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West Invites Armenia To Join NATO;

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says the baldheaded nigerian mulla fan boy gtfo here man.
Going ad hominem on me in reaction to a counterpoint only proves your point was countered effectively. Argue the point, not the person. Exposing that you have racist feelings towards Nigerians isn't smart on a public forum.

Regarding "NATO will defend Armenia"- I only have one question, respectfully, - WITH WHAT AMMUNITION? :woot:The ones NATO cant produce or procure enough of for Ukraine?

Armenia also cant join NATO with active Russian troops on its territory, and i bet you those Russian troops will not leave anytime soon. Armenia joining NATO will only lead Armenia to where Ukraine is going now, which Ukraine is regretting now, so enjoy Armenia!
iran can never attack azerbaijan or Turkiye, iran only barks.
Iran already hit your troops in Syria and Northern Iraq and your country didnt really do much (Turkey probably did more against Iranian troops +backed troops in Syria than Iraq). I know of a few bad attacks against Turkish troops in NOrthern iraq by Iranian allied militias aka Iran that Turkety didnt respond to really, even with that NATO backing? sure, go ahead and talk tough, Turkey has some good military technology though, but some copopuntries like Russia and Iran know how to deal with it. those stupid Kirpis are scattering like crickets in Ukraine.
it is a country of nothing iraq kan have it all..
Ataturk should have done it. That’s right is Armenia not rich or important country but it’s has been dagger in Turkey side since it became independent.
Who said it is? there is a defence pact between the two brother countries if they touch them they touch us. Its simple as that it is not a rocketscience. Ofcourse Turkiye will not attack first it will only defence its ally Azerbaijan.
No doubt you will help your brother country,but that's not what I'm talking about.

Iran is a much bigger and much tougher opponent than anyone modern Turkey has faced yet.
This is not snatching something here and there. Azerbaijans security is a matter of national security for Turkiye, it can’t be violated unless you want your asses to get kicked by Turks.
I'm talking generally. Erdogan and Akar kept saying "we only want peace!" or "we are a peaceful country!" .....but always a bit of bombing in Syria and supporting radicals,a bit of getting in Iraq,a bit of Libya,a bit of "we want half the Aegean,these islands are ours" etc etc.

The Nakhcevan area will be cleared by Turkiye and there is nothing iran nor russia can do about it. Its a done deal.
Oh you think if Iran wants to do something,they can't? If they send a few divisions of Army and Pasdaran?
Also - the question is - what borders does NATO recognise as "Armenian" ???????
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