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PM Imran inaugurates long-awaited Peshawar BRT project

13 Aug 2020


Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the long-awaited Peshawar BRT project on Thursday. — DawnNewsTV


Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks after inaugurating the Peshawar BRT project. — DawnNewsTV

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the long-awaited Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project today (Thursday).

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the premier said that this was "the best metro bus project in the country".

This will have an impact in Peshawar cause the city has one main artery that stretches from GT Road to Hayatabad, which chokes when under pressure, resulting in people siting in traffic for hours which causes pollution and petrol wastage, he said.

He maintained that the main artery was 27 kilometres long while the feeder routes were 60km. "This means that all of city will be connected," he said, adding that it was a modern transport system covering Peshawar in its entirety.

The premier also admitted to having "reservations" about the project. "I want to say I had reservations about the project.

"Today, I want to pay tribute to Pervez Khattak because he always said that you will realise the importance of this project once it is completed. So all I want to say is that Pervez Khattak was right and we turned out to be wrong."

The premier also said that the ticket prices for the Peshawar BRT were "just right". "Our programmes should give priority to improving the lives of the common man. Everyone can afford the ticket which ranges from Rs10 to Rs50."

There are also tickets for students to make travelling easier for them and hospitals have been connected so people will no longer face difficulties in this regard, he said.

He added that the project will eventually increase the per capita income in Peshawar and bring prosperity. "When you have a good transport system, it brings change."

The project, built at a cost of Rs70 billion, is a 27.5 kilometre-long corridor track with 31 stations and seven feeder routes stretching 62km with 146 stops to facilitate thousands of passengers every day, according to Radio Pakistan.

Shortly after the inauguration, the premier, who was accompanied by Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and other government officials, was given a briefing on the functioning of the project.

On Wednesday, the KP CM had said the initial deadline set by Khattak, who is also the former chief minister, was a mistake. However, he had launched the project to benefit the people of the provincial capital, he had said. He had added that the government would gradually meet all those things which the project lacked.
Congrats to Pakistan and KPK for finally completing and launching this historic project , it is really planned well their is very clean approach to the project

This certainly benefits the economy and people at ground level
Cops deployed at Peshawar BRT stations for security

Two suspects who beat up security guards arrested

August 16, 2020


PESHAWAR: Policemen have been deployed at the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) stations after some youngsters had beaten up security guards of the service apart from vandalising the stations.

Hundreds of people, especially youngsters, had taken to the streets late on Thursday night to celebrate Independence Day.

Many of them jumped a fence of BRT corridor.

When security guards of the service tried to stop them and asked them to leave, the youngsters beat up the guards, leaving three of them injured. The youngsters tore the uniforms of the guards and snatched their weapons. Others vandalised different stations of the bus service.

As had become normal for the many months the service failed to run, several people were seen late on Thursday scaling the fences of the BRT corridor to cross the road.

In response to the vandalism, the provincial police department deputed as many as 250 armed policemen at different stations of the transport facility.

Upon directives of the provincial government, SSP Operation Mansoor Awan deployed the police personnel.

These cops will perform duties in two shifts. Moreover, each station will be guarded by at least four armed police personnel.

Moreover, patrolling vans of the city police force will assist these personnel in maintaining law and order at the different BRT stations.

With the Hayatabad, Karkhano, Hashtnaghri and Khyber Bazaar stations of the BRT facing vandalism a larger contingent of police has been stationed at these stations when compared with others.

When contacted, SSP Awan said that they had reviewed the security arrangements made at the BRT stations, adding that the police department will provide security to all stations of the bus service.

He said the security staff of the BRT could not handle the situation due to heavy rush.

The SSP operations further said with the help of footage from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed around the BRT project, they had identified and subsequently apprehended two suspects for their interference of public affairs, attacking government properties and personnel.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 16th, 2020.

Request to all people. The BRT should not be harmed in hatred of political differences. I felt very sad to see him. For God's sake, Imran Khan will not travel in this. Poor Pakistanis like us will travel. So be human not beast.
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