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Karachi students design the country’s first microprocessor

If you (today's Indian Muslims) don't emulate Tipu Sultan I would regard him as fiction.

"Ameer-ul-Momineen-e-Hind" and BJP's B Team Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi saheb won't emulate him nor will his protegee Angry Indian Burqa Girl Muskan bibi but I being a Communist Muslim am emulating and surpassing Tipu. Tipu was a educated person ( actual education, not high marks in competitive exams ), a progressive administrator who did things like confiscate land from the birth-privileged casteist upper caste Hindus and distributed the land to the genetically-oppressed Shudras and Dalits and maybe the tribals too who had been oppressed by the casteist upper castes since 1000 BC, and Tipu was an admirer of the French Revolution and established a Jacobin Club and was a collaborated with the French revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte and would have driven out the Britishers from India had he lived. And had he lived for 52 more years he would have been the first person in India to introduce The Communist Manifesto to Indians. What a great India could have been realized...
Ànd how do know that his field is IC manufacturing or IT related, do you know him personally???

Don’t take it the wrong way. You can make a separate thread “why doing RISC V et el is not innovative” on it and people interested can discuss there. It’s just not right to turn every thread into a clone of the previous discussion.

Graduate of FAST.

Not an electronic engineer but designed a processor and OS 😂😂😂. These indians are real delusional morons. Its like saying i dont know abc but i have better poetry than Shakespeare.

Its doesn't means he knows all things, why he always treated others that others knows nothing about IT ÀND IC fabrication technologies ànd terminologies?

These Indians are just jealous of the mention of the term RISC-V as it has a major Pakistani footprint in its development as well.

No i dont "kNOW" him personally. And I just know. He graduated the year i joined FAST.

Ànd he is @ssethii why you're so confirmed about him that he is a same person you have met?
Ànd why he is so insulting to others he has a ego that he knows everything about IT

OMG this guy

Give me simple answer for my quiries, is he your friend? Ànd why he insulting others on this subject especially to @jamahir ?

if it doesnt have circuit that contains microscopic wires attached to a cow dung aka the main processor then its useless like tejas.

OK, I was quoted into this one-and-half-year-old thread by @Skimming and it is very good because it gives me the chance to ask Mr. Asfandyar as to what his "Graduate from FAST" friend, Mr. Sethi, who is "an expert in IC fabrication" achieved in these one-and-half years ? A radically new processor and operating system and storage mechanism ? Will he educate this humble 12th class dropout ?

Simply because the claims by Jamahir are ridiculous. You cannot design OS and chips without whole teams of very skilled and educated engineers as basic minimum.

So what happened to China with its many "educated" and "skilled" engineers, yet it hasn't designed an OS ? :)
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and now we will see some 500 pages on proving it wrong /fake or stolen design and so on ....

every country is struggling except india @jamahir :D
and now we will see some 500 pages on proving it wrong /fake or stolen design and so on ....

every country is struggling except india @jamahir :D

No, right in my first post in this thread that you Liked I alluded to the Indian implementation of RISC-V called Shakti. I shouldn't say "Indian" because Shakti is from IIT-Madras and in India I live too and I have a processor project and it is primarily of my own design but with collaboration of two others and our project is not being presented as a "Indian indigenous" project in the manner of any nonsense project of Indian nationalists but something from a human team. :)

So if you look at all the celebrated other Indian institutions, whether government or private, they indeed are struggling. :)
Just for the IIT "illiterates" from across the border despite all the economic woes the Semiconductor industry is actually booming and taping out many state of the art chips left right and center.
Yaar, why do some people keep referring RISC-V as "Country's first microprocessor" ? Happened in India too.

These "indigenous" projects are just local implementations of the open source, international processor ISA - RISC-V. Just like building another distro of Linux.

Exciting would be news that some Indian or Pakistani individual or group designed a processor - or operating system - from scratch. Not this RISC-V or Linux overstatements.
Even Apple didn't design its processors from scratch
Based em on established arm architecture of arm holding
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