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Sarah Karim recently made quite a name in the local fashion scene.

That's her - second from the left.

And by herself



She played a judge in the recent Tresemme show in Dhaka.

With the US Ambassador at a benefit gala in Dhaka...
Solasta is a recent arrival in the local fashion scene, some of their recent casual collections,



And some casual ethnicware pieces from Aranya...



These are from the RISE collection, a bit quirky and offbeat for sure...



Solasta is a recent arrival in the local fashion scene, some of their recent casual collections,



And some casual ethnicware pieces from Aranya...



These are from the RISE collection, a bit quirky and offbeat for sure...




Some of the mens' shirts are quite colorful like a parrot. :D
Sarah Karim recently made quite a name in the local fashion scene.

That's her - second from the left.

And by herself



She played a judge in the recent Tresemme show in Dhaka.

With the US Ambassador at a benefit gala in Dhaka...
That Bengali Chick Sarah is Cute
That Bengali Chick Sarah is Cute

She's also loaded. Her family wealth amounts in the $ tens of millions if not more. She has her own fashion line locally and belongs to the local jet set...coterie of the rich and famous.

Some of the mens' shirts are quite colorful like a parrot. :D

Yeah not my style exactly but some people's tastes - well let's just say money doesn't buy taste. The designers are catering to those folks.
Nahila Hedayet ON BRIDES-TO-BE
4 minutes read

From well-devised hair care services to spectacular make up, Prive’ Salon and Spa has gained a
considerable amount of popularity for its range of unmatchable services. In a conversation with
Nahila Hedayet, the mastermind behind this initiative, Persa Sanjana Hussain digs a little deeper to
find out about how she makes the magic work.

Nahila Hedayet

The journey dates back to 2009, when Nahila started learning makeup little by little and felt a spark of
passion. She feels that her life truly started to make sense when she found the courage to do what she
wanted to do alongside taking care of her family. Once she started the rest followed almost easily. “All
my clients were appreciating my work and I was getting lots of good feedback. The love and
appreciation I get from my clients made me realize that this is the career I want to pursue.”

It is a huge responsibility to be a person brides rely on to make them look good on their big day. Despite
the pressure, she assures that it is the visible imprint of pure joy in the faces of the brides that keeps her

While talking about her countless achievements Nahila seemed to feel most strongly for being a part of
the New York Fashion Week on behalf of Unilever Bangladesh. “Being backstage with renowned and
very creative topnotch hairstylists and makeup artists, see them work and getting tips and tricks from
them was all part of this amazing experience. New York fashion week is a huge fashion event and me
being there as a first stylist ever from Bangladesh was a huge thing for me.”

The diva says that she would have been a corporate lawyer if not a beautician. But here is an interesting
perception that she shared: “I guess somehow life takes twists and turns and lead you to your destiny
without your permission,” speaking of which, we couldn’t be any more glad that life led her into being
an artist. She defines an ideal life as the one where you draw the perfect balance between work and
personal life and enjoy both equally. She opines, “What you want in your life and what you are
projecting towards the people surrounding you defines you. Life is not perfect and life is only ideal when
you are happy in it.”

Photograph by SnapShot
Here are 5five of the FAQs that we wanted this talented beautician to answer for us:

1) If you had to choose the four most important makeup items for an everyday look, what would
they be?
A little bit mascara can give a wonderful definition to your beautiful eyes. Concealer can cover just what you want especially those dark circles under the eyes and make you look more fresh and awake. Get your face look lively and vibrant by putting some blush and a lip tint. These four products can make a big difference to beautify and define your gorgeous features.

2) What are the three tips that you have to give to the to-be-brides of the season?
Wedding preparations can be very stressful, you can keep yourself calm by taking care of yourself. Start eating healthy food and drink lots of water.It is very important that you take care of your skin and hair as well so you look perfect on your big day. Besides, do a lot of research on hair and makeup styles so you are aware of the upcoming trends this will give you a lot of ideas to choose the perfect look that will go with your personality.

3) What are the hair treatments that busy women should go for?

Deep conditioning is something that is required for all types of hair once a while. It is something that you can do in shower and it doesn’t require much of a time. Oiling your hair is something very traditional and relaxing and it also helps to moisturize your scalp and dry ends. But if you are a looking for something more advanced than Keratin infused hair treatment is a perfect solution for anyone who is too busy to take care of their hair on daily basis. This treatment lasts for three to four months. Keratin treatment nourishes your hair by restoring the hair proteins. It helps to get rid of the frizzy hair and makes your hair more manageable.

