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President Jokowi see areas in Kertajati, Subang, as the place for Indonesian Aerospace and Pindad expansion.

Both Indonesian Aerospace and Pindad main factories are located in West Java. Kertajati is also located in West Java and now in Kertajati there has already been international airport and highway connected to Bandung where main factories of Indonesian Aerospace and Pindad are located. Patimban port near Kertajati has also been completed for its first phase development, the port is planned to be the biggest in Indonesia at 2027, outpacing Tanjung Priok/Jakarta port current position as largest port in Indonesia.

Kertajati, West Java

Based on Indonesian Aerospace (PTDI) CEO interview with CNBC Indonesia Yesterday, Kertajati is seen by the company as the ideal place for KF21/IFX and MALE drone production lines.

If R80 program becomes PTDI program, then I think R80 production line can utilize current production hangars for CN235 and NC212 in Bandung and possibly utilizing production hangars for IFX too if IFX production line is moved to Kertajati.

So in the future, possibly transport program will still be centered in current place in Bandung while fighter+drone programs will be in Kertajati.
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PT Len: 13 GCI radar units ordered by the Republic of Indonesia from Thales were assembled in Subang, West Java


Friday, 1 September 2023 05:36 WIB

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Director of PT Len Industri (Persero) Bobby Rasyidin said that the final assembly of 13 units of the GM-403 Ground Control Interception (GCI) control radar system ordered by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense from the French technology company, Thales, is taking place entirely in Subang, West Java.

The assembly location is precisely at PT Len Industri's facilities at Len Technopark."We will start the final assembly in October 2023. That's the first radar (first unit, ed.)," Bobby said in answer to ANTARA's questions when met on the sidelines of his activities at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Office, Jakarta, Thursday (31/8).

He explained that PT Len Industri and Thales were working together to produce and assemble 13 units of the GCI GM-403 radar system which were purchased by Indonesia.In this cooperation, PT Len Industri, which is part of the Republic of Indonesia's defense industry, also produces devices for the "transmitter" and "receiver" radar.“

What we produce domestically is C2, command and control. "The console and software are produced domestically," said the President Director of PT Len Industri. He continued with components that are still produced by Thales in France, including mechanical radar components.

Also read: Ministry of Defense: Contract for procurement of 13 GCI GM-403 radar units IDR 5.8 trillion

The contract to purchase 13 units of the GM-403 GCI radar system became effective on April 20 2022. The target is for all units to be completed in stages over 48 months (4 years) after the contract becomes effective.“The contract was signed on April 20, 2022 and delivery was carried out within 48 months after the effective date of the contract.

In addition, the warranty period for this radar system is 36 months," said the Head of Public Relations Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Brigadier General Edwin Adrian Sumantha in Jakarta on June 28 2023.The contract value for the procurement of the 13 radar system units reached 354 million euros or the equivalent of IDR 5.8 trillion."

The value of the procurement contract is EUR 354,119,092," said Edwin.This means that the price of the GCI radar system is around IDR 446.8 billion per unit.The Indonesian government through the Indonesian Ministry of Defense ordered 13 units of the GM-403 GCI radar system made by a French company Thales in collaboration with state-owned company PT Len Industri (Persero).

The strategic cooperation for the procurement of 13 GM-403 GCI radar units was signed by Thales and PT Len Industri in Surabaya, East Java, on April 20, 2022. The signing ceremony was witnessed directly by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto.

Also read: Ministry of Defense: 13 GCI radars made by Thales and PT LEN are scheduled for completion in 2026

In the agreement, especially with regard to radar, the cooperation includes technology transfer plans for military and civilian radars, including domestic maintenance and maintenance (MRO) activities, and joint development of the national Command & Control (C2) radar.

The two companies re-signed a cooperation agreement in France on May 17, 2022. The agreement agreed on the joint production of Radar GCI, and the start of activities to define concrete actions to realize the Head of Agreement (HoA) of the Strategic Partnership between Len-Thales in seven potential areas.PT Len in its official broadcast explained that the GCI Radar is one of the main defense equipment whose function can be likened to the 'eyes' of defense.

"With a range that can reach 450 km, this type of radar plays a role in providing escort for interceptors and ambush hunting aircraft in carrying out their missions," explained PT Len Industri in a written release.

According to Indonesian Aerospace (PTDI) CEO, 52 Indonesian Aerospace engineers are currently working in Turkish Aerospace at their design center. Based on my connection inside KFX/IFX team, some of the Indonesian engineers from PTDI are also working for TFX/Kaan fighter


Starting from 1.26

LEN-Thales Wants to Create a Joint Venture Company for Radar-Satellite Production

Herdi Alif Al Hikam - detikFinance
Selasa, 05 Sep 2023 18:45 WIB

Jakarta - PT LEN Industri signed a cooperation agreement with a French company, Thales, to create a joint venture in the development of defense equipment. This agreement was signed on the sidelines of the 2023 ASEAN-Indo Pacific Forum (AIPF).

President Director of PT LEN Industri Bobby Rasyidin explained that this joint venture could bring LEN products to compete in the global market. Later, PT LEN and Thales will develop defense equipment products together.

"How is it done? Later this JV will become an embryo to become part of the Thales supply chain. This is a large company for hundreds of years and worldwide. Their market is big in commercial, the market in defense is also big. We want to be a global supply chain, that's the point," Bobby explained when met on the sidelines of AIPF, at the Mulia Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9/2023).

"So we want to develop Indonesia's competence to become the center of competence for Thales in the world," he said.

The product development that will be carried out by LEN and Thales will vary, starting from the development of radars. For radars alone, the products range from military radars, civil radars, communications radars, to weather radars.

His party will also carry out satellite development with Thales. There is also the development of command control sensors.

"Then we want to create command and control, this is a kind of command, control command is for military and non-military purposes," said Bobby.

The party targets that in the first 1-2 years, this joint venture will generate revenues of up to US$ 50 million.

"Ultimately, this JV could become a big company in the world. They are in Brazil, producing avionics products, Australia also has a JV. Then Indonesia, our target is that in the near future we can be the same size as Thales Brazil and Australia," said Bobby.

Thales also signed a cooperation agreement with PT Garuda Maintenance Facilities (GMF). The two companies will work together to develop an innovation laboratory dedicated to avionics maintenance.

Indigenous local tank turret under development

New P2 Tiger APC made by Indonesian PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya. Credit to MEDEF.


(Archive) PT SSE products​

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At the TNI AD Fair at Monas, 24-27 September 2023, Hariff Defense displayed the SLT (Weapon Against Tank) Train Prototype II made by PT Hariff in collaboration with PT Dahana. Hariff is responsible for electronic systems & Dahana for rocket booster propellant.

Pindad plans to sell Maung civilian version to the public. The CEO said that the price for civilian version is below the market price for SUV produced in Indonesia.



Inside PT Pindad

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