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From Naya Pakistan to Naya Afghanistan - Celebration of our Brothers in Afghanistan

There is no such thing as hate

I think if you really watch the videos of the people asked to leave Pakistan you will see , sadness in their faces or eyes because they called Pakistan home

The act of few bad apples can't undermine the countless many people who lived in Pakistan , with honest intent and appreciated the safety

The bad apples also exist in Pakistan's own society as well

To me there is no difference between a Child on street picking up trash to be able to afford a load of bread , if they are Afghan refugee or countless local Pakistani Children

These illusions we are superior to another Muslim or reverse is just an illusion a worldly illusion

Tomorrow Indians/Bangalis would show sad faces and call Pakistan their home, we will allow them to live in our country without visa??

Their country is prospering why don't they go home now??

:shout: 🥴
I am happy, Afghanistan should progress and see some prosperity maybe that will make them civilized again.
Look at their history in fact look at their recent history during shah dawood,,they were never been civilized.
I hope peace and prosperity comes to Afghanistan. The Afghanistani people have suffered tremendously. May Allah help them.
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