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At least 14 soldiers martyred in Gwadar ambush


At least 14 soldiers martyred in Gwadar ambush​

Sanitization operation is being carried out and perpetrators will be hunted down & brought to justice, vows ISPR

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November 03, 2023

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At least 14 soldiers of Pakistan Army embraced martyrdom when their convoy, moving from Pasni to Ormara in Balochistan’s Gwadar district, was ambushed by terrorists on Friday, the military said.

“On November 3, 2023, two vehicles of security forces moving from Pasni to Ormara in Gwadar District, were ambushed by the terrorists. 14 soldiers embraced shahadat in the unfortunate incident,” the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.

The military’s media wing said sanitisation operation is being carried out in the area and vowed that perpetrators of this heinous act will be hunted down and brought to justice.

“Security forces of Pakistan are determined to eliminate the menace of terrorism from the country and such sacrifices of our brave soldiers further strengthen our resolve,” it maintained.

In late September, at least 60 people, including a policeman, died and 60 others were injured when a suicide bomber targeted an Eid Miladun Nabi procession in the remote district of Mastung, Balochistan.

The attack took place during the preparations for Friday prayers and celebrations of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth anniversary.

In July, at least 12 security personnel were martyred by terrorists in an early morning attack on the Zhob Garrison in northern Balochistan and another attack in the Sui district, according to ISPR.

The media wing of the military said that nine troops embraced martyrdom, as they thwarted a terrorist attack on the Zhob Garrison. Later, three more soldiers laid down their lives in another attack in Sui district, it added.

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Some one please dismantle this dharti ka bhoj fauj.
PTI ka khilaf to bara operation yad ahh gaya tha 9 May ko bhana bana ker jo abbi tak jari ha, yahan kyn phat jati ha. Imagine peace time main apna he mulk main jahan her cheez per yeh wardi mafia qabaz ha, is tara sa ambush ker ka inha mar diya jata hain, agar kabbi India sa jang ho gai to wahan kya haal ho ga.
And stop using the word martyred? They were killed in an ambush, it was not like they were doing Jihad in Allah and its Rasool (Peace be upon him).
For all we know kahin sa mujra dekh ker ahh raha hoon.
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So how is the Pakistan Army's corporate farming coming along?

Nothing has changed for the last twenty years. If Pakistanis need an excuse to cover incompetence, they will always find one.

1. India has consulates in Afghanistan, so Pakistan can't cope. India left Afghanistan. Now what?
2. Miscreants slip through porous border. Border fence has been completed. Now what?
3. Afghanistan has hostile government. New government took over. Now what?

What new excuses do they have now? Why not just admit, that they are stupid to solve the most basic of these problems?

The same incompetence extends to all aspects of society. People always have an excuse for failure.
If Pakistanis need an excuse to cover incompetence, they will always find one.

It is because of sardars saar

People always have an excuse for failure.

When you have a military that doesn’t accept their losses and faujeets justify 1971 with “it was bound to separate anyway” then you know there’s a deep mental rot in the institution.

Not one successful country makes excuses for their failures.
When Army is busy in Kheti bari and real state, the lower ranking disposable die... if i speak my mind then I get warning from mod, so let me throw the usual condemnation post " they are shaheeds, and we will not allow terrorists to keep a nation hostage " do I believe in my own statement ? NO... but this is sad affairs of Pakistan, I can bet not a single high ranking officer will get fired for lapse in security or even in ISI for massive intelligence failure, I am also neutral on this attack.
What new excuses do they have now?

PTI instigated 9 May, and after that all attention of the Army is to eradicate the menace of PTI from attacking military installations and Jinnah house. So, PTI's fault.

And are you a fool? If the Army focusses on fighting terrorism in Balochistan, who the heck will do farming in Punjab and KP? Do you want to die of hunger?

BTW, when are we getting the next article in Hilal Magazine of Pak Army's role in National Development with fancy John Deere tractors?

On a serious note, over the years we have seen degradation of many institutions/organizations of Pakistan. PIA, PSM, SNGPL, SSGC, PMTF, PNSC, and so on.

This year, we have seen the utter degradation of Pakistan Cricket and the Army as well. All due to political interference. Najam Sethi and Zaka Ashraf are fighting over PCB chairman position and have wrecked the structure that was in place by M. Wasim.

Generals are fighting over promotions and are hedging bets on which horse to bet on so they can get a promotion or become COAS.

Perhaps these were the only two functioning state institutions.
What does it matter if they are army, police, or heck even some laborers?

Does it make the loss of life any less serious or an act of terrorism any less henious?

You really need to get out of your chest thumping phase man and see things for what they are. Not everything can be countered or argued against with the same old 'India main toilet nhn', 'Youthiay spreading propaganda', or any of the other responses you have written over the years.

Criticizing the top brass or mentioning a terror attack does not mean everyone here is against the country. Everyone wants the country to improve and progress, but we sure as hell aren't going to do that if any hint of criticism is shut down.

@DESERT FIGHTER , same for you sir.
No its no difference who the victims are, i was pointing out the discrepencies in the Tweets. And before lecturing us, when was the last time you actually did your job of moderation. Today 14 sons of soil laid down their lives in the line of duty, may i remind you and others who habitually bark agsinst the army that, the Shaheed were no Youthias, Patwaris, Zardaris or Naswsris, neither were they some Generals or Colonels... So when people term them as napak army then we expect you to also show your efficiency.
After more than a decade of insurgency and still the patrolling troops being given toyota hilux’s , I don’t think any amount of casualties will turn decision makers focus on acquiring even locally made hamza APC. Year after year budget spent on big ticket items and then it’s stored in a forward base near Indian front. While where an active insurgency is happening in the western side we hand out hiluxs.
I remember during talks of buying VT-4 there were also keen interest shown in acquiring a big number of DongFeng Mengshi 4x4s. But only a few were acquired and the FC were given a middle finger. Even if they were acquired they would not make it to the FC .
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recon UAV helicopters or drones.. even these cannot sustain RPG etc attack? BTW,which weapons did they use?
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