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Canadian teacher tells Muslim kids who skip LGBTQ Pride events, "You aren't Canadian" and "You don't belong here".

Problem with immigrating to Kaafir countries is that, you may lose your children. I have heard stories like that.

That their Muslim children married Christians or committed apostasy.
If a Muslim remains a Muslim only for the fear of violence, social boycott or loss of livelihood is he worth being called a Muslim?
The west only allows them the opportunity to do want they truly wish to do, to follow their heart.
This can't be the rant of a teacher, she sounds more like an LGBT representative.
They are driving an agenda to the point you won't be able define a man and woman. Sounds like a joke, but it's real and you will be accused of bigotry for stating simple truths since it is coming from the most powerful nation in the world. Looks like it has already impacted you. Forget about issues of world hunger, poverty, war, disease, joblessness, let's talk about the pressing [non] issue of gender fluid.

You are all over the place here. My comment was about homosexuality. With you though -one minute it's AIDs and gay people, or it's the human race dying out due to homosexuality and childbirth, then that being gay is not natural then it's transgenders. So what is it that you have a problem with?
Religion doesn't determine who one chooses to sleep with. Sure you can be Muslim and gay. You can also be Christian, Jewish, etc. and gay. Being Muslim and gay is possible, but that does not make it right in God's eyes. Just because one is Muslim doesn't mean that certain choices cannot be made. We all have free will. Choose as you please, but be willing to live with the consequences. Homosexuality is not condoned in Islam. It is the choices we do not acccept. not the person. Of course; I can speak for only myself
Sorry I missed your reply. If you believe in a deity that creates everything and knows what and how everything will happen then free will does not exist. If you create something with innate desires, feelings, emotions, etc how can they be held accountable for how they feel? If an omnipotent god creates a gay person how is it right to judge them for being gay? If god did not create them as they are then god is not all powerful as the belief system argues.
They want to push this degeneracy upon you

We have the freedom to adhere to our faith and values

This lgbt beghairati isn't part of our faith and values and must be resisted
Canada starts its journey to become a third world country till 2070 .

The irony of an Indian saying this is mind boggling. No one likes Indians because of your cowardice nature. You can yell “were CEOs of xyz companies” but still westerners despise you exponentially more. An Indian who can’t self reflect won’t understand this.

An Indian who grew up in an inferiority complex society will not understand this. The Westerner, though hates Muslims, but he has a healthy respect for them because like himself, the Muslim defends his family and belief system. With you Indians and to an extend yellow Asians, they know you are cowardice by nature and will change your religion and names just to be accepted. Seen it over and over with my own eyes.

Funny eh, I see Indians constantly tell people they’re the highest paid ethnic group and CEOs while calling Muslims all types of filthy names and the Westerners starts making fun of you. If I was petty and mentally sick like you, I’d include thousands of screenshots.

I’m certain you live in a Sanghi village with female babies are buried alive hence the sexual frustration to come an enemy forum and self defecate.
Thanks. WIll give it a read up. What's the deal with Andrew Tate? I just know he's hated by the feminists.
Never followed the news about his arrest or anything.

Guy doesn't seem like your average celebrity accepting Islam. But he's still not a scholar or anything, how the hell did he eclipse people actual scholars. Is it the Engineer Mirza factor?
Tate is a FRICKEN legend.

He used to be a satirical character but then slowly realised the influence that he has, and now pushes for hard work and against the war on masculinity
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American Right Wing are playing Muslims like a fiddle for their own politics.
American Right Wing are playing Muslims like a fiddle for their own politics.
Recently, there has been a large increase of Americans and Westerners choosing Islam which is unprecedented. Most of it very likely because of the 'woke' ideology and culture of confusing genders. Almost three hundred video testimonials on this channel alone, 90% young women. Keep in mind a very small fraction of people put out a video for the public.

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