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IAF Sukhoi Su-30MKI, Mirage 2000 Fighter Jets Crash in Madhya Pradesh's Morena; Wreckage Spotted


Aug 24, 2015
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IAF Sukhoi Su-30MKI, Mirage 2000 Fighter Jets Crash in Madhya Pradesh's Morena; Wreckage Spotted​

Reports suggest both the fighter jets of the Indian Air Force, the Sukhoi-Su30 MKI and Mirage 2000 fighter jets, were part of a training exercise when the incident occurred.


Two fighter jets owned by the Indian Air Force crashed in Madhya Pradesh's Morena on Saturday morning. Reports suggest that Sukhoi- Su30 MKI and Mirage 2000 fighter jets were performing an exercise in the area when the incident happened. It is to be noted that the fate of the pilots in the aircraft is not known yet.
Based on the information available, both aircraft took from the air base in Gwalior. However, the cause of the crash is not known yet. IAF officials have said that the details of the incident will be shared after complete assessment.
AF court of inquiry to establish whether there was a mid-air collision or not. The Su-30 had 2 pilots while Mirage 2000 had one pilot during the crash. Initial reports suggest 2 pilots are safe while an IAF chopper reaching the location of the 3rd pilot soon, revealed Defence Sources to ANI.

As per the latest update, the wreckage of the planes has been spotted. Search and rescue operations launched.

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Two Top line fighter jets crashed on same site, collusion ?

Any tail section or markings aren't visible. Have they even found both wrecks??? 🤔

Another crash in India

Not very far, some hundred odd kms away....🧐
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According to the unnamed IAF sources, this tragic incident occured soon after a ground controller reportedly joked with the pilots that the PAF planes were spotted in their vicinity, it's then that the two pilots panicked, and in their haste to exit the area, collided with each other.

Reportedly during their debriefing the two Pilot stated that they were not ready to be served the cups of fantastic tea.
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(1) The deal of 24 second-hand Mirages would come into handy for the replacement of crashed Mirages.

(2) The aircraft would now be upgraded to the latest standards as part of the Mirage upgrade programme going on in the HAL

(3) Out of the 24 fighters being purchased, 13 are in complete condition with engine and airframe intact and eight of them are ready to fly after servicing
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