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Hot deals for LIFT planes in the Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt

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Emirates announcement
About the intention to buy the L-15 plane Close the file of buying the South Korean T-50 plane, which has a very high price, and to have an economic plane with good performance

ABU DHABI, 23 February / WAM/ The Ministry of Defense announced that it intends to contract with the Chinese company CATIC to purchase 12 L15 aircraft, with an option to add 36 aircraft of the same model in the future.

His Excellency Tariq Abdul Rahim Al Hosani, CEO of the Tawazun Economic Council, said that this deal comes within the framework of the policy of diversifying sources of armament and the continuous modernization of formations and units of the Air Force and the Armed Forces in general.

Al Hosani said: We have reached the final stages of negotiations with the Chinese side, and a final agreement will be concluded soon. He stressed that diversity is one of the characteristics of the UAE armed forces to obtain the best capabilities that fit their needs and achieve their strategic goals.

He expressed his confidence in CATEC, which possesses advanced technology with competitive advantages at the global level.

The Tawazun Economic Council is currently managing the procurement and contracts of the armed forces and Abu Dhabi Police. The Tawazun Council will continue to work with its strategic partners to enhance the country’s defense capabilities and achieve strategic priorities in this field, as well as continuous development in the fields of advanced technology in a way that contributes to achieving the country’s vision of building a defense sector It is developed and serves future goals.

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The UAE announced its intention to sign a deal, and not to sign a deal, as a kind of pressure on the United States
The direction later may be for the J-20 and the J-31 plane, which China is offering to sign major deals, especially since the American tendencies are hostile to the Arabs and the Gulf countries no longer see America as a reliable ally.
The Chinese side succeeded in the deal after displaying the L-15 aircraft to a good shape, whether as an air show or a fixed display

China presented it as an alternative to the F-16, and not only as an advanced training aircraft
And the Emiratis do not contract for any plane except after experiences that demonstrate its distinction
The Emiratis liked the implementation of RAFALE long-range flights from the Emirates to Djibouti during air exercises that took place in the Emirates, which made them sign contracts for them.
Screenshot 2022-02-25 at 01-13-57 L-15 JL-10 trainer.png

The Chinese offered the aircraft with any modifications that the Emirates desired, whether it was an AI-222-30F engine, an AESA radar, or an open armament package.
China offers the plane at a good price of 15-25 million dollars, including equipment and armament packages

The plane is believed by the Emiratis that it can be used against terrorists and separatists in Africa
Or in the Ethiopian theater of operations against the Tigrays, BaniShanqool gomiz and oramia as support for the Abi Ahmed regime and the Chinese weapons.

Consequently, the plane is considered to support the UAE foreign policy, which has transformed from a broker and arms dealer to the use of arms to support the interests of the Emirates in African countries and against any groups that oppose Emirati interests.

The Indian offer is very attractive to set up production lines and operate aircraft production lines in the Egyptian aircraft factory

Where India considers Egypt the window from which it turns to the African and Arab market, and Egypt is its manufacturing center for marketing to these countries for the benefit of Egypt and the Arab and African market for production
Indian offer includes

Aircraft production

LCA announces a preliminary deal for the Egyptian Air Force with 70 aircraft for the LCA Sport version

And perhaps another deal for an upgraded version of the LCA-MK1A, where the GE-414 engine can be used instead of the GE-404 engine to provide higher thrust

At the rate of production of 24 aircraft annually for the Egyptian and African market


India offers the production of LCH aircraft according to Egyptian specifications, with engines capacity of 1432 hp and a climbing rate 13.5 meters per second, and equipment and open armament to integrate Chinese munitions produced locally from Chinese guided missiles, as well as Indian munitions to replace the SA-432 helicopter

India also offers Egypt to produce a copy of the HAL Dhruv MK4 aircraft
Incorporating some systems from Leonardo into it instead of the Indian avionics

And also offered Egypt the production of the HAL Rudra aircraft

With a production line of 24 aircraft annually from the three Egyptian Air Force planes, negotiations begin in the coming days with the visit of the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Air Force, which will focus on industrial cooperation between the two countries in air systems
The Druv MK4 would be an excellent choice to replace the Gazelles, there's no question about that and it has some stealth features in it's shaping also, which is only a plus. It's definitely time to put the Gazelles away for something much more modern and capable.

