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Very influential Indonesian minister, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, that can be said as Jokowi second hand, and next President candidate, Ridwan Kamil, who is also currently serving as West Java governor visited Indonesian Aerospace Yesterday, accompanied by new Indonesia Aerospace President Director, Gita Amperiawan Msc, Phd.

Visiting N 219 Simulator



Visiting N 219 Final Assembly Hangar



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N 219 has its maiden flight in August 2017. After getting type certificate from Indonesian authority in December 2020 that allows the plane to be sold to the market, the plane development is still continued and flight test for development purposes is still carried out until now.

So even for simple plane like N 219, it likely needs about 5 years just for flying test before entering mass production, relatively not much different with complex plane like KF21/IFX fighter which needs around 4 years to do flight test (2022 late June-2026)-based on the plan.

KF21/IFX fighter can have around 4 years of test flight due to the number of flying prototypes are quite many, which is 6 flying prototypes (+2 prototypes for static test), while N219 only has 2 flying prototypes (+ 2 prototypes for static test). The requirement and flight test hours for KF21/IFX of course will be more extensive compared to civilian plane like N 219.


Translation :

On this occasion, the President Director of PTDI, Gita Amperiawan explained that currently the N219 aircraft is still carrying out a series of flight tests in preparation for entering the market, as well as to prepare for the development of the N219 aircraft into an amphibious version.


So N 219 program for basic version has 4 prototypes.

2 flying prototype ( first prototype maiden flight was in 16 August 2017 and second flying prototype maiden flight was in 21 December 2018).

Another 2 prototypes are for static and fatigue test


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N 219 competitor​


Textron Aviation’s Cessna SkyCourier gets flight ready​

08 / 02 / 2022​

By Rebecca Jeffrey


The first production unit of the twin-engine, large-utility turboprop, the Cessna SkyCourier has been rolled out by Textron Aviation ahead of its use by launch customer FedEx Express.

Designed by Textron Aviation, the aircraft is powered by two wing-mounted Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65SC turboprop engines and features the McCauley Propeller C779, a heavy-duty 110-inch aluminum four-blade propeller, which is full feathering with reversible pitch, designed to enhance the performance of the aircraft while hauling large loads.

The SkyCourier is operated with Garmin G1000 NXi avionics and has a maximum cruise speed of more than 200 ktas. It has a 900 nautical mile maximum range. The aircraft features a large door and a flat floor cabin that is sized to handle up to three LD3 shipping containers with 6,000 pounds of payload capability.

Production of the SkyCourier at Textron Aviation’s manufacturing facility in Wichita, Kansas incorporates the use of monolithic machining throughout the airframe. With this technique, major assemblies are milled from a single piece of metal rather than assembled from smaller pieces, reducing the overall number of parts and resulting in a more precise tolerances for easier assembly.

The SkyCourier celebrated its inaugural flight in May 2020, and the flight test programme’s three aircraft have accumulated more than 2,100 hours.

Following certification, which is anticipated in the first half of 2022, this first production unit will be delivered to FedEx Express, which has agreed to purchase up to 100 aircraft, with an initial fleet order of 50 cargo aircraft and options for 50 more.

Ron Draper, president and chief executive of Textron Aviation, said: “The SkyCourier brings an impressive combination of cabin flexibility, payload capability, performance and low operating costs to the twin engine utility segment. We look forward to this highly versatile aircraft entering the market very soon.”



In order to realize the Hawk 100/200 aircraft upgrade program, Infoglobal attended the 2022 Singapore Air Show which was held on 15-18 February 2022 at the Changi Exhibition Center, Singapore. Infoglobal's presence at this event was to explore cooperation with Rolls Royce related to the Adour engine used on the Hawk 100/200 aircraft.

Apart from Rolls Royce, Adi Sasongko as CEO of Infoglobal also held several important meetings with global defense industry players to strengthen partnerships in the defense business. Among them with PTDI to work on the N219 MPA and Amphibious N219 aircraft, and Hensoldt for the National Surveillance System.

With this exploration of cooperation, it is hoped that in the future the work plans carried out by Infoglobal can be synchronized and realized properly.
About the plan of Minister of Defense to buy 10 CN 235, the budget allocation is not yet released in 2022 budget, so we should wait in April to see Finance Ministry PSP lists and the RMP figure that will likely be released after the PSP

There is English translation in the video


Singapore Airshow 2022: Indonesia's CN-235 gunship plans delayed by push for aviation biofuel​

18 FEBRUARY 2022

by Ridzwan Rahmat


Indonesia's plan to develop a gunship variant of the CN-235 twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft has been delayed indefinitely amid a push for the country to commercialise a home-grown aviation biofuel type.

The matter was revealed to Janes by an official from state-owned aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) at Singapore Airshow 2022. Notably missing from PTDI's exhibition stand during the show was a model of the CN-235 gunship, which has been displayed at past defence exhibitions.

