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Failed Nation Report: Pakistanis protesting Electricity Bills

Pakistanis Upset by High Electric Bills
August 26, 2023 11:18 AM
VOA News
People visit the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Aug. 25, 2023. Pakistanis are protesting increased taxes on electricity bills.
People visit the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Aug. 25, 2023. Pakistanis are protesting increased taxes on electricity bills.

Consumers are taking to Pakistan’s streets to protest recently increased taxes on electricity bills.

In response, Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has called for an emergency ministers’ meeting Sunday to discuss the high electricity bills.

“In the meeting, a briefing will be taken from the ministry of power and distribution companies and consultations will be held regarding giving maximum relief to consumers regarding electricity bills,” the prime minister posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

One person told the newspaper Dawn that his electricity bill was so high he could not afford to pay his children’s school fees. Another person said his bill

had doubled.

‘Don’t pay electricity bills’: Announcements from mosques make situation fluid
Overcharging sparks protests, people beat electric companies' workers
about 2 hours ago
The recent hike in electricity bills and overcharging have lit a fire under many people to take to the streets in protest as the cost of living skyrockets. Videos of announcements from mosques urging citizens not to pay the bills have gone viral on the internet.

The cost of electricity has surged up to Rs65 per unit that is being considered the fallout of standby agreement of International Monetary Fund (IMF). Apart from this, the cost of a litre of petrol is over Rs290 and likely to see an increment from next month.



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Organized and unorganized protests are kicking up a storm in different parts of the country against the rising cost of living, so much so that the government is feeling the heat.

The people have refused to pay the bills.

In addition, videos of low-wage workers have been flooding the internet as they vent their frustrations about their astronomical power bills. They lament that the amount due is multiples of their monthly earnings despite minimal usage.

These videos have sparked outrage and anger among the masses.
خودکشی کرنے سے بہتر ہے بل ادا نہ کرنا۔ کرلو کیا کروگے۔ الٹا کیس کردو واپڈا پر۔
Where was the world number one intelligence agency when IPPs deal was done with commissions and kickbacks.

Or they got their cut.

Read that IMF contributors were in the IPPs financing. As IMF gets the fund through different contributors.
looking at this objectively , I cannot see a pain free solution. Pakistan over the years has bound itself to paying for new generation capacity at usurious rates to the Chinese. They also over the years built up a massive circular debt that CONTINUES to grow at a phenomenal rate. Someone has to pay it and Pakistan I believe just cannot pay it whichever you slice and dice it.
The current pain is NOT ENOUGH to start making a dent in the circular debt and anymore pain would risk massive civil unrest,
Pakistan is caught between a rock and a hard place with no way out.
So Pakistan will do what it has always done, try to muddle along but the debts will continue to grow.
What happens if they default on all and start afresh?
Nawaz sharif the great administrator

Asim Whisky is The Undertaker, he wants to complete the janaza
of Pakistan along with Paul Bearer (Mota Nawaja). Their souls will
only get peace once they have buried the awaam.
Job of intelligence agency is to keep an eye on external enemies
Actually lumber ones job is to keep awam in their control, make compromising videos of their puppet politicians and judges to keep them in check
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