Photograph by SnapShot
4) Brides usually have to put on a lot of makeup, how can they prepare themselves better for the

I always advise my brides to prep their skin ahead for their upcoming functions. Flawless skin doesn’t require much makeup and it's only achievable if your skin is well prepared. Also, one must cleanse their skin properly at night before going to bed and make sure there is no makeup left on the skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three simple steps that can do wonders for your skin. Most of the skin problems are due to sun damage so applying sun block is also very crucial.

5) Newlyweds usually have a lot of “dawats” to attend: What tips would you give the new brides
for an evening and a day look?

For daytime keep it fresh and simple — minimal makeup is always recommended. Prep your skin with a good primer and apply few drops of foundation concealing your under eyes will help to reduce puffiness if you haven’t had a good night's sleep. To make your daytime simple look more elegant apply winged liner, highlight your cheekbones and apply any bold lipstick to look effortlessly beautiful. For your night events go full glam. You can apply a full coverage foundation along with your favorite primer. Highlight and contour your face to define your features. For eyes the options are honestly endless but go for something that is suitable for your eye shape. If you are doing dark eyes go for lighter lips and if you are keeping your eyes light go for bold lips, keep this old trick of variation in your mind and you are good to go. There are no definite thumb rules to follow when it comes to makeup. At the end of the day, it is all about your comfort level.

Jessia Islam finished with flying colors at the top of the modeling world in Bangladesh by combining elegance and an acute sense of fashion. She became a beauty pageant titleholder. Luck worked in her favor in striking gold in 2017 at the Miss World Bangladesh pageant. Riding on the weave of her success, she astutely made permanent her mooring in the modeling industry as this was what she always cherished since childhood.

She gave herself body and soul in the pursuit of fame. Though her parents didn’t feel modeling to be an option at first, Jessia was determined to become a byword for elegance in the fashion industry.
Preparedness is an issue that eternally troubles all newcomers. The biggest mistakes the aspiring models can make is to think that having good looks is enough to enter the fashion world. But beauty must be interlaced with fashion knowledge. Jessia is a good example of such a winning combination.
This beautiful, magnificent and talented girl took part in Miss Bangladesh “without a moment’s readiness.” She is disarmingly honest about her surprise in making it to the top. Jessica testifies to the fact that her wish was to participate in Lux Superstar beauty pageant, “but all on a sudden, she came to know about Miss Bangladesh and gave it a shot.” Surprisingly and after loads of hazards, she finally did bear away the bell! Jessia successfully and proudly carried the day by appearing in the first position. Not only this, she also represented Bangladesh in Miss World competition held in China where she placed in the top 40.

Since the start, Jessia has been eager to explore all the facets deemed ennobling to any first-rate model working to make headway in the industry. Her desire has been to traverse all the nodes of possibilities to come full circle in her career. She has performed in TVCs, brand photoshoots, modeling for quite a long time since she harbored the wish to join the rank of the others on the astral sphere — those who rule the roost in the fashion world.
Jessia completed her A level and wishes to continue her studies simultaneously besides her walk of life.
She is aware that the tile Miss Bangladesh entails massive responsibility. She is waiting for a level playing field take on the challenges that lie ahead. To work hard is something that she constantly wills since she is also “ready to prove her detractors wrong about her capability.”

Her setbacks during her flight to success haven’t deterred her from the course she had set for herself. For example, when she was in Miss World, her Facebook account was hacked and she could not even promote herself as well as her own country. Moreover, she faced much confusion during Miss Bangladesh regarding the conclusion which is probably known by all. The model who comes off as an embodiment of grace, Jessia has also developed a persona brave enough to stave off all negative criticism to be ever so ready to turn a new leaf over to receive the laurels that await her.

She loves to read books, watch movies, go for shopping, and hangout with friends. She has not started travelling yet but soon will — it tops her “to do” list. She is choosy about her “idols”. Her favorite actors — hard working people she admires include the likes of Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, Arefin Shuvo, Sakib Khan, Nusrat Faria and many more. She loves every ion that has to do with Victoria’s Secret and can’t resist her temptation for a piece of pizza.

