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Video and Photo of Indonesian Security Forces

U.S. Army Live Fire Exercise With Indonesia Army - Super Garuda Shield 23​


SUPER GARUDA SHIELD FTX training three major powers appear​

Combined "Wolfhounds” ADF TNI | Super Garuda Shield | Jungle FTX | PUSLATPUR, INDONESIA​

Indonesia uses F16 during Super Garuda Shield military training in East Java

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US-Japan-Indonesia joint Live-Fire Exercise - Free & Open Indo Pacific​

Super Garuda Shield 2023, East Java, Indonesia

The highlight of Elang Ausindo Training 2023 Manado: Long Range Offensive Counter Air Combat

September 27, 2023​


Elang Ausindo Training Center 2023 in Manado, North Sulawesi (all photos : TNI AU)

The joint air combat exercise between the Indonesian Air Force and the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) known as "Elang Ausindo 2023" has reached its peak stage. This training took place at Sam Ratulangi Manado Air Base on Tuesday (26/9/2023).


In this exercise, TNI AU F-16 and RAAF F-35 aircraft joined as a Joint Flight to carry out Offensive Counter Air (OCA) and Defensive Counter Air (DCA) missions.The four TNI AU F-16 aircraft were divided into two teams, namely the red team and the blue team, and the same was true for the RAAF F-35 aircraft.


This simulated battle took place in a Beyond Visual Range (BVR) scenario or long-range combat using medium-range AMRAAM missiles owned by both countries, emphasizing long-range air combat which demands a high level of precision and coordination between pilots and Ground Control Interceptor Controllers.


In addition, in an effort to extend operational time, all aircraft involved in this exercise carried out air-to-air refueling missions using RAAF KC-30 aircraft.


After this successful aerial refueling, the aircraft continued their air operations missions with full fuel.


This joint exercise is of course not only about increasing skills and cooperation between the two air forces, but is also proof of Indonesia and Australia's commitment to maintaining stability and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

Elang Ausindo from 1993 to 2023 has successfully reflected the close cooperation between the two countries in maintaining military preparedness and facing complex security challenges in the future.
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Indonesian newest built submarines, Cakra and Alugoro, successfully fired torpedoes to the target during recent exercise

Baturaja, South Sumatra. October 2023




East Nusa Tenggara Border, Eastern Indonesian region border with East Timor

Border Patrol





Example of East Nusa Tenggara Island region land topology


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