive electronically scanned array (PESA), and can detect targets at a range of 100 km and intercept targets up to an altitude of 15 km at a range of 40 km.

The missiles have anti-electronic warfare capabilities to continue operating, despite the jamming.

Moreb 1,2,3


Moreb system is a defense or attack system for day and night operations through surveillance, tracking, and target identification. The terrifying system is characterized by an advanced ability to control remote firing with high accuracy, and to hit the target from long distances. This prevents the crew from being exposed to counter-launching, and the monitoring mission is carried out through a system “Saqr” vision, which consists of a daytime camera and a thermal camera with superior range-finding capabilities.

Made for armored and combat vehicles..




It has been installed on a number of systems: M-ATV, UGV, MRAP




Dual-axial automatic combat turret with 30 mm cannon



The 30N Terminator is designed to be installed in offshore platforms such as patrol boats, ships, combat ships or coast guard boats.. The system includes an advanced launch control system that allows for high firing accuracy over long distances. It can be fed by two separate ammunition boxes chosen by the operator.



There are serious talks between Saudi Arabia and France to buy Riyadh Rafale fighters, which was confirmed by French Minister of the Armed Forces Sebastien Le Cornu, who mentioned the matter in a press conference, without giving additional details since he was “not authorized to comment to the press” about what was discussed in the talks. .

The French newspaper “La Tribune Dimanche” was the first to point out this issue, confirming that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had contacted the “Dassault Aviation” company to obtain a quote to purchase 54 Rafale aircraft, and the company had “a deadline until the first of November to respond” to the inquiry. Riyadh.

The bfmtv website indicates that Saudi Arabia’s interest in French combat aircraft has been clear for years, and the interest increased after the UAE concluded the deal, and it says that there is a possibility for Riyadh to buy up to 100 to 200 French fighters for 36 billion euros.

What plays in France’s favor, according to BFM-TV analysis, is that Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler in the country, wants to diversify the Kingdom’s partners in the military aspect, and reduce the Kingdom’s dependence on the American military industry.

Source: DW Arabic
Unique VLS MK 41 cells for modern Saudi MMSC frigates



Missiles currently integrated with the VLS 41 MK include the Evolved ESSM Sparrow Sea missile
Tomahawk cruise missile, as well as Standard Missile 2, Standard Missile 3, Standard Missile 6
As well as the anti-submarine ASROC (VLA).

Lockheed Martin Showcases Patriot Integration With Mk 41 VLS


LRASM ( Long Range Anti-Ship Missile )

The system is designed to accept any missile in any VLS 41 MK cell.. A unique capability that provides unparalleled flexibility.

The Kingdom recently selected CAMM - CAMM ER missiles.. It was agreed to be produced locally under the SAMI-MBDA project..

Multi-Mission - Multimode operation allows separate missiles to be set up for each mission
Anti-aircraft, anti-submarine, long-range strike, and surface fire support, and defense tasks against ballistic missiles.



MK 41 cells are expanding day after day to include more diverse and more capable ammunition

The future CAMM-MR can be launched from the Mk 41 VLS by placing two missiles in each cell..

Thus, the VLS MK41 is able to accommodate the entire CAMM family..


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