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How to attach images on PDF tutorial (new method)

Is there a reason why the old linking scheme is no longer supported? The new method seems less convenient if you want to migrate available image links from another forum.
Is it possible to post image without downloading it first in computer .. not working in my set up

linux with gnome desktop , nautilus file manager.
What is the purpose of posting pics in such a fashion?
The new method sucks many members are getting discouraged from participating on the forum for GOD Sake move to previous method it was easy and really good @WebMaster @Horus
@WebMaster @Horus It will be best if you can highlight some benefits of this new system. It is a lengthy process so will be preferred as long as it have some advantage over the previous simple method. Will it save our forum some bandwidth?

Personally i think this new method is better to upload pics that are already on our systems. Like the ones taken by users themselves or anything on there hard drive, previously we had to upload it to some host server and then share form there but this new system gets a better and quicker direct option to these files. However so pics that are on the internet and need to be shared, can we also keep the old system running (PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS NEW METHOD AS OT SERVES WELL IN ABOVE MENTIONED SCENARIO) side by side with this new one. For pics from system people can use this and for pics from internet we can stick to old method (or simply give user the option to decade). This off course is only if it do not else. Like if the old system cost us more bandwidth then we can live with this new one as well.
However, please do note that it is all about giving more freedom to our users and that is good for the forum.

Will look forward for your feedback.
Lets just say it was a hard decision to do this. Its either PDF or image posting method you had. Pick one.

Working on to get it back.

But this is due to users posting graphic images and terrorist related pics.
its a bit bothersome but under the circumstances i support it.
Lets just say it was a hard decision to do this. Its either PDF or image posting method you had. Pick one.

Ei Vondo, kivabe korli? Pic pc te save na kore, kivabe link theke post kre?
Ha ha ha,etai toh moja,eisob hi fi jinish tor mogo je dhukbe na:p:
On a serious note,amar PC te direct link theke post kora jachche na.Pic take save kortei hobe karon amar oi link past korar option tai asche na.Mone hoy eta O.S. er opor depend korche:coffee:
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