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Which will grow faster: India or Indonesia? (The Economist)

Over the next decade, India could witness investment worth up to $23 billion for data centre capex investment as an infrastructure asset.

These investments are propelled by the rapid growth in data consumption and storage. The government's focus on data localisation and the demand for high bandwidth, driven by the launch of 5G, further contribute to the investment trend.

Real assets investments in data centers are projected to grow significantly, according to a report by investment banking firm, Avendus Capital, reports the Mint.

With an annual growth rate of 40 per cent, the segment is expected to reach 1,700 MW capacity by 2025, backed by over $5 billion investment.

Developers anticipate that the demand for data centres will exceed 3,000 MW, which is nearly four times the installed capacity of 800 MW in 2022.

A total of over USD 2.3 bn in investments are expected over the next 2 – 5 years, and more than USD 0.4 bn of investment is expected during 2020-2023 period. The report also states that ~12,000 rooms are likely to be added in 2023, and the number of rooms is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~3.3% by 2025.
What is the composition of your investment ? I mean is domestic and foreign direct investment is balance like 50:50 like in Indonesia or you have greater domestic investment compared to FDI every year ?
What is the composition of your investment ? I mean is domestic and foreign direct investment is balance like 50:50 like in Indonesia or you have greater domestic investment compared to FDI every year ?
In which sector?

Indonesia seeks closer India ties to strengthen Global South role​

Developing countries 'source of solution' for world problems: Finance Minister


Indonesia wants to form closer ties with India, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati tells Nikkei Asia. (Photo by Kosuke Imamura)

February 14, 2023 18:30 JST

TOKYO -- Indonesia wants to strengthen ties with India to bolster the role of the Global South in world affairs, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said, pointing to international divides over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"We will work very closely with India," Indrawati told Nikkei Asia in an interview on Tuesday. "India and Indonesia [are] among a few big emerging countries who are performing very well on the economy, so that's where it (the relationship) provides us with more gravitas, more influence and more respect globally."

India -- the current G-20 chair -- in January brought together over 120 developing nations, roughly referred to as the Global South, in a special virtual summit to share concerns and challenges on a wide range of issues, including food and energy security due to the war in Ukraine. The Global South loosely refers to developing countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Indrawati spoke of Indonesia's place in the world. "We played a very important role during G-20 presidency last year," she said, adding that her country showed its "ability to bridge the differences" even in difficult times, particularly when they came under pressure from G-7 nations over Russia.

Global South countries tend toward political neutrality and avoiding taking sides during conflict. Instead, they prioritize their own positions and in the case of the Ukraine war, some Global South countries have not kept pace with G-7 sanctions on Russia.
Despite the tensions, many see the G-20 Bali summit in November as a success, with the issuance of a declaration by the leaders that condemned Russia's aggression in Ukraine "in the strongest terms."

The "G-7 is admitting that they need a counterpart [from] the Global South which can provide a balanced view... providing more inclusivity and diversity within the global community, which is healthy, I think," Indrawati said.


Countries in the Global South are "contributing in the global agenda constructively," she said. "They also become a source of solution of many world problems in terms of climate change, financial crisis, pandemic or even now global economy."

Indrawati added, "Many of the G-7 countries are actually suffering quite serious economic situation." G-7 countries now contribute around 43% of global gross domestic product, down from 63% in 1990, according to the International Monetary Fund, as the economies in India and other Global South countries have expanded at a faster rate.

Indonesia has taken over as chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations this year. Indrawati said the 10 ASEAN countries can play a "very important role," not just economically, but also politically and in terms of regional security "because of the tension between U.S. and China."

Turning to the domestic, the finance minister is optimistic about Indonesia's plan to relocate its capital from Jakarta to Nusantara on the island of Borneo. The government plans to move key departments there in 2024.

Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati spoke of the important role that developing countries play in the global order. (Photo by Kosuke Imamura)

The plan is expected to cost 466 trillion rupiah ($30 billion) and Indonesia hopes to cover 80% of that from the private sector and with help from the governments of wealthier countries. It is aiming to cover the rest itself.