This youthful soul thinks that her generation has a massive role to play in the film industry and she wishes to leave a mark on that “zone” of her own accord. Her ultimate wish is to ready herself to stay at the top of the race. Alongside all the other competent souls, she too wants to land on the good book of the industry, since she feels that — God does what He does for the good.

Wedding photographers are often the MVP of weddings, snapping every precious moment of your big day and encapsulating them in a tangible form, to be cherished for the rest of your life and beyond. From a quick snap of your smile when you see your loved ones to a shot of your favorite relatives dolled up and grouped together striking a pose for the 100th picture, each moment is carefully picked, framed and given life to by these photographers. Persa Sanjana Hussain breaks down how this art stills the lived moments into memory.
Ishrat Amin Photography


Ishrat Amin
How it started: I have always been very passionate towards photography. The idea of capturing things the way I see through my eyes has always fascinated me. So, I always went about taking photos of objects, sceneries and my dearest people whenever I could.However, I took it as my profession in 2010 when people started admiring my work and referring me to their friends and family for photography jobs.

Most enjoyable part about work: For me, capturing things the way I see them is my most favorite part about my job. Also my other favorite part is being able to capture one’s life’s special moments for an eternity. It’s a very exhilarating experience to be a part of someone’s life’s most important days.


Competitive Advantage: It would definitely would be my passion towards photography,careful attention to detail, and my perspective.

Looking Forward to: Excel in my passion and of course being able to provide quality in this highly saturated industry.

One Change to be made to the Industry: One thing that I want to change about the industry is prioritizing quantity over quality. This is something that both the photographers and their clients have to understand. Quality should always be first priority for both parties.


Moment closest to Heart: I’d say that it’s totally clichéd and typical, but I cannot ever get over my very first professional wedding photography event. I was so young, nervous and excited! I ended up capturing double the amount of pictures that I capture now because I wanted to utilize everything as much as I could!
Jessia Islam has been in the modeling scene a lot lately...some bread and butter modeling shots












In Your Eyes featuring Simily Haute Couture

Model: Torsha, Wardrobe: Simily Haute Couture, Photography: Rony Rezaul, Makeover: Aura Beauty Lounge, Location: Villa Azure

Model: Torsha, Wardrobe: Simily Haute Couture, Photography: Rony Rezaul, Makeover: Aura Beauty Lounge, Location: Villa Azure

Model: Torsha, Wardrobe: Simily Haute Couture, Photography: Rony Rezaul, Makeover: Aura Beauty Lounge, Location: Villa Azure
Model: Torsha
Wardrobe: Simily Haute Couture
Photography: Rony Rezaul
Makeover: Aura Beauty Lounge
Location: Villa Azure
Aarong Eid (Summer) collection 2021...







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The Nose behind Jonaki
It’s part of her passion to venture into a new challenging world to diversify the business. Nasreen Zamir has combined art and design to introduce fragrance as her new venture. Her brainchild Jonaki Fragrance, she hopes, will shape its distinct character and contribute to Bangladeshi lifestyle. Nasreen shares her journey to the world of perfumery with Ziaul Karim and Alvia Zaman Shristy.


Nasreen Zamir is passionate about the finer things of life. Jonaki for Nasreen is like going back to magical moments of childhood. Photo: Kazi Mukul.

Having completed interiors for star hotels, corporate and multinational offices, banks, and exclusive residences, Nasreen Zamir was eager to utilise her expertise in designing interiors, furniture, products, graphics, and textile designs in introducing fragrance.

Nature’s touch

Born and raised in Chattogram surrounded by nature’s beauty, she recalls the sight of an endless garden glistening at night with the light of thousands of fireflies to be one of her fondest memories. She is grateful to her father Muhammad Delwar Hossain, a recipient of Ekushey Padak for his contribution to social work, for instilling love for mother nature in her. Fragrant flowers like gondhoraaj, rajani gandha, beili, sheuly and dolonchapa decorated their garden round the year. This is where she learnt to distinguish between the scents of a range of flowers. Jonaki in a way is her ode to her parents as well as the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

Muse behind the magic

For over two and a half decades, Nasreen had been busy designing interiors when she came across her muse one fine day in 2017. Having entertained the thought of widening her vision and introducing a new line of products, she quickly jumped onto the idea while in conversation with a friend from Paris who said that she had a gifted nose when it came to fragrances. French brands like Chanel and Dior acted as a strong muse for her. Hence began the journey to producing her own line of fragrant concoctions.


