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Bandung (15/06), PTDI held a ceremonial handover of 1 CN235-220 MPA Full Mission Aircraft and 2 AS565 MBe Panther AKS Full Mission Helicopters to
at the PTDI Aircraft Services Hangar, witnessed directly by the Indonesian Minister of Defense , Prabowo Subianto.

KF 21/IFX program is quite vital for Indonesian Aerospace business since I expect Indonesian government at least will likely buy the plane around 100 -150 units until 2040 and Indonesian Aerospace can also start developing Wing drone for the fighter that could make the production of Wingman drone around 100-200 units. In the assumption that the program is successful and completed based on previous time table ( 2026-block 1 and 2028 -block 2).

In KAI Korea facility, undergoing static test


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Iconic! These are the 4 discoveries of BJ Habibie that have been recognized by the world​


TECH - Verda Nano Setiawan, CNBC Indonesia
18 June 2022 20:55

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - The third President of the Republic of Indonesia, BJ Habibie has a series of important discoveries that cannot be taken lightly. Even his services in developing the world of aviation have been recognized internationally.

Habibie himself studied mechanical engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia Bandung, which is now known as the Bandung Institute of Technology in 1954.

Meanwhile, in 1955-1965, Habibie continued his aeronautical engineering studies, specializing in aircraft construction, at RWTH Aachen, West Germany. Received an engineer's diploma in 1960 and an engineer's doctorate in 1965 with summa cum laude predicate.

Until finally the genius was asked by the second President of Indonesia, Suharto to return to Indonesia and establish the first aircraft company in the country, namely the Nurtanio Aircraft Industry (IPTN) which is now PT Dirgantara Indonesia in 1976.

So what are his discoveries that have been recognized internationally? Based on various sources that have been summarized by CNBC Indonesia, here are some findings that are known internationally.

1. Crack progression theory​

This theory is a surprising discovery in the world of aviation. The Crack progression theory is a theory used to predict the initial crack point on an airplane wing.

2. Dornier DO-31 . aircraft​



The Dornier DO-31 is Habibie's first aircraft design, the first transportation aircraft that can take-off/landing vertically.

3. N2-50 . aircraft​


Next is the N-250 aircraft, which is a regional commuter turboprop civil passenger aircraft (airliner) that was originally designed by IPTN. Using the code N which means Nusantara indicates that the design, production and calculations were carried out in Indonesia.

4. Aircraft R80​



This aircraft is a major innovation developed by Habibie. This was based on the fact that Habibie wanted to make a successor to the N250 aircraft produced by IPTN. This aircraft was designed by PT Regio Aviasi Industri (RAI) which is a company founded by Habibie himself.

Habibie achievement and story in more detail can be look on this book written in English


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New CN 235 for Indonesian Navy


One of three Malaysian CN 235 planes that are being converted into Maritime Patrol by PTDI is reported to have completed the conversion work and has been flown to Malaysia.



Source Malaysian media

Indonesian Aerospace will modernize the production facility for CN 235 and N 219 program inshaAllah which also will increase the production rate of those program. If all of the modernization program is completed which is expected to happen in middle of 2023 or 2024, then CN 235 production rate will be 8 planes per year (from current 4 planes per year) and N 219 production rate will be 10 planes per year (from current 2 planes per year).

I see for CN 235 production modernization program, this facility can also be used for future N245 program which is a civilian version of CN 235.


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Surabaya, 29 June 2022

Infoglobal at Defence Attache Tour 2022

Marketing Infoglobal


Infoglobal at Defence Attache Tour 2022 (29/06/2022)

Infoglobal has participated in the Defense Attache Tour 2022 which is held at VASA Hotel Surabaya on June 29, 2022 by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense (Kemhan RI) through the Directorate for Defence International Cooperation, the Directorate General of Defence Strategy (Ditkersinhan Ditjen Strahan).


Info Global CEO, Adi Sasongko

According to the Dirkersinhan Ditjen Strahan, Brigadier General Steverly C. Parengkuan, this event was held to be a good means to strengthen cooperation between countries and to become promotion tools for domestic defense industry products.


C-130 cockpit mockup and Infoglobal avionics products

As one of Indonesia's defense industries, Infoglobal showcases its flagship avionics products in front of 23 representatives of Defense Attaches (Athan) of friendly countries. The products displayed include the C-130 Hercules cockpit mockup, Multi Purpose Cockpit Display (MPCD), Radar Monitor Unit (RMU), Flight Monitoring Display A13 (FMD-A13) and Electronics Flight Display 6.0 (EFD-6.0).

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Discussing Nurtanio's N219 aircraft, PTDI's President Director met with the Chairman of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly​

July 4, 2022 / by Author Rangga Baswara Sawiyya


AIRSPACE REVIEW (airspace-review.com) – President Director of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) Gita Amperiawan accompanied by Production Director Batara Silaban and Corporate Secretary Irlan Budiman made a Working Visit to the Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo in Jakarta on July 4, 2022.

During the visit, the President Director of PTDI discussed the development of domestic aircraft products, both those being worked on such as the N219 and those that had been sent to customers such as the NC212i and CN235.

On that occasion, the Chairman of the MPR RI supported the performance of PTDI which continued to perfect the development of the N219 aircraft.


As the pride of Indonesia, which was developed, produced and handled directly by domestic engineers, the N219 is considered very suitable for use in archipelagic countries such as Indonesia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The aircraft, named Nurtanio , can be developed as civilian passenger transportation, military transportation, goods or cargo transportation, medical evacuation, distribution of natural disaster aid, surveillance, and patrol.

The company said that currently the level of domestic component N219 has reached 44.69 percent and is being increased to reach 70 percent.

These components include landing gear , avionics, to aircraft raw materials made by domestic industries.

Its development has gone through a series of flight tests in preparation for entry into the domestic and international market.

PTDI and BRIN are currently developing an amphibious version of the N219A, which is currently entering the detailed design stage. Then proceed to the prototyping & structure test stage , development flight test , and is targeted to obtain an Amendment Type Certificate (ATC)/amphibious certification in 2024.

"To increase the commercialization capability of the N219 aircraft, such as ease of financing for buyers, financing support is needed from Indonesian banks as well as by leasing schemes by companies in Indonesia," said Bambang Soesatyo.


Indonesia wind tunnel facility and R 80 wind tunnel testing in 2017


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