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Imran Khan isn’t a martyr for freedom. He’s a friend of the West’s worst enemies

The Gulen group in Turkey with a faction of Army generals did a coup in Turkey to throw out the nationalist leader Tayyip Erdogan, the result, rebellion quashed in 24 hours and later on many of the heads rolled.
Because in Turkey there were enough Military officials who respected the constitution and understood that the head of the civilian government, as Commander in Chief, out ranked any other military official, including the Army Chief.

Our Military officials refuse to respect and accept this, and many of us have played a role in helping create this monster by excusing military transgressions in the past and celebrating ‘progress and development under Ayub Khan and Musharraf’.

Whether against Fatimah Jinnah, Mujib, ZA Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir or Imran Khan - the Army’s violations of the constitution are unacceptable and treason.

I think IK was not a skilled politician to navigate the Pakistani power labyrinth and was also too emotional to take rational decisions based on cold calculated logic. May be that was because of his wife's 'advice'. His/her desire for fancy goods at cheap prices also hurt his image as a man of unquestioned integrity.
Completely irrelevant - tabloid gossip about whether or not he takes his wife's advice is something for the Pakistani electorate to decide and has no place in proper discourse.

If you’re that concerned about, or interested in, the gossip around IK’s wife, start a thread in the Members Club
Isn't it interesting how they never write about India and their close relationship with Russia.

The Sharifs probably paid for the article.
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