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PT PAL Indonesia currently undergoing construction of 6 large ships

1. 2 red white frigate 140 meters for Indonesian Navy
2. 2 LPD 124 meters for Philippine Navy
3. 1 LPD 163 meters for UAE Navy
4. 1 power plant vessel for Indonesian state owned company (PT PLN).



Previous news

IDEX 2023: UAE confirms order for PT PAL landing platform dock​

by Jeremy Binnie
22 February 2023


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced it had awarded the Indonesian shipyard PT PAL an AED1.5 billion (USD408.32 million) contract to supply a “multimission vessel” during the IDEX 2023 show being held in Abu Dhabi from 20 to 24 February.

PT PAL confirmed to Janes that the contract was for a 163 m multimission support vessel, which is a landing platform dock (LPD). The plan is to start construction in Indonesia in 2024 with the completed vessel delivered to the UAE Navy five to six years later.

The contract was announced without a value in July 2022 as part of a comprehensive economic partnership agreement between Indonesia and the UAE, although sources told Janes at the time that it had not been finalised.

PT PAL said that it could not comment on the systems and armament that will be fitted to the ship, but Emirati companies will be involved and it will supervise the process.

A second AED20 million contract was awarded to Marakeb Technologies to develop the Golden Unit for the new ship. Marakeb is an Emirati company that specialises in autonomous systems. It displayed a mock-up of an unmanned ground vehicle control station in the back of a Caiman armoured vehicle that it said has been delivered to the UAE Armed Forces.

About PT PAL power plant ship project

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Construction of patrol ship for Navy by a private sector shipbuilder

Indonesian Coast Guard (Bakamla) uses Pindad heavy machine gun on their patrol ship




Pindad Excavators





Mini Excavator


Pindad Telehandler

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Washington DC (13/11), Located at the Indonesian Embassy Office in Washington, DC, PTDI agreed to expand cooperation with global industry, in this case Bell Textron Inc. and Honeywell, witnessed by the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Rosan Roeslani.



For Bell Textron, the speculation is for PTDI to become part of supply chain of Bell 525

The Bell 525 Relentless is an American super-medium-lift helicopter, under development by Bell Textron. The Bell 525 was unveiled at the 2012 Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas in February 2012. The helicopter first flew on 1 July 2015. It is designed to transport up to 19 passengers.[1]

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Pindad SS2 V5 rifle used by Indonesian Kostrad troops.


Pindad SS2 rifle older version handled by Kostrad troops



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Kongsberg Vanguard System - Mothership for the Indonesian Navy capable to carry up to four PT Lundin Kapal Serang Ringan (KSR)



In 2022 at Indo Defence Kongsberg and PT Lundin signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PT PAL of Indonesia for the development a new type of vessel called locally KSR (Kapal Serang Ringan, for light attack craft).

At LIMA 2023 the Kongsberg stand was dominated by its Naval Strike Missile (NSM) which is already bought by Malaysia and of course proposed for the two main Malaysian programmes, the LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) and the LMS (Littoral Mission Ship) Batch 2, and by the model of its fast attack craft (FAC) part of the Vanguard system, fitted with two NSMs.


The Vanguard concept is based on a mothership, capable to carry up to four FACs. The mothership is built to IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards used for commercial vessels, however reinforcements are installed in specific areas to allow the installation of communication equipment as well as the handling of weapons. A frigate-size ship, the mothership is 100 metres long, has an 18 metres beam, the crew being of 30 persons, however cabins for 100 persons are available. It is fitted with a diesel-electric propulsion that ensures a range of 5,000 NM at cruise speed, the ship being also fitted with a replenishment-at-sea system.

It has a well deck allowing operating the FACs, which are of course controlled from on-board the ship that is fitted with all necessary workstations and communication means. It is also fitted with a flight deck capable to host light helicopters as well as VTOL UAVs, and a wide area where up to twenty 20-foot containers can be hosted. Weaponry is limited to the bow-mounted medium-calibre gun.


