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C-130J crashes in Gwalior

So you think the aircraft dove inverted into the ground? Under what circumstances do you think an aircraft type with over a million flying hours will do that? I believe the answer to why this aircraft crashed is simple (pilot error)but hard to swallow for many Indians.

There is nothing to be ashamed of, the IAF train like they fight which means the safety margin during a peace time exercise is the same as during a war time military operation.The C-130J pilot had no margin for error during a routine training exercise, a lapse in judgement, fatigue or in cockpit distraction may have easily caused this low flying aircraft to crash.

The lesson to take away from this is likely to increase those margins so lives are not lost and pilots can learn from their mistakes.

It is not easy to say what exactly caused the crash.

A pilot error leading to one or more technical errors. I think it could be sabotage too. But if the aircraft is flying low under good weather conditions, then the chances are that they could not control the aircraft it stalled and went down. If it stalled, then pilot error cannot be ruled out.

A vertical stabilizer and elevator malfunction can cause it to roll upside down too.
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The Rajya Sabha was informed that over the past 40 years, India had lost more than half of its MiG combat fleet of 872 aircraft. The minister disclosed that "482 MiG aircraft accidents took place till April 19, 2012".

Antony also revealed that these crashes led to the loss of precious lives of 171 pilots, 39 civilians and eight persons from other services. The minister went on to state that the cause of the accidents were "both human error and technical defects".

Half of Indian MiG's Crashed C-130 Joins the Club one of the safest Aircraft i mean SAFEST and not to forget MIG 27 29 and Helicopters Ships and Subs 3 drown in a month...

Admit it guys IAF pilots are poorly trained... RIP to the Crew...
wow i thought the no was only around 180.
so did they lost half of the migs just n accidents!!
wow i thought the no was only around 180.
so did they lost half of the migs just n accidents!!
Yupe they lost half in Accidents according to their defence minister... that's y IAF MiG's are called FLYING COFFINS
major concern show by Indian media
if true than they are in every plane
like C-17 globe-master and
Especially in


USAF Using CounterFeit Chinese Electronics Parts
Bootleg electronic components have found their way onto the US Air Force’s aircraft. An investigation by the Congress has exposed counterfeit electronic parts being used by major aircraft corporations Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky.

The two-year probe was conducted by the US Senate Armed Services Committee. Overall, 1,800 cases of counterfeit electronic parts being used have been exposed.

The Committee concluded that a huge number of fake electronic parts being used in the production of military aircraft, night vision devices, radio stations and GPS navigation modules pose a serious threat to national security.

Among others, the use of counterfeit electronic parts has been proven on the Alenia C-27J Spartan medium-sized military transport aircraft, Boeing's P-8A Poseidon long-range surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, Lockheed Martin’s turboprop military transport aircraft C-130J Super Hercules and Sikorsky’s SH-60B Seahawk helicopter used by the US Navy.

About 70 per cent of the fake electronic microchips were traced as being produced in China; the rest came from Canada and Great Britain.

The investigation revealed a scheme whereby large-scale producers bought counterfeit electronic chips from subcontractors who have established links with pirates.

Electronic counterfeit is a multibillion business in China. This has led to counterfeit electronic parts flooding the market and being traded openly.

The American administration attempted to make Chinese authorities pay closer attention to the issue, but has failed so far. Still, Washington is not idle. On December 31, 2011 President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act. This aims to prevent counterfeit electronic components from flooding the US and its armed forces.

The US Senate Armed Services Committee report says the use of electronic devices not only endangers those servicemen using them, but in the end leads to higher budgetary expenditure. The unfolding scandal threatens the Pentagon with a real crisis, undermining plans to considerably cut military expenditure in the following 10 years.USAF Using CounterFeit Chinese Electronics Parts | ASIAN DEFENCE NEWS

its an old report but important
Read again what you have posted yourself, none crashed due to pilot error. Most were accidents during testing on ground. one crashed due to either onboard explosion or poisonous gas killing both pilots. one destroyed due to technical fault either in braking system or landing gear after landing.

list of PAF's c-130 crashes:

  • August 18, 1965 : C-130B 12648 of the Pakistan Air Force was written off after it veered off runway on landing.
  • July 15, 1966 : C-130B 24142 of the Pakistan Air Force (6 Squadron) crashed into mountain in Pakistan. All ten aboard killed.[68]
  • April 30, 1968 : L-100 64145 of the Pakistan Air Force, crashed when wing broke in turbulence near Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
  • July 8, 1969 : C-130B 24390 of the Pakistan Air Force burned out during refuelling at Islamabad – as of October 1986, hull was on dump at Islamabad.
  • March 4, 1970 : C-130B 24389 of the Pakistan Air Force, (6 Squadron), written off.
  • February 1, 1979 : C-130B 23488 of the Pakistan Air Force jumped chocks during night engine test run, collided with 10687 and was written-off.
  • February 1, 1979 : C-130E 10687 of the Pakistan Air Force hit by 24388 when it jumped chocks during night engine test run, written-off. Hull at Lahore, June 1981.
  • August 17, 1988 : C-130H 23494 of the Pakistan Air Force crashed shortly after take off from Bahawalpur killing all on board including Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, President of Pakistan from 1978, the US ambassador to Pakistan, a US general and 17 top ranking Pakistan Army personnel. Two of the scheduled passengers who did not board the aircraft later reached the highest rank in Pakistan Army, chiefly because most of their seniors died in this incident. One of them was General Mirza Aslam Baig, as Chief of Army Staff. Although many people do not consider this an accident, neither Pakistan nor the US government properly investigated the incident and made the findings public. Some researchers claim that there was a bomb hidden in the mango crates which were loaded on the plane without proper clearance. Eyewitnesses claim that the aircraft exploded in the air. Such claims were declared false by the government and the remains of the aircraft were swiftly disposed of.[69] Some of the remains are still there in crash lab of Air Safety Institute, PAF base Masroor, claearly showing the chipped off blades of the destroyed engines (i.e. running at normal) and explosion as the most probable cause.
  • September 1o, 1998 : Five crewmen (2 pilots and 3 FEs) were killed and four more were injured when a Pakistan Air Force C-130 went out of control after brake fire and hit a parked C-130 at the PAF Chaklala base. Both the aircrafts were written off...
Admit it
@Muhammad Omar PAF pilots are poorly trained... they even get killed your president...
IAF: Lockheed Martin will soon deliver the attrition replacement for the crashed C-130J-30.
Additional 6 C-130J-30s to be delivered by early 2017.
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