Freesia Nights: This spring dream Captures the essence of a floral scent infused with the freshness of freesia and at its heart is rose and water lily touched by the refreshing notes of bergamot wrapped with musk that evokes an ode to lovely summer evenings.
The birth of Jonaki

The Jonaki, or fireflies in English, reside near forests, bushes, rivers and hills in Bangladesh. They are independent creatures that emit their own light at night. Self-reliant and freedom-oriented in nature, it catches the attention of many including poets. Rabindranath Tagore wrote: Oh Jonaki/ You’ve made your life complete with your own light/ In the dark evenings in the middle of the woods you are joyfully alive/ The strength you have inside yourself is your guide.

The joyful and enchanting nature of the fireflies resonated with Nasreen’s vision of producing scents that evoked youthfulness and freedom of self-expression so much so, that she named her brand – Jonaki.

Transpiring vision into reality

In 2017 Nasreen started her quest for producing refined perfumes. During the process, she flew back and forth to Singapore and Malaysia quite frequently where she took several courses with some of the finest and most renowned perfumers. She reached out to International Flavors and Fragrances – IFF, an American corporation with its headquarters in New York, founded in 1958 and having business in 44 countries. IFF was a guiding light in the world of fragrance manufacturing to Nasreen. In its laboratories located in Singapore, she discovered that like designing, she happened to be gifted in being able to tell quite a number of smells apart.

Nasreen also joined workshops and courses in Singapore to refine and develop the smell that she would, later on, brand as Jonaki. She finally decided on the 20+ different aromas to be used in Jonaki in 2018. Through 2018 and 2019 the final batches underwent various lab tests keeping sustainability and longevity in mind at Malaysia, in laboratories well-equipped with facilities to produce perfumes of the highest quality. The final product was launched in Bangladesh in February 2020 by Square Toiletries Limited.


Nasreen Zamir’s collection of fragrance is not only a business, rather a passion to do something different and never attempted

Promising perfumes making an entrance into the Bangladeshi market

Earlier this year Nasreen Zamir brought out her line of five distinctive scents, namely: Oriental Jasmine, Citrus & Floral, Floral Fresh, Classic Aromatic and Woody & Musky. The first three cater to women and the other two are dedicated to men. She continues to work on two brand new scents along with designs for Jonaki themed textiles, home decor, and tableware that capture the very essence of the burst of happiness and energy that a firefly radiates.

Nasreen Zamir, a woman of many talents, has introduced to Bangladesh a global product that is expected to help express the freedom of one’s individuality, inspired and produced to offer tribute to the abundance of the natural beauty of the country. Being inspired by big brands, Chanel and Dior, she ensured that the products are of fine quality. Also, keeping the Bangladeshi market in mind, the pricing was kept affordable.

The products are manufactured at an eco-friendly environment and certain portions of the sales proceed are spent on preserving the natural beauty of Bangladesh that constantly inspires Nasreen and also to combat extinction of the fireflies that acted as a muse behind her very own brand.
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Pioneering a Vogue
5 minutes read

JK Foreign Brands, a brand specializing in wedding attire and formal wear by Faisal Mrittik opened up to COLORS Plus’ Lamyaa Yushra on his brand which introduced an array of diverse designs to weddings attires and a new twist to Bangladeshi wedding outfits through its trail cut designs.

Faisal Mrittik creating a wave of change in the bridal wear industry of Bangladesh. Photographer: Kazi Mukul.

South Asian countries take pride in glitzy affairs and all things glittery. So, when it comes to weddings, the décor is paid the utmost attention whilst the bride and groom who hold the center stage are adorned head to toe with gorgeous wear. But choosing the appropriate wedding outfit can put one in a dilemma as to where they can purchase their precious wedding dresses from. Add to that, the wedding fashion scene keeps changing and people try to keep up with the trend so that the most important day of their life remains not only memorable but the outfit should leave a mark, considering girls are quite picky about their wedding attire these days.

