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Mar 21, 2007
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Young Pakistani fashion content creators on TikTok are paving the way for a new era of self-expression and style


Gone are the days when fashion trends were dictated solely by glossy magazines and runway shows. Today, the beating pulse of Pakistani fashion can be felt within the dynamic realm of ‘FashionTok,’ where content creators are igniting a fashion revolution that transcends boundaries, bringing together traditional wear and contemporary styles in a harmonious blend.

In recent years, a digital revolution has transformed the way Pakistanis engage with their culture, and at the heart of this metamorphosis lies TikTok, a platform that has redefined the nation's fashion landscape. With its short, snappy videos, TikTok has become a sartorial playground, propelling a new generation of fashion creators to the forefront.

From Karachi to Lahore, TikTok creators are introducing Pakistanis to a new way of dressing and expressing themselves through their wardrobe. They are bridging the gap between centuries-old customs and the evolving aspirations of a youth-driven society. Keeping up with the ever-evolving fashion perspectives, these TikTok stylists are capturing the attention of Pakistanis by making fashionable everything from the graceful hijab to the free-spirited allure of Western fashion.

The Journey of TikTok Creators Redefining Fashion Trends

In the world of TikTok, creativity knows no bounds. A group of trailblazing creators has emerged, leaving an indelible mark on Pakistan's fashion landscape. These visionaries have donned the mantle of FashionTok using the power of short videos to redefine and revolutionize fashion trends across the nation. With their unwavering passion for style and a flair for storytelling, these creators have harnessed the potential of social media to inspire millions and bring about a metamorphosis in how Pakistanis approach dressing and self-expression.

Hamna Ayub, a young FashionTok creator, reveals that she started her TikTok venture at the age of 15, drawing inspiration from fashion and lifestyle YouTubers. As she stepped into the world of TikTok, she felt the perfect opportunity to showcase her unique fusion of traditional Hijab styles with contemporary trends. “In 2019, fashion videos were going viral everywhere, it just seemed like my time to shine, and that’s when I started posting more fashion content,” she shares.

Another creator Javeria Rajput's journey into fashion content creation began as a hobby in 2014, gradually developing into a passion for fashion and beauty content. “It was more of a kind of hobby for me, but gradually over time I developed interest and popularity in fashion and beauty content,” she shared. With her fashion sense resonating with the majority of the Pakistani audience, she has a huge following on TikTok.

Another young creator from Abdul Rehman, from Quetta and Lahore, embarked on his journey by sharing his passion for fashion with TikTok users. He has many tips up his sleeve for his audience to create the perfect clothing combinations from their own wardrobes, by emphasising the importance of selecting outfits that suit their physique. His design is minimalistic, choosing a maximum of three colours in an outfit.


Revolutionising Dressing Norms

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the way we express our individuality is a reflection of societal values and cultural heritage. The trendsetters on FashionTok too are harmonizing traditional clothes with contemporary fashion trends, breathing new life into accessories such as the hijab.

Reflecting on her style, Hamna embraces her identity as a hijabi, using her beliefs to influence her fashion choices. "As a hijabi, I try to keep my style within the modest range while also expressing my bold and vibrant personality with the use of colours," she shares. In fact, she loves colour blocking and that adds a touch of vibrancy to her looks.

“I hope people can all relate to me in certain ways, how I can use one piece of clothing and style it in many ways, how I let them see that there is nothing wrong in repeating outfits, fashion is all about carrying things, they always don’t have to wear new clothes, they can mix and match and do so much with it, they just need to read through themselves and find their best aesthetic.”

Javeria on the other hand wants her followers to be comfortable in whatever they wear. "My personal style is a unique combination of classic and trendy fashion," shares Javeria. “I always aim to show that you can be fashionable and decent at the same time. I want my followers to know that discovering your own personal style will boost your confidence and comfort,” she added.

While Abdul Rehman focuses on men's fashion, he also appreciates cultural dressing for weddings, blending traditional elements with contemporary styles. "I also share tips for wearing the right accessories, men's grooming, dressing, skincare, and hair care. This inspires my followers to embrace their unique style confidently,” he said.

Inspired by her favourite fashion creators on TikTok, Urooj Fatima admits spending hours scrolling through their videos ignited her desire to create similar content. “Fashion is all about finding what resonates with you personally, it’s when you’re confident in what you’re wearing that you can influence someone else,” she said, adding that with time you kind of get the confidence to try out new things which are outside your usual style. ‘You’ll never know until you try’ is her styling mantra.


Seasonal Chic

As the seasons change across Pakistan, so do the trends in the realm of fashion. FashionTok creators have emerged as trusted style gurus and have become the modern-day fashion curators for millions of TikTok users in crafting the perfect ensemble for every season. From scorching summers to cozy winters, these trendsetters are redefining the art of ‘Seasonal Chic’ on TikTok coming up with a kaleidoscope of fashion choices that suit every kind of weather.

Through their short yet captivating videos, they unveil a treasure trove of outfit inspirations for a myriad of events — be it casual gatherings, formal affairs, or joyous festivities. Their style tips are up to date, navigate the seasons, ensuring that fashion-lovers step into every occasion with an air of confidence and panache.

