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Indonesian Aerospace Board of Directors talking about helicopter business

Indonesian test pilot started flying KF21/IFX plane

Left is Korean pilot, Right is Indonesian pilot
KF21 Indo first flying pilot.jpeg

KF21 double seats.jpeg

KF21/IFX prototype 5 maiden flight. The plane is set to be given to Indonesian Aerospace as Test Bed plane for further development.

Beside South Korea, France is also a very important partner for cooperation in defense industry. Latest meeting in G7 Summit in Hiroshima 2023 also talked about defense industry

Kostrad soldier with Pindad SS 2- V4 assault rifle


All Indonesian Leopard MBT are also operated by Kostrad Corp, so this Corp is considered as the most modern within Indonesian Army. Soeharto eliminated Communist power in Indonesia when he was Kostrad Commander in 1965-1966

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Russia register Patent in Indonesia for their STEALTH fighter

KRI Bung Karno Corvette will be equipped by Surface2Surface Missiles and Survace2Air Missiles. The ship is made by local private own shipyard.

1/ BMS/Battlefield Management System made by PT. The Hariff named CY-16H which has been installed on several combat vehicles such as the Anoa Panzer, the Leopard MBT and the Marder IFV has experienced an increase in local content from 2018-2022.




PT PAL Indonesia is participating in Malaysian Navy tender


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