The FACs are designed by PT Lundin and beside the aforementioned NSM missiles they also carry a Kongsberg RS4 remotely controlled weapon station armed with a 12.7 mm calibre machine gun. They can be operated unmanned, controlled by the Vanguard mothership, or carry a crew of six. Fully made of carbon fibre, the FAC is 19 metres long and is powered by two waterjets provided by Kongsberg that allow the boat to exceed 50 knots.

The agreement with PT Lundin will see the first KSR launched in Q4 2024. This will be the first step of the programme, the next one being the building of the mothership by PT PAL, as well as that of other KSRs, to fully enforce the Vanguard system concept. Considering the relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia, Kongsberg considers the MoU with PT Lundin and PT PAL a point of entry in the Asian region.

PT PAL made LPD will be sent to sea near Gaza



Other ships being sent to Gaza including this one, designed and built by Indonesian local companies, we have 9 ships of Teluk Bintuni class LST



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Supporting Industry (the mother of industry)

Krakatau steel is able to produce military grade steel


Jakarta (17/03) – Representing Plt Katimlak KKIP, Head of Planning for KKIP Rear Admiral TNI (Purn) Darwanto, MAP, with Plt. Deputy for Politics, Law, Defense and Security of Bappenas, Dr. Slamet Soedarsono, MPP, QIA, CRMP, CGAP, CACP carried out a working visit to PT. Krakatau Steel, in Cilegon, Banten, last Wednesday, March 15.

In the group, the Head of Technology Transfer and Offset Dr. Yono Reksoprodjo, Korsahli KKIP Rear Admiral TNI (Purn) Dr. Mulyadi, KKIP Research and Development Expert Staff Dr. Prof. Colonel Chk Heru Eko Budi Susilo, SH, and secretariat staff M. Idhan Chaer.

The delegation was received by representatives from the research and human divisions of PT. Krakatau Steel. In his opening explanation, representatives of PT. Krakatau Steel stated that PT. Krakatau Steel is committed to increasing TKDN (local content) by implementing various steps such as certification and research on substitute products for imported steel products.

Dr. Slamet Soedarsono, who is also the Head of KKIP Funding and Financing, explained that his visit departed from the reality that the use of imported steel is still rife in defense industry products.

This has an impact on the TKDN value of downstream products of the defense industry (alutsista) which is not encouraging.

He stressed that steel production capability is a reflection of the country's strength. Therefore he emphasized the need for independent mastery of technology.

Krakatau Steel is known to have diversified its business fields, which include industrial steel, construction steel, industrial water, industrial pipe, to electric power.

In the defense sector, this largest steel company in Indonesia has become a supplier of raw materials for bailey bridges, infrastructure development for headquarters/posts/barracks, and warship hulls.

In the future, it is targeted to be able to supply raw materials for ranpur/rantis bodies(Armor Plating for Armored Vehicle), gun barrels, RPS nozzles, and RPS casings.

The KKIP delegation highlighted foreign steel which is more competitive in terms of price and stock availability. As a result, a number of defense industries are still importing steel plates from other countries such as Singapore which has stock for purchase in limited quantities.

Under these conditions, it is difficult for the domestic defense industry to meet the minimum TKDN value threshold emphasized by the government for defense and security personnel procured from within the country.

Krakatau Steel responded that compensating for the defense industry's insignificant business value is not easy, especially when it comes to providing new infrastructure.

Nevertheless, PT. Krakatau Steel claims that it is currently trying in stages to be able to play a bigger role as a tier-4 (raw material producer) for the defense industry.

This year's KKIP Funding and Financing sector has an agenda to review the TKDN values and calculations at each tier/level of the defense industry. Previously, Mr. Slamet also made a visit with a similar agenda to PT. Pindad and PT. Infoglobal.

The government has recently intensified the Increase in Use of Domestic Products (P3DN) to suppress imports and advance the domestic industrial ecosystem.

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