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How one gets positive and negative ratings?

Must be during the rating abuse period. It's why it may be removed. Provide the post number i can replace them.

Well, 2 negative ratings were given by that new Canadian TTA @Raider 21on a thread concerning a fellow American.


1) https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/brig-gen-chuck-yeager-passed-away-rip.693846/page-3#post-12841178

Negative Rating for sharing my tribute....which I have done so many times before.....no one deleted, banned me or gave me a negative rating for it before.


Couldn't find the 2nd post of mine which he gave another negative rating. Probably because another mod deleted it.
We need a dedicated person to review the ratings and reverse if needed. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Me think this "negative rating" is pre mature anyway. Positive ratings are great, give users a hint that "here is an outstanding informative post". But negative ratings...i dont know what to do with such rating.
Because, according to research, even if you get one negative review from a dissatisfied client (or a shrewd competitor who hires fake reviewers to defame you), you'll need about 12 positive reviews to counter its effects.
regards: pakistan embassy riyadh
How to give someone positive or negative rating? How one gets positive or negative rating?
It is same question, but just to be clear as giving/getting ratings may follow same method.
How do you get positive ratings you ask?

This rating thing is stupid and immature. Why not have a like and dislike and open to all and let ppl decide who is what. Here few morons have the rating and when they cant handle criticism or failing in the discussion, they would give negative rating to help them sleep at night. Even donkeys like that jhungary is given this rating and he is a american puppy that most probably is paid for each propaganda post.
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