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Request to all people. The BRT should not be harmed in hatred of political differences. I felt very sad to see him. For God's sake, Imran Khan will not travel in this. Poor Pakistanis like us will travel. So be human not beast.

Last govt mein PIA ne jab premium service shoro ki to logon ne first flight mein os ka kya hal kiya tha. PIA premium mein hamari uper class log he safer kar sakti hain. Jab uper class ka os waqt brane wash kiya gya tha to BRT mein to safer he poor log katy hain unno ne yehe kuch karna hy.
پشاور میں بی آر ٹی منصوبے کی مقبولیت میں اضافے کے بعد حکومت نے بسوں کی تعداد بڑھانے کا فیصلہ کرلیا ۔روٹ پر 128تک بسیں چلائی جائیں گی

Following the rise in popularity of the BRT project in Peshawar, the government has decided to increase the number of buses. Up to 128 buses will run on the route.

Request to all people. The BRT should not be harmed in hatred of political differences. I felt very sad to see him. For God's sake, Imran Khan will not travel in this. Poor Pakistanis like us will travel. So be human not beast.

If picture is genuine someone definitely cut seat.
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CM launches Zu Bus Serivce on three feeder routes of BRT

The Frontier Post
August 24, 2020
F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmood Khan formally launched Zu Bus Service on three feeder routes of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Hayatabad, Peshawar on Monday.

The first of these feeder routes starts from Mall of Hayatabad and goes up to phase-6 via Basharat, second feeder route starts from Karkhano Market and goes upto phase-7 terminal via Industrial Estate while third feeder route starts from Mall of Hayatabad and goes upto Haji Camp via Bagh-e-Naran.

Initially 25 Zu Buses will ply on these routes to transport passengers from various points of Hayatabad to the main corridor of BRT. Timing of these buses is 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Addressing the launching ceremony as chief guest, Chief Minister Mahmood khan termed the Peshawar project as the best of all the BRT system in the country and said that initially Zu Bus Service had been launched on three feeder routes whereas four more feeder routes will be inaugurated in near future.

He said that keeping in view the increasing popularity and utility of the BRT, number of buses and feeder routes of BRT would further be increased so that the entire population of Peshawar region could benefit this modern transport facility.
Mahmood Khan said that public had made positive criticism on delay in the completion of BRT project, but now after its completion, the public highly lauds the project.

He termed the Peshawar BRT as a unique system of public transport equipped with all modern facilities and said that there is a huge difference between the BRT system of Peshawar and those of other cities adding that 27 kilometers long main corridor of Peshawar BRT with in elevated portion of 13 kilometers has been completed with a cost of just Rs. 31 billion.

The Chief Minister stated that there is open invitation for those who criticize Peshawar BRT project just for their political point scoring; to come and visit the BRT project to find out how much better Peshawar BRT is, as compared to the rapid bus system of other cities. Later on, the Chief Minister, along with his cabinet members took a ride on Zu Bus.
BRT Peshawar.... what makes it the big thing.

پشاور بی آر ٹی بس سروس عارضی طور پر معطل کردی گئی۔ ترجمان ٹرانس پشاور

بی آر ٹی کی تمام بسوں کا اثر نو جائزہ لیا جائے گا۔
مسافروں کی حفاظت ادارے کی اولین ترجیح ہے۔
بس بنانے والی کمپنی کی ٹیم مفصل انداز میں تمام بسوں کا جائزہ لے گی۔
بی آر ٹی کی دو بسوں میں لگنے والی آگ کی وجوہات پر تفتیش جاری ہے۔
مزید تمام بسوں کی جامع تحقیقات اور انسپیکشن کی جائے گی۔
بی آر ٹی کی ہر بس کو تکنیکی اعتبار سے مکمل کلئیر کرنے کے بعد بحال کیا جائے گا۔
شہریوں و مسافروں کے وسیع تر مفاد میں یہ فیصلہ لیا گیا۔

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Peshawar BRT bus service temporarily suspended. Spokesperson Trans Peshawar

The effect of all BRT buses will be reviewed.
Passenger safety is the top priority of the organization.

The bus building company team will review all buses in a detailed manner.
Investigation is underway on the causes of the fire in two buses of BRT.

Further all buses will be investigated and inspected.
Every bus of BRT will be restored after technically cleared.
This decision was taken in the wide interest of citizens and travelers

BRT Bus Manufacturer Reveals Why the Buses Were Catching Fire

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar is expected to resume normal operations from 25 October after the project’s bus manufacturer submitted its report to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government, investigating the causes behind the fire incidents in the project’s fleet.

Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) on Information and Higher Education, Kamran Bangash, has also confirmed the development.

According to the report, motor capacitors of the hybrid buses of the BRT had been passing more electricity than needed which resulted in the fire incidents.

Now, BRT’s bus manufacturer will replace the faulty capacitors with new ones. The entire process to import, fit, and test the new capacitors will take at least a month
Malfunctioning ‘motor controller’ caused fire in BRT buses: report

Manzoor Ali
15 Oct 2020

— Photo courtesy Abdul Majeed Goraya/File

PESHAWAR: The recent fire incidents in the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit buses were caused by the malfunctioning of a motor controller installed between hybrid batteries and electrical motors, reveals a month long inspection of the vehicles.

The BRT service formally launched on Aug 13 has been suspended since Sept 16 after fire broke out in four buses.

A 20-member team of the Chinese bus maker, Xiamen Golden Dragon, had come to Peshawar last month to detect the cause of fire.

In a report submitted to the TransPeshawar, the operator of bus service, the company has noted that the motor control unit (MCU) acted as the core of the hybrid systems in buses and it was managed by a programme developed according to input of external conditions.

Manufacturer plans to redesign those controllers, install temperature sensors
It said normally, the ripple current generated by the DC-AC conversion of current flows was either absorbed by batteries or smoothed via capacitors in motor controller.

The company, however, said the failure of capacitors to perform that task led to the short-circuiting of high-volt power circuit and eruption of fires in buses.

It said the peak current was supposed to be restrained by software update to limit the flow of the current from the motor controller change but certain electronic components in bus MCUs were damaged by the abnormal current before the software update and therefore, accidents occurred.

The company said it would address the issue by redesigning and replacing bus motor controllers.

It also said the insulated gate bipolar transistor in the motor controller would be changed to reserve larger power capacity and improve the performance of the temperature resistance and the current conversion efficiency.

In the report, the company said temperature sensors would be installed in motor controllers to record and issue warning for any abnormal temperature in the unit. It said for 12 meters long buses, single motor controller would be changed to dual one.

An audit by the Auditor General of Pakistan last year had found out that the delivery of 51 buses more than a year before the completion of civil works due to political consideration caused depreciation of hybrid batteries and led to losses of Rs5 million until June 2019.

The AGP said any further delay in the resumption of operation would further increase the loss due to the depreciation of batteries.

Published in Dawn, October 15th, 2020
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