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BRT Peshawar Updates

A thread about 13 unique features of BRT Peshawar that distinguish it from the other three metro-bus systems operating in Lahore, Islamabad and Multan. These BRT features include :

1, 3rd Generation BRT System, which is a direct service
2, Staging facility with commercial areas
3, Park and ride facilities at depots
4, Commercial validity (with 400,000 ridership)
5, Overtaking/passing lines at stations
6, Segregated cycle facilities along BRT corridor,
7, Pedestrian walkways along BRT corridor
8, Bike sharing schemes at the University of Peshawar
9, Restrooms at every station
10, Free Wifi in the buses
11, Gender segregation at stations and buses
12, Bridges with commercial kiosks
13, Universally accessible project.

The bike-sharing service is a unique feature and it would solve the students’ travel problem to reach their destination.
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