But with the global economy facing a slowdown amid rising materials prices and the tightening of monetary policy, Nusantara could find it hard to raise funds. Indrawati said, though, that the 20% state funding is solid.

"There will be a lot of opportunity for new investment and private sector participation is going to be there," she claimed, when the basic infrastructure has been put in place.

The World Bank has slashed its 2023 growth forecasts to levels teetering on the brink of recession for many countries. Indrawati, who is also a former managing director at the World Bank, said the rest of this year is going to be "very tough."

She added things could pick up in the second half, but only "if there is no war, if there is no tension."


Deloitte US India announces opening of three offices in Pune, Chennai, Kolkata​

"In the coming year, over 10,000 skilled professionals specialising in various areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, cybersecurity, cloud, human capital, assurance, tax, valuations, and mergers and acquisitions will operate from these locations," it said.

Deloitte US India said that there are increasing opportunities in business services exports from the country.


Adani Group begins work on ₹21,844 crore ($2.6bn) data centres in Visakhapatnam, to create 50,000 Jobs​

India is the second most coveted investment market after the United States for sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds in 2022, said a study by asset manager Invesco. India’s economic power has been on the rise, and sovereign wealth funds operating around the world, have taken note of the trends.

India's largest under construction airport
The airport, billed to be India's largest upon completion, is being developed in four phases — with two interconnected terminals and an annual passenger capacity of 70 million.

As per a recent announcement made by the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister, Suresh Khanna, while presenting the state budget for fiscal year 2023-24, the airport will have a total of five runways instead of the initial proposal of two.

The Hyderabad Aerocity is currently the largest — spread over 1,500 acres, followed by Delhi — built on 200 acres.

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Blackstone’s Lumina CloudInfra to invest over $300 million to set up Navi Mumbai hyperscale data center

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GQG Partners looks to invest $1 billion more in Adani Group​

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Tata being Tata building huge commercial projects...

-> Tata Realty plans to develop 5 million square feet office space in Bengaluru, to invest ₹4,000 crore.

-> For Pune, Tata plans to invest Rs 2,000 crore to add 3.5 million square feet in the non-IT commercial segment branded as Intellion Edge.

->In Gurugram, Tata is building 1.6 million square feet office project.

->Tata also building its largest commercial office project in Navi Mumbai at 7 million square feet.


India's commercial office and data centre industry is growing like nuts!


Moody's sees India as fastest-growing G20 nation over next few years​

Any countries you don't like? big winner, Israel and India

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Indonesia Posts $6.5B Surplus in Balance of Payments​

May 23, 2023 | 3:02 pm


A Bank Muamalat teller is counting U.S. bank notes in Jakarta. (Uthan A. Rachim)

Jakarta. Indonesia recorded a surplus of $6.5 billion in its balance of payments in the first quarter of the year, up by $1.8 billion from the fourth quarter of last year, the central bank announced on Tuesday.

“The strong performance of the balance of payments was supported by continued surpluses in the current account and capital and financial account,” Bank Indonesia spokesman Erwin Haryono said in a statement.

During the first quarter of 2023, the current account booked a surplus of $3 billion or 0.9 percent of the gross domestic product, narrowing from a surplus of $4.2 billion (1.3 percent of GDP) in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Capital and financial transactions produced a surplus of $3.4 billion (1 percent of GDP), a significant increase from a surplus of $0.3 billion (0.1% of GDP) in the previous quarter, supported by incoming funds to domestic state bonds, Erwin said.

Foreign exchange reserves meanwhile stood at $145.2 billion in late March, up from $137.2 billion in December 2022.

India's GDP growth may breach 7%-mark in FY23: RBI Governor Das

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Tata Electronics is scouting for land for setting up their outsourced semiconductor assembly & test (OSAT) unit near Coimbatore.


Singapore based STT GDC to invest Rs 2,000 crore ($250 million) in two more data centres in Pune

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