The question becomes what to do with the K8s replacements. Tejas or JF-17? It is funny how they claimed Argentina evaluated the JF-17 block III and "were not impressed". Those two constantly battling it out. They also referenced China wanting 50% of the market share value which kind of puts the Thunder at a bit of a disadvantage since it seems China does hold the cards to that aircraft. But, it doesn't have any Israeli crap in it and it opens the door for missiles of all kinds through China which I don't think would be an easy thing for HAL to offer with Tejas.

Both certainly have their advantages and their drawbacks.

The Indian HELICOPTER are similar to the H145M/Bell 429 .
The French presented a modern alternative, but at astronomical prices, which is the H160M
The redevelopment of Indian aircraft is a good and low-cost option that allows obtaining the required quantities of aircraft to serve the Egyptian Air Force and Navy at a reasonable cost, especially with plans to produce 240 aircraft for the local market, 180 aircraft and the rest for export will be economic


We pitched years ago the idea of a JF-17
Advanced training aircraft to replace the ALPHAJET aircraft
The problem was related to the value for money, while Egypt wanted it at the same prices at which it was sold to Myanmar, 16 million dollars, and without ammunition. The Pakistani side, its financial offers, speak at astronomical prices. The JF-17 plane is sold to him at a price of 50 million dollars, a price equal if not higher than the price
The J-10C fighter, besides the technical difference between the Indian and Pakistani planes, and let's be realistic, there are no deals signed for advanced training planes for Egypt, whether M346FA/FT or LCA SPORT
The Indians want to sell weapons in large quantities, so the fact that a country like Egypt is the center for the production of Indian equipment for the Middle Eastern and African markets allows India to raise the economic feasibility of Indian equipment, which provides them with funding for further development, and thus the benefit to all parties.
To an important point, which is the size of the deal and the number of sold planes. The higher the number, the lower the cost, as well as the expansion of the spread of the value of research and development on large numbers of planes, and it depends on the intelligence of the seller.
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Warmate loitering munition

You follow the same stupid policy because you do not have the ability to persuade or the ability to be able to deal transparently with sales. I am not Indian and I do not care about Chinese, Indian or Pakistani products. You do not know anything in Arab forums. I am the first to present Pakistani defense products for more than 10 years and in 2006 I was promoting the FC-1 and the future of its development, but many Arab air forces were not convinced by it after its experience.

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Arab International Optronics, AIO in short, unveiled at EDEX the first RCWS entirely designed and produced in-house, the X29

Egypt does not trust any country. With the West, we do not buy weapons from them with cash, but with loans. Even if any Western country retreats from the supply, the losses will be for their banks and companies. The matter is not trust as you imagine. Rather, we have requests with quality levels that if implemented, the contract and the supplier has to abide by these contracts because simply If he does not commit, he will lose and not us. The things are not friendship, nor love, nor are they related to religions. They are commercial transactions and deals, nothing more.
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New Hummer EV

People like you, in their ignorance, think that matters are related to nationalities or countries, and this in itself is unparalleled stupidity and the ability to deal and evaluate. The point is that Indian or Pakistani nationality is an explanation of how low and low your thinking is. If this matter was in this way, Egypt would not have contracted the K-8E or the F-7 & F-6, although they are technically modest, but Egypt is looking for what suits it and is developing it to the best available level. The vehicle has in the structure 60% instead of 25% for the first production batch of 80 aircraft, then it underwent programs to develop and replace components of modest performance with better components developed for the second production batch. Developing aircraft that serve the African Air Force during the Umrah periods in Egypt

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AM GENERAL has provided Egypt with a license to produce old Hummer chassis because it has turned to a new generation hybrid electric drive system for HUMVEE

I hope that you elevate your mind and your mind and move away from the ways of skepticism, treason, belittling and hostility in Pakistan. India simply put Pakistan in the EDEX-21 exhibition by increasing its pavilion and displaying more products because there is good and increasing cooperation between Egypt and Pakistan and the joint development of the Egyptian experimental production factories and some Egyptian products in cooperation with Pakistan that provide solutions Technical and financial costs are less expensive than other countries, as Egypt cooperates with all countries and all parties
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The development of new armored vehicles based on the SEP T2 design is much better than the poorly reproduced BMP-1
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Egypt cooperates with Ukraine in the production of defense and programs for the development of armored vehicles and drones. Am I in this case a Ukrainian and an enemy of Russia? Things are not withdrawn by the logic of the children. You are Indian or you are Ukrainian. So you have to learn to live up your mind and to stay away from the policy of hostility or distortion and not demonize the other because you are the one who puts himself in embarrassment and I am not afraid of anything.

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can you go in more on this? did egypt really had this to produce instead of the underwhelming bmp?
can you go in more on this? did egypt really had this to produce instead of the underwhelming bmp?