Over the years many stores have popped up as customers’ demand for unique extravagant wear grew into a fully blossomed demand. Social media have played a major role as girls were exposed to varieties of wedding designs which were somewhat lacking despite many stores providing exclusive wedding collections. Faisal Mrittik, the proprietor of JK Foreign Brands was able to pinpoint the void and through his brand, he pioneered the trend of trail cut lehenga and gowns. He initiated the business with his wife through a Facebook page in 2013. “Me and my wife would design many dresses and sponsor models and other influential individuals. Then we moved our criteria to bridal wear and it received a lot of appreciation that it propelled us to build up a very good business in Dhaka.”

In 2015, JK Foreign Brands launched a physical store and there was no looking back as the brand paved the way for creating more opportunities for brides to experiment with their attires which was no longer limited to sarees and lehengas, thus opening a can of flavors to an otherwise monotonous attires in our Bangladeshi wedding culture.

One thing is evident, JK Foreign Brands did not solely rely on Indian designers for its inspiration but also added touches of Pakistani designers which hooked their client’s attention. “People were getting more conscious of fashion thanks to Instagram and Pakistani designers were just starting to gain prominence but the wedding scene was lacking that and so we decided to fill the void in the market.” They got inspiration from their neighboring countries, especially Pakistani designers who were famous internationally with their trail cut designs and so they clinched this detail to their collection and specialized on it.

From then onwards, the trend for trail cut lehengas, ghararas, shararas and gowns became a popular sight but Faisal Mrittik takes pride in the fact that they are the first to introduce trail cut designs in the Bangladeshi market which has become an in-style trend for brides. They also design for groom’s collection and they are very famous for sherwani and it’s followed up by suits, Jodhpuri, prince suit and koti thing which is seen all round the year and can be worn for a holud or any formal wedding program.

JK Foreign Brands have all sorts of designs in their collection but their wedding attire takes the cake as it gathers the masses to their outlet. “We are very famous for the bridal collection and whether it’s an occasion customers visit our outlet at least once to check the collection and so what we did was we brought in many changes in our designs. Behind every design, it takes months of effort and time to customize an attire keeping our customers’ requests in mind which we deliver with utmost care.” Faisal Mrittik mentioned they are more comfortable working with their clients on a theme-based wedding where they can customize according to their client’s taste, channeling the energy and vision that the bride and groom embody.

When the closure of physical outlets tumbled the clothing industry, JK Foreign Brands decided to go back to its roots from where their journey took off: Facebook page. “Since last year how we have been handling the pandemic is that we have inclined towards digital marketing and went back to our roots again and became full time active on our Facebook page. So, immediately we started hosting live shows from our outlet by hiring influencers and what happened was we started getting huge responses from outside the borders like the USA, UK, and Australia.” It was not new for them to be getting foreign clients but the live sessions generated a whole mass of clients from all over the world for JK Foreign Brands.

Thus, the brand took full advantage of digital marketing and fully specialized in display marketing. “As we know, weddings took place unhindered despite the pandemic so we had to bounce back, and going live with the help of influencers was the perfect opportunity we nabbed on. So, in digital marketing, the live sessions gave us the benefit of the situation and we were also available one-to-one on our WhatsApp with our clients open to queries.”

The Bangladeshi wedding scene observed a drastic change as brides and grooms are scaling down from adorning extravagant wears and are opting for subtler looks. “The customers opened up about their needs for simpler attire for in-home weddings. Thus, they wanted to wear something sophisticated which matched their budget. So, we catered to that demand by customizing those outfits taking 1 months’ time.”

The splurge of orders prompted Faisal Mrittik for plans to expand beyond the borders as their customer base has grown exponentially over the years, especially during the pandemic when their orders came from international clients urging them to open up an outlet in their vicinity. “A sense of dedication started forming among us as our clientele showered us with a lot of appreciation and we want to explore beyond the boundaries of our country.”

Currently, JK Foreign Brands plans to open a store in New York followed by the UK and Dubai. “Although there is a pandemic situation, hopefully very soon, we will make an announcement about our expansions in New York.”

Faisal Mriitik sees JK Foreign Brands have a worldwide recognition like that of Indian and Pakistani designers and through his brand, he wants to represent Bangladesh on the fashion scene largely dominated by our neighbors. Bridal wear and formal wear hold great value to individuals who don it. That special day that will be the highlight for everyone for the rest of their lives, all captured from the creative mind of designers who give their all to create those unique pieces of wearable art.

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