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Short Explanation about what happened during 1965 in Indonesia. Why Communist power can be eliminated by Indonesian internal force ?


Jul 25, 2013
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Written By Indos

Indonesia communist party is third largest after China, USSR. It is greater than Vietnamese Communist party during their war against South Vietnam where Vietnam Communist defeated USA with support from USSR and China. In 1955 election (it was considered as the first Indonesian fair democratic election), it gets number 4 largest. So huge support for the party where predominantly the supporters are farmers. As we see on Indonesian Communist Party logo it is basically like farmer party.

See the simbol there. These two things represent farmer and labor, but since there is no real industrialization in Indonesia during 1945-1965 period, the most prominent supporter of Indonesian Communist Party is farmer mostly living in East Java where they had conflict with NU (Nahdatul Ulama) which is largest Islamic Organization in Indonesia. Under current politics, 2 Indonesian President Hopeful Vice Presidents come from NU (Muhaimain Iskandar and Mahfud MD)


Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) was about to emerge as very strong military power when Soekarno approving their controversial proposal to make them another military force beside Indonesian Armed Force. They asked the force to be 1 million strong. This has got China Communist backing as well. The reason Soekarno approved the proposal is likely to support Soekarno aggresive plan to invade both Malaysia and Singapore under pretex Ganyang Malaya Campaign. This pretex has the same narrative like Putin narrative to invade Ukraine. Soekarno said that Malaya will be under British influence so that the formation of Malaya should be opposed.

This is why Indonesian Armed Force that is still dominated by right wing anti communist made plan to kick out Soekarno from power. Their plan is sniffed by President Guard (Cakrabirawa) and end up all of the planners are death but luckily the strongest among them, General Nasution escaped despite his daughter became victim and death in the hand of Cakrabirawa. Our History hide this fact, but from Indonesian respected Historian, this has been put in their books after New Order Regime (Orde Baru) fallen in 1998. It can be understood if we have logic as well like how on earth Cakrabirawa which is Presidential Guard are behind the killing of our Armed Force General.

The proposed PKI plan to have 1 million strong Army under PKI is known in our history as Angkatan ke 5, or in English maybe can be translated as Fifth Military Force. There is Wikipedia English that explained in it if you tried to Google it.

Soeharto, Kostrad Commander, Special Force, and Siliwangi Force are the main backbone behind Soeharto purged into Indonesia Communist Party. Soeharto is not Islamist, but he believe on Capitalism and basically hard core anti communist that can be seen by Indonesia foreign policy during new regime order that is pretty anti Communist. Even Soeharto invaded East Timor just because Fretilin has potency to win the internal war in East Timor. Fretilin during that time has leftist thinking. Actualy East Timor is more like burden to Indonesia and I am happy in the end we let go that province.

The killing of several Army Generals by President Guard (Cakrabirawa) lead Soeharto had a pretex to eliminate Communist Party and bring down Soekarno from power. As I have explained previously, the reason Presidential Guard killed those Generals are because those Generals planned to do coup in 5 October 1965 during military event where Soekarno is planned to be present. As Muslim majority country where the minority Christian groups also opposed Communist ideology, it is very natural Indonesia internal power under the command of Soeharto can do this

Soekarno is not a communist, he and many Indonesians during that time cannot see Indonesia without Communist Party since Indonesia Communist Party get huge support in East Java Island where Islamic penetration is not as strong as in other Muslim majority regions in Indonesia. The Islamization of Indonesia started from region close to Malacca Strait. East Java is pretty late to get Islamized but there are already big present of Nahdatul Ulama there during 1960 -1965 period that become anti thesis and rival of PKI in that region. Communist is impossible to be destroyed in Indonesia unless we used drastic measure like what Soeharto did.

After the purge and sending Soekarno into exile in Buru Island (Eastern Indonesia with basically still very primitive in 1965-1970), Soeharto fund Islamization into Java Island and build many Mosques. This effort made Javanese become Islamized during New Order period, where in the past they are the least Islamic among Indonesian Muslim majority region.

Soeharto during New Order also support Catholics more than Protestant. Maybe he thinks Protestant Christian has more afiliation with US Evangelist population than Catholics, while most Christians in Indonesia are Protestant. So we can see Catholic figure in Indonesia politics like Moerdani, Andrianus Moy, BJ Sumarlin etc. On the other hand Golkar Party is lead by Islamist like BJ Habibie, Abdul Gafur (HMI connection) and BJ Habibie become our Vice President during 1990's and he lead the transformation after Soeharto resigned in 1998.

Unlike Soekarno who was exiled in remote Island in Eastern Indonesia, Soeharto is still popular and live peacefully in his Cendana House in the most elite housing complex in Jakarta (Menteng in Central Jakarta) before his death where all Indonesian leaders came to his funeral as well, including the reformist movement leaders. Soeharto popularity can still be seen with Golkar party that still become number one most popular in Indonesia, their popularity is going down into number three Today, but parties like Gerindra (Second biggest), Nasdem, Democrat are all coming from Golkar previous leaders like SBY, Surya Paloh, etc with Prabowo as having the closest link with Soeharto family as he married Soeharto daughter, Titiek Soeharto.