We are preparing a topic on the Egyptian armament, starting from small arms to the possibility of developing all of the Egyptian weapons by exploiting the forces of the relative strength of the current Egyptian armament, and soon we will publish it

In general, there are inevitable changes in the Egyptian armament and military production

Egypt is developing more than 6x6 armored vehicles, one of them is a copy of the ST-100, but it is similar to the French VBMR Griffon armored vehicle.
In general, the Egyptian army prefers Mercedes chassis for use in the production of armored personnel carriers, so you always find interest in it in producing derivatives of Mercedes chassis
with Serbia


The M-20 is equipped with a DaimlerChrysler OM 906 6-cylinder diesel engine (279 hp at 2,200 rpm) coupled with a ZF 9S 109 automatic transmission.

With Bosnia and Herzegovina Camper Despot
Type MTU 6R 1000/OM 936
Volume 7.7 liters
Power 230 KW (310 HP) - 260 KW (350 HP)
at 2200 rpm
Torque 1250 - 1400 Nm (1200 - 1600 rpm


Also GUARA 4WS light armored vehicle
Which depends on the Mercedes engine
Engine Mercedes Benz OM 904 LA 4 turbo diesel
177 hp and UNIMOG 4000 . chassis

To develop the production of the Crocodile Family by producing more advanced and more sophisticated vehicles for international marketing without relying on the Germans

So we found a visit from the Brazilians to the Egyptian Vehicles Department

The Sinai armored project is a very old project since 2008. The Egyptian army prefers tracked armored vehicles with a very low height. Besides the thought of deploying tens of thousands of armored vehicles, the SINA-200 armored vehicle has a very low manufacturing cost, which makes it widely deployed, but this does not mean that it is the main armored vehicle, but rather meets special needs.
Whether for the air landing forces or the Egyptian marines, but it will not be the Egyptian combat armored vehicle, but there is another armored vehicle under local development, besides that Egypt is studying the production of tracked armored vehicles and there with a number of countries, whether for tracked vehicles or armored vehicles. Reaching the production of up to 500 tanks per year in a state of maximum power or a combination of tanks, self-propelled artillery and IFV armored vehicles

The new Egyptian infantry fighting vehicle should weight no more than 20 tons
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The Chinese side is trying to compete with India in the LCA deal and is offering the L-15 plane, and they have already been offering it to Egypt with local production since the end of 2009. The Chinese and Egypt are angry with China for various reasons

Egypt tested the J-10C plane and asked for local production, and the Chinese refused, and the Chinese offered to export only the plane
In 2010, China rejected Egypt's production of the J-10A
In 2016-2017, China refused to produce the J-10C plane from Egypt

Egyptian-Chinese trade exchange 19 billion dollars 90% of Chinese exports to Egypt, therefore there is a complete imbalance in dealing with experiences between the two countries and China. Egypt exports to India 1.7 billion dollars in return for imports from India 2.8 billion dollars. There is some kind of balance and not a collapse like the relationship with China, and the numbers of Egyptian exports to India rise to achieve a better balance every year. Consequently, cooperation with India economically is better than China

The Chinese supported the Ethiopians to cut off the Nile water from Egypt on the pretext that the dam is a development project for Ethiopia, even though Ethiopia would cut off the water and blackmail countries
The volume of Chinese investments in Egypt is very low, not commensurate with the volume of Egyptian imports. There is no offset or a good balance
Europe offers Egypt an investment of $60 billion to build a road network between Egypt and Africa, a river navigation line, and an Internet cable linking Egypt to Africa, which is better than cooperation with China.
So China's anger at cooperating with India
It does nothing. If China wants to win any deals with Egypt, the Chinese offer must be attractive and good, and the Chinese must remedy the imbalance in the trade balance between them and Egypt. Let us clarify the difference between India and China, and that China offers better offers.
In the current wheat problem, India and Brazil offer good equal deals for wheat in exchange for fertilizers

The Indians offer a better technology transfer from China, because it means that they obtain a certificate from Egypt for the quality of Indian products instead of the bad reputation of Indian products, especially in the field of aviation.
Egypt uses international competition to get the best technical offers. Egypt, for example, signed a contract to produce some Korean defense products for the benefit of African countries, that is, when any African country wants to buy Korean defense products produced in Egypt, the purchase is from Egypt and not from South Korea

The signed contract K9-A1 included that production be in favor of the Arab and African countries, especially since Egypt owns a huge armored factory, the 200 Military Factory, whose capacity can reach the production of large quantities of self-propelled artillery. The low Egyptian manufacturing cost and the huge manufacturing capabilities in Egypt at the Military 200 Factory

Egypt is competing with Italy, India, Brazil and even China to get the best technical and financial offer, and not how much some people imagine that Egypt will accept only the assembly of products in Egypt, but that self-development will take place locally and in cooperation with other countries. The Italian radar was better

The Italian industrial complex wants to quickly sign the huge deal with Egypt, and the deal is obstructed by Italian pressures because of the killing of the Italian Regeni in Egypt.

