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From Naya Pakistan to Naya Afghanistan - Development in Kandahar


Sep 8, 2009
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For Many Pakistani people there is sense of "Superiority" about the mediocre infrastructure on Red zone and few housing societies , for most people assumed Afghanistan can't be constructed and their bad luck with foreign wars meant Afghanistani people cannot construct their own nation

However even the best housing schemes in Pakistan like Bahria Town can be made controversial in Pakistan and that is nature of Pakistan's society "Corruption"

The notion about Afghanistan is interesting because there is not too much difference between Afghan Pakhtoon and Pakhtoon on Pakistan's side , for many Afghanistan is just a neighboring province.

However , Afghanistan is constructing their country now

Home Development and Infrastructure projects in Kandahar under Taliban Government

  • New housing societies
  • New Water conservation projects (Dams)

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It is important to understand , just because some people are Refugee , it does not mean Allah wanted them to be poor

They had experienced misfortune which is why their children ended up on streets in Pakistan or forced to be refugee

  • The Test was for the Rich people in Pakistan if they can open their Hearts and Minds to helping other Muslims

Allah gives his blessing to people after every ordeal

These video are proof and it is a chance to learn why as Muslims we should never assume Refugee are an issue or problem
I feel this way as well as they don't have the colonial burden
  • Fake constitution , diluted with Colonial planning
  • Fake court systems , which are based on perks and life style for Judges
  • A complex colonial parliamentarian system which does not allow for a poor man to rise

Not to mention political interference

Already the Afghan Currency is stronger then Pakistani Currency
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