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  • Ok and in hell he let you suck his ..... like the bensaw and his camel and go back to heaven
    in gustakhan e rasool ko jo bara danda detay hain sahi hee kartay hain. yeh behooda log Islam ka mazak uranay aur gandi language use karany ko azadi e raye ka naam detay hain jab hum in badboodar badshakal logon k baray main shaista alfaz main bhi agar jawab dain to inki poochal main aag lag jati hay
    I am not allowed to post on the air force section---I see that you quoted my post---but I do not have access to that section to see it to respond to it. Sorry. I am not avoiding to answer it.
    Hi there,

    My name is Daniel and I'm a journalist writing a piece on Pakistan's historical and existing Jewish community. I read your comment that said you can 'guarantee' there are Jews in Karachi living as Bahai and Parsis. I would really like to discuss this with you if possible.

    Please get in touch daniel@newsweek.pk

    Many thanks,

    Well the easiest way is to google it, and just write ' protocols of illuminaties' you will find loads of stuff about illuminaties and freemasons.
    i just read your article on freemasons..i hav to do a presentation on freemason in pakistan...so could you please send me any information regarding that?...i'll b really greatful!
    hello dear dont feed to this Christian province propaganda man. i had voided it otherwsie i have more material on this freemasons.

    Is that article is of mr Zaki ?? he has worked on the topic extensivly
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