The European countries provide, with the deals, support and financial grants to Egypt that may reach an additional 5%.
The Italians are competitors to the Chinese, as they are always the lowest prices in Europe for defense products, and they have flexibility in transferring technology similar to the Chinese. Therefore, competition remains very fierce in the field of armaments deals with Egypt. The Egyptian deals are always billions and large in size, and deals with German docks saved the German scrotum building industry.

The Indians spent on the LCA project an amount of 1.5 billion dollars to develop the parts of the plane. The true Indian engine has not yet reached it, but India has acquired technical capabilities, and Egypt has purchased 120 aircraft, 70 trainers, at a value of 2.1 billion dollars, and 50 other light combat aircraft, worth 2 billion dollars, which provide 120 to India. From Egypt and 123 to India, unlike the new version LCA-MK2 with 100 planes, or more than 340 planes, unlike the Malaysian deal, 36 planes. 200 K-8E planes, 160 of them for the Egyptian Air Force and 40 for export. Egypt cooperated with China for the program to develop the K-8E plane to the level of the K-8NG version, which was designed specifically for Egypt, with 120-160 planes. If we assume that the development cost is 2.5 million dollars for the plane, which is approximately From 300 million dollars to develop the K-8E plane, and this amount is a high percentage of it, a high profit for China, in addition to China’s marketing of more than 500 other planes locally and internationally, which were produced for the benefit of other countries. Consequently, India produced the LCA plane with a license in Samar Sofer for India. It is simply stated that India must provide the best technical and financial offer to Egypt because its success in contracting with Egypt will save it more than 6 billion dollars, including 4.1 billion dollars for production deals and 2 billion dollars for the benefit of the aircraft and the development of the aircraft in the mid-life development


It does not stop here, but India will also be able to promote the development of the Combat Air Teaming System (CATS) aircraft.
Suits Egyptian requirements as well as Loyal Wingman
A plane similar to the Chinese sw-6 aircraft is launched from LCH / LCH / LUH aircraft, which is simply India, which will achieve huge gains from cooperation with Egypt, especially if they possess sufficient intelligence in transferring technical requirements because the international competition is fierce for a large defense market such as the Brazilians, South Koreans and Italians compete in it. And the French and the Germans

As for the illusion of some that sensitive systems will not transfer their technology, this is naive, as Samar wants to obtain it through legal or illegal ways.

The Egyptian defense market was accused of saving German shipyards from bankruptcy by buying Egypt 4 submarines, 4 frigates and 10 patrol boats.
The Germans bought Egypt 23 air defense batteries
And High Power Electromagnetic (HPEM) Skywolf counter-UAV system
An Egyptian with values exceeding $2 billion provided them with funding to develop IRIS-T SLX/HYDEF systems


Egypt's purchases of LHD frigates encouraged other countries to contract them with Italy, and Egypt's purchases of LHD ships saved France from losses
India simply knows this well. Opening the door to technology transfer to Egypt will provide it with funding to further modernize its products and for greater profitability for India


Successful relationships and deals last long and grow exponentially

India has developed the HTSE-1200 engine with a thrust of 1,600 horsepower for the LCH / LCH / LUH aircraft, and the way to the success of India's plans to produce 1,000 engines requires it to complete the sales of these aircraft to Egypt with local production licenses and Egypt's production with a license that will allow Egypt to introduce more aircraft into service in the Egyptian market due to Because the high rates of local pollutants and the operation of the Egyptian industry,

It also allows Egypt to develop a new helicopter using such an engine, which will be available to provide to Egypt in the quantities that Egypt desires

coclpit hc50.jpg

Life is always opportunities, and whoever takes advantage of the opportunity well succeeds, and Egypt offers various international cooperation programs by exploiting the local and African market and its detailed trade relationship and agreement with Africa. Mercosur . collect COMESA, EFTA and European Union Preferential Trade Agreements with the United States Egypt simply created economic aid programs and open markets for Egyptian products in the various economic clusters


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