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How to attach images on PDF tutorial (new method)

The above image URL ends at .jpg, you can remove ? and anything after that and it should work!
Why should I do that? I can understand it will work for this image, what will be the case with similar types of URLs? I dont think i will scan through the image URLs and change them and make them compatible for PDF and then upload them. It is very counter productive and a lengthy process.

More over loading images from other websites without their consent can lead to copyright issues. Have you given a thought on that? Why are asking people to upload someone;s else images onto PDF server? It can have legal repercussions.
How to post images using I pad , phone etc .?:mad:

It worked yay!:yahoo:
@WebMaster Not sure if you are using XenForo, but if you are, perhaps these might be of interest:

Convert Image | XenForo Community

The Convert Image add-on will convert hot linked images in messages to attachments. Hot linked images are those images that have been inserted using the Image icon in the editor toolbar.

And for clean-up of the old IMG tags:

Convert Image All | XenForo Community

The Convert Image All add-on will convert hot linked images to attachments.
This add-on is designed to convert all existing hot linked images contained in all posts. It should also be used every few months to verify there are no hot linked images on your forum.
To all PDF users: I appear to be a bit late to this realization, but the IMG tags work again, and images can be pasted directly into posts without using the upload/attach file method. In other words, this thread appears to be obsolete, as the method of posting images in use previously has been reinstated.
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