“We are no longer displaying the gunship because it is unclear when this project will resume,” said the official. “The flying testbed that was supposed to be a platform from which we conduct the firing trials is now involved in pre-commercialisation processes of an Indonesian-developed palm-oil based aviation biofuel known as BioAvtur.”


BRIN Collaborates with PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Develops Drone and N219 Aircraft​

Yopi Makdori
Yopi Makdori
30 Jan 2022, 08:08 WIB


The National and Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) together with PT Dirgantara Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding. (Photo: BRIN Documentation).

Liputan6.com, Jakarta The National Innovation and Research Agency ( BRIN ) with PT Dirgantara Indonesia collaborated in the development of an unmanned aircraft or medium altitude long endurance (MALE) drone and the N219 aircraft and its variants.

This collaboration is realized through a Memorandum of Understanding between the two, which was signed on Thursday 27 January 2022.

The head of BRIN, Laksana Tri Handoko, thanked PT Dirgantara Indonesia for being willing to continue the commitment with BRIN to continue developing the aviation industry.

"In the future there should be no development program without PT Dirgantara Indonesia, BRIN has the capacity to support research and development activities ," he said in a statement quoted on Sunday (30/1/2022).

With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, both are committed to synergizing resources and competencies to support the implementation of their duties and functions in the development of the MALE UAV and the development of the N219 aircraft and its variants.

"Legally BRIN and PT DI have co-developed strategic aviation products for PT DI," said Handoko.

Been Waiting

Meanwhile, Director of Commerce, Technology and Development, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Gita Amperiawan said that the presence of this memorandum of understanding had been awaited because it became the upstream for the industry in developing PT Dirgantara Indonesia's innovative products.

"Some of the collaboration projects are national activity projects which will then be followed up with a Cooperation Agreement (PKS), including the development of MALE UAV which is waiting to be ready to fly again, as well as the two programs," said Gita.

His party admitted that they were ready to carry out their mandate in researching and developing the drone and aircraft industry.

"We are waiting for your direction, how then PT Dirgantara can synergize with BRIN, we are ready to commit to becoming an industry that can be given the mandate to develop Research and Development (RND) in the aerospace sector," said Gita.


The United States Ambassador to Indonesia, Sung Y Kim Sing visited PTDI's production facility, in Bandung. (Photo: Special)

US Ambassador Review PTDI, Supports Modernization of Hercules C130 Aircraft

Arif Budianto Thursday, February 24, 2022 - 19:00:00 WIB

BANDUNG, iNews.id - PT Dirgantara Indonesia ( PTDI ) will cooperate with an American company. The cooperation is for the modernization and development of the Hercules C130 aircraft and the production of components for the Bell 412EPI Helicopter.

The plan was revealed during the visit of the United States Ambassador to Indonesia, Sung Y Kim Sing to visit PTDI's production facilities, in Bandung, Thursday (24/2/2022). The visit was received directly by PTDI's SVP Material & Supply Chain Management, Iwan Krisnanto and his staff.

During this visit he reviewed the Bell 412EPI helicopter component production facility at PTDI. The visit was also a form of direct support from Ambassador Sung Y Kim to PTDI in an effort to increase capacity and capability in the maintenance and modernization capabilities of the C130 Hercules aircraft.

"We really support PTDI to be able to increase MRO capacity and capability, especially in carrying out maintenance and modernization work for the C130 Hercules aircraft which is planned to be collaborated with American companies," said Sung Y Kim.

On this occasion, Ambassador Sung Y. Kim also witnessed the implementation of the 9th Heli Serbu Bell 412EPI ferry flight ordered by the Ministry of Defense for the Indonesian Army.

PTDI and Bell Textron Inc, which is an aircraft manufacturing industry based in Texas, United States, have jointly established a strategic collaboration under the Industrial Collaboration Agreement (ICA). Where PTDI acts as the global supply chain for Bell Textron Inc. in terms of producing tail booms, door posts, pylons and ducts for Bell 412 and Huey IIII helicopters. As well as being a Certified Maintenance Center (CMC) for all Bell helicopter products operated in Indonesia.

“Given the already strong partnership between PTDI and Bell Textron, I believe there is a tremendous opportunity to deepen that bond. We are very focused on ensuring that the economic partnership between the two countries continues to grow to generate stability and increase the prosperity of the two countries," said Sung Y Kim.

Editor : Asep Supiandi

According to Alman Helvast, PTDI is planned to manufacture CWB (Center Wing Box) of Hercules, while the MRO for Hercules itself, including the replacement of old CWB into a new one and avionics modernization program will be done by PT GMF Aero Asia as what has been done currently.