Guiding her audience through each season with style, Hamna expertly curates looks for various occasions. "I usually go for topics that personally resonate with me or are trending, like new TV shows, movie characters, or games," she shares. Embracing the essence of characters, Hamna recreates their essence in her signature style, empowering her followers to dress confidently for every occasion with a touch of seasonal chic.

By staying true to herself and her unique fashion sense, Javeria influences her audience to feel confident in their fashion choices, ensuring that her content resonates with their personal preferences. "I believe what you shop or what you wear reflects your personality and values," She explains.

Abdul Rehman's approach to fashion guidance revolves around helping his followers dress for different occasions. With a keen eye for what suits different physiques, he curates outfit options that enable individuals to look good and feel comfortable in their clothing choices. His dedication to assisting his followers reflects his commitment to embracing seasonal chic with ease and confidence.

Urooj's approach to fashion is a perfect blend of what's trending and how she can incorporate it into her own distinctive style. This versatility enables her to offer valuable guidance to her audience, empowering them to dress confidently for various occasions, be it a corporate event/meeting or a desi wedding.


Redefining Trends and Inspiring Style

In the fast-paced realm of fashion, the spotlight often falls on those who possess the innate ability to set trends that captivate and inspire. At the heart of this captivating landscape lies the dynamic interplay between ‘Trendsetters and Trend Followers,’ where the creators' curated ensembles and unique style choices pave the way for a sweeping wave of fashion inspiration.

Behind the scenes, these fashion content creators work diligently to craft their compelling visual narratives, meticulously selecting outfits that strike the perfect balance between individuality and mass appeal. With their keen eye for aesthetics and an innate understanding of their audience's desires, these trendsetters curate looks that transcend boundaries and resonate with fashion enthusiasts from all walks of life. As their videos ripple through the digital realm, their influence reverberates, shaping the fashion landscape and breathing new life into classic styles.

Hamna's passion lies in being her authentic self and encouraging her viewers to embrace their true selves. "I aim to make girls like me, who want to dress the way they want, but modestly, feel seen, heard, and comfortable with themselves," she expresses. In doing so, she becomes a powerful trendsetter who inspires her audience to find their unique expressions of fashion, creating a ripple effect within the fashion community.

Beyond being trendsetters, these creators also embody the essence of trend followers, consistently engaging with their followers to understand their evolving preferences and desires. Through this symbiotic relationship, they empower their audience to participate in fashion conversations, encouraging them to embrace their unique tastes and contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of trends on TikTok.

Javeria stays updated with the latest fashion trends through digital connectivity, keeping an eye on national and international fashion trends. She incorporates these trends into her content, adding an Asian touch to make it more relatable for her audience.

While Abdul Rehman follows trends, he does so with careful consideration, ensuring that the trends he embraces align with his style and will look good on his followers. “By observing the trends off-camera before sharing them with my audience, I want to be a reliable source of fashion advice and inspiration,” he said.

As Urooj follows fashion magazines, trend socials on TikTok, and her favorite fashion creators, she becomes both a trendsetter and a trend follower. Embracing sustainability, wearability, and repetition, she exemplifies that looking good doesn't require extravagant spending.


Behind the Scenes

The journey of these trendsetters extends far beyond the confines of video creation. As they command the spotlight, they also navigate a realm of constant scrutiny and feedback, where the voices of their followers, both encouraging and critical, echo loudly. Amid the deluge of comments, the creators adeptly embrace the role of gracious conductors, skillfully handling the symphony of feedback, and transforming it into the fuel that drives them to greater heights. With each interaction, they build a bridge of connection with their followers, fostering a community that thrives on mutual understanding and respect.

Handling feedback gracefully, Hamna refines her craft, making her videos more engaging and resonating better with her target audience. Through her interactive approach, Hamna builds a strong connection with her followers. "I generally ask for their suggestions regarding the type of content they want to see more," she says. She actively involves her audience in her creative process, starting engaging series that challenge her to explore new color combinations, creating a shared fashion journey that her followers thoroughly enjoy.

Javeria along with replying to the comments, share daily activities through short stories and videos, fostering a sense of community around her content. “I try my best to reply to all comments, so that my audience can feel connected with me,” she said.

Creating content directly from his wardrobe, Abdul Rehman he engages with his audience, addressing their queries about what to wear on different occasions, providing personalized guidance for their fashion choices. "As a FashionTok creator, I wholeheartedly encourage my followers to break free from societal judgments and embrace comfortable dressing. My mission is to foster a supportive community that celebrates individuality and self-expression,” explains Rehman.

Regarding feedback, Urooj maintains an open and receptive attitude. She values constructive criticism and acknowledges the diverse tastes of her wide audience, ensuring her content appeals to various preferences while fostering a supportive community centred on embracing individuality. “I understand that a wide audience follows me and I am mindful to the fact that not everything is everyone’s cup of tea,” she added.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Pakistan's TikTok fashion creators are redefining trends and celebrating individuality through short, captivating videos. From blending Western fashion with traditional Hijab styles to embracing seasonal chic, these trendsetters empower their followers to break free from societal judgments. With each flick of their screens, they create a supportive community that embraces self-expression, leaving a lasting impact on Pakistan's fashion landscape and inspiring a new era of style, creativity and celebrating their unique cultural heritage.


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