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Change.org Removes Petition to Stop Netflix's Queen Cleopatra

Did black people ruled the world in ancient time?
Santoro is actually latino. But I get your point. Still,this is how Frank Miller depicted Xerxes in the graphic novel.
The Moors were black. Original inhabitants of India were black.

Ethiopians who humiliated white colonial super powers are black too.

Ethiopians are also brown as in skin tone but Afroid phenotypes. The blacks of India are Australoid, not Afroid.
Just wait how the angry whities are going to bash the Star Wars trilogy director LOL It is going to be fun.

I find the backlash against The Force Awakens wasn't strong enough. That movie felt like watching a bunch of kids playing out A New Hope and recording it on camera.

But no. Lots of people actually liked that joke of a movie. I preferred The Last Jedi simply because the story was more original.

Ms Marvel received excellent reviews from muhajir neo-liberals and Indians, naturally. And of course outside neo-liberals from Europe/North America who usually know nothing about the world outside their own stupidity.


good luck figuring it out.

Supposed other evidence:


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