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Elang Hitam MALE UCAV get engine test


Indonesian Defense Ministry is ordering RHAN 122B MLRS vehicle and also RHAN 122B Rockets

The contract is in finalization phase. This is the test 3 years ago, the rocket also keeps being developed and the performance Today is much better than this 3 years old test.

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4/ I was wondering whether this was the reason why Malaysia bought MPCD made by Infoglobal. MPCD can answer climate problems because it was made to adapt to tropical climate conditions from the start. This is proven by the ability to operate in a temperature range of -20º C to 76º C.


Both RCWS and Anoa APC are produced in Indonesia.


Indonesia completes development of R-Han 122B MLRS​

31 October 2023

by Kapil Kajal

The Indonesia Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced in late-October that state-owned arms manufacturer PT Pindad has completed the development of a 122 mm multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) known as the R-Han 122B.

In a social media post, the MoD said that PT Pindad conducted a “series of successful trials on the system” before declaring its completion of development.

The MoD added it is now working on finalising the contract for the procurement of R-Han 122B systems and 60 mm mortar ammunition.

Janes earlier reported that PT Pindad has been producing the R-Han 122B for the Indonesian Marine Corps on a low-rate initial production (LRIP) basis since 2017, but the service needs more than 1,000 rounds of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and inertial navigation system (GPS/INS)-guided weapon across its three divisions by 2024.

The R-Han 122B has a calibre of 122 mm, an overall length of 2,810 mm, and is driven by a hydroxylammonium nitrate (HAN) rocket motor, according to PT Pindad.

Thales visited InfoGlobal, there will likely some program related to Rafale avionics

The contract for 8 N 219 transport plane for Indonesian Army is expected to come either this year (end of this year) or next year according to a credible Indonesian source.

This version will have different door mechanism as for army it would use sliding door. Well sliding door is necessary for Army parachutes




Indonesian Navy also needs it to replace their old GAF Nomad around 20 planes. Expected the order to come after PTDI completed the delivery of 8 N219 Military version into Indonesian Army.


Navy GAF Nomad seen on the Indonesian Navy Equipment List in Wikipedia


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Elang Hitam (Black Eagle) MALE UCAV.
Location: Indonesian Aerospace
Photo from : Bambang Haryanta.


Defense & Security Exhibition 2023, in the Infoglobal booth you can see a photo of the cabin console for the CN-235 MPA aircraft. Currently, armed with the experience of developing TMS on the NC-212-200 MPA, they are currently developing a mission system for the CN-235. Let's just wait for the results :-)


So currently Indonesian Aerospace has at least 3 running development programs :

1. KF21/IFX (Joint development with ADD and KAI Korea). For internal research there is ITB as well as development partner.

Progress : Flight Testing

2. N219 Amphibious (National consortium, Indonesian Aerospace + Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) + BRIN (Gov research agency) )

Progress : Next year the prototype is ready to be built inshaAllah

3. MALE Elang Hitam UCAV (National consortium, Indonesian Aerospace + PT Len Industry + BRIN)

Progress : Flight Testing


Potential new program for 2025-2029

R 80 - 90 seats Turboprop plane




Civilian versions


Military Versions



Submarine Hunter
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N219 Amphibious Development Program


KF21 prototype number 5

The one that will be given to Indonesia inshaAllah to develop Indonesian version.

Celebration after successful maiden Flight.


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