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Strengthening in Defense Industry Expansion, Lockheed Martin Trusts GMF to Treat Hercules

March 13, 2022

The steps of PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia Tbk (GMF) are increasingly steady in its expansion strategy in the defense industry with the success of obtaining a certificate and approval from Lockheed Martin for the maintenance capacity of the Hercules C-130H aircraft for overhaul, refurbishment, and modification work.

This success stems from the existence of an Offset Project Agreement (OPA) between the Indonesian government, in this case the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan RI) and Lockheed Martin, which is an aerospace, weapons, defense, information security, and technology company from the United States.

With this certificate, Lockheed Martin is increasingly trusted by GMF to maintain every C-130 fleet owned by Indonesia. The support from Lockheed Martin later became the basis for GMF to renew the Certificate of Approval Military Repair Station (AMARS) from the Indonesian Defense Airworthiness Authority (IDAA). So that in 2022, GMF will receive AMARS certification which covers the A330 series, B737 series, C212 series, and C130 B/H/HS.

The President Director of GMF, Andi Fahrurrozi, conveyed the importance of the AMARS certificate in supporting GMF's expansion. "The renewal of the AMARS certificate with the addition of this capability is capital for GMF to support and carry out the mandate conveyed by the Indonesian Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto, regarding defense equipment maintenance which needs to be maximized in Indonesia. We, with great pride and open arms, will support this with all our might," said Andi.

The difference between the certifications obtained by GMF this year is in the addition of the C212 Series and C130 capabilities. Support from Lockheed Martin allows GMF to carry out maintenance on Hercules C130 aircraft up to the Structural Integrity Program (SIP). With this addition, GMF is the only Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) company in the country that holds the AMARS certificate.

The support provided by Lockheed Martin to GMF includes a technical data license, license agreement, and service bulletin for the modernization of the Hercules C130 aircraft, which covers the replacement center wing box and avionic upgrade work.

In order to strengthen its steps in expansion in the defense sector, GMF continues to be committed to developing capacity and capability. One of them is by building strong relationships with partners, one of which is Lockheed Martin. This commitment will be realized by improving quality in terms of facilities, tools & equipment, IT systems, and human resources.

"We will absorb various knowledge and experience from Lockheed Martin and other partners in every on site support provided, as well as study the data manual provided so that in the future GMF is more ready to expand its expansion into the defense industry," concluded Andi.



On March 14-17, 2022, Infoglobal held operational tests on its newest product, the Integrated Electronics Standby Display (IESD) for the CN295 aircraft. The operational test, which was held at Husein Sastranegara Air Base, Bandung, was a flight test that was part of a series of prototype tests for the IESD product in order to obtain eligibility for use on the CN295 aircraft.

Previously, IESD also underwent development tests, which consisted of conformity tests and environmental tests which were held on November 29–December 1, 2021 at the Infoglobal Workshop, Surabaya.

IESD is an avionics instrument that functions as a backup for 3 important displays on the cockpit of the CN295 aircraft, namely the artificial horizon, altimeter, and airspeed indicator.

Jakarta, 23 March 2022

Thales Visits Infoglobal


Thales team visits Infoglobal on March 23, 2022 at Infoglobal Office, Jakarta

Marketing Infoglobal

On March 23, 2022, Infoglobal receives a visit from the Thales team, a French company engaged in the defense sector. This visit is welcomed by Adi Sasongko as the President Director, at the Infoglobal Representative Office, Jakarta.

The visit by Thales was aimed at reviewing Infoglobal's capabilities in the aerospace and defense sector related to preparations for receiving Transfer of Technology (ToT) and Local Content & Offset (LCO) for the procurement of Rafale aircraft by the Indonesian Government.

Infoglobal has experiences in developing avionics instruments for combat aircraft and has implemented the AS9100 standard in its quality management system.

Info Global Office

My Take on this news :

If there is no offset and TOT for those 6 Rafale order, our parliament can make the deal death and it is possible since Finance Ministry hasnt given the down payment for that deal that will be financed by foreign loan.

Actually in previous 6 Rafale order, there is no InfoGlobal representation come to the signing event, it is clear that only PT Dirgantara Indonesia who has got the TOT although it is basically just maintenance TOT which I see has no enough value due to PT Dirgantara Indonesia extensive experience in fighter development in KF21/IFX program and involvement in F 16 A/B upgrade and retrofit program that is being conducted in Indonesia.

This must be the potential for PT Info Global to get TOT and Offset program for the subsequent order of Rafale which I think unlikely to happen within Jokowi administration. If Prabowo is failed to be the next Indonesian President (as he is currently in second place most probable candidate based on various credible survey companies), I doubt Rafale subsequent order will be realized, most likely adding another 6 planes to make the former F 5 squadron has at least 12 Rafale planes, and will likely to happen afther the 6 Rafale arrives and TOT deal is 100 % implemented ( which I see the year 2028-2030 ).
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