Regarding politics, Indonesia current political landscape is not like USA or Britain or in Malaysia where ideological differences are strong. Indonesian parties can hang on with one another with no difficulty and all President Candidate Coalition have both Nationalist and Islamist parties supporting it. Those Indonesian critics saying this show Indonesian politics lacking, but actually this is the strength of our politics as our elites can join hand with any body and made compromise among them. This is one of the reasons our politics are very stable since 2004 when we had the first direct Presidential Election.
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The Fifth Force is the security defense element of the Republic of Indonesia which is the idea of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI). This force was drawn from among the workers and peasants who were armed.

Background and development​

Elements of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (ABRI now TNI) officially at the time of Guided Democracy consisted of the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as the Police Force. At that time, each element was a Ministry responsible to the President/Commander-in-Chief of the Revolution. Even if there is a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces or Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and concurrently the Coordinating Minister for Hankam, the nature is only dealing with the administration not in command. The existence of the Police Force, which was used as an element of Hankam, continued until 1999, when finally the Police was released from the element of Hankam. Similarly, during the independence revolution, the Police Force was under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

During the guided democracy era, the Indonesian Communist Party was Indonesia's major party after the 1955 elections, an element in the concept of Nasakom (National, Religious and Communist). With the tumultuous political situation and the revolutionary call of President Sukarno and many conflicts such as West Irian (Trikora) and Ganyang Malaysia (Dwikora) requiring many volunteers, the PKI then proposed to the government/president to form a fifth force consisting of workers and peasants who were armed.

This caused outrage among the military leadership, especially the Army. Fearing this element was used by the PKI to seize power, it imitated the experience of revolutions from both Russia and the PRC. Therefore, the Army leadership rejected the proposal.

At the time of the pre-G30S situation, there was a fairly heated closed conflict between the Army and the PKI, especially in anticipation of the national leadership after President Sukarno. Later it was mentioned by some that in the conflict, especially Dwikora, the Army was considered less serious in conducting military operations than the Navy and Air Force, thus provoking the PKI to form this element as volunteer assistance.

The PKI itself trained various elements of its mass organizations in the form of military training, although some say that the exercises that PKI elements participated in were actually official exercises for volunteers from both nationalist and religious circles. However, testimonies from political prisoners suggest that the exercise was attended more by Communist elements such as the People's Youth and Gerwani than by other elements. So there are many testimonies from political prisoners, especially former military officials who became political prisoners who said that middle-ranking officers who were later implicated in the G30S who were accused of training communist elements said that the exercise was a volunteer training for official dwikora.

During the volunteer exercise, witnesses mainly from the Air Force also expressed astonishment that it resembled a Chinese Communist Red Army exercise, especially when marching defiles despite being answered as an element of merit (bravado) only.

Eventually there were later alleged cases of illegal arms smuggling from the PRC or communist China, especially after the failed 30 September Movement, which was blamed on the PKI's attempt to form a fifth force with the help of the PRC. But this case, which was mentioned during the New Order period, was really, after the 1998 reform, a questionable part or an element of many elements of Indonesia's dark history.

End of the Fifth Force​

After the events of the 30 September Movement which was later broken or failed. Practically this Fifth Force disappeared. The Army with Supersemar eventually disbanded the PKI and its mass organizations, especially those from the People's Youth, Gerwani, the Indonesian Peasant Front and SOBSI who were accused of being elements of the Fifth Force and carried out arrests that in the post-1998 reform were said to be "purges". Apart from PKI elements, the government at that time, post-Supersemar held by Major General Suharto also detained military officers who were said to be involved in the 30 September Movement and trained the "Fifth Force" which was then addressed to the Air Force, which was indeed considered to actively support President Sukarno's policies.

Some of the volunteers who had been sent to Kalimantan in the Dwikora conflict were eventually disarmed. In this case, the term Paraku (North Kalimantan People's Army) emerged which was said to be crushed by the Military of the Republic of Indonesia and the Malaysian Military for resistance.

Soeharto is Kostrad Commander which is the largest component and the most modern within Indonesian Army. He is also supported by Indonesian Special Force (Kopassus) and Siliwangi Force in West Java. All of the forces are located in Central and Western part of Indonesia.

Army is also pretty united and solid during 1965, it will be easy for them to eliminate Indonesian Communist Party during the period. So those who said this purge is due to CIA doesnt have good logic,


The Army Strategic Reserve Command (Indonesian: Komando Cadangan Strategis Angkatan Darat; abbreviated Kostrad) is a combined-arms formation of the Indonesian Army. Kostrad is a Corps level command which has up to 35,000 troops. It also supervises operational readiness among all commands and conducts defence and security operations at the strategic level in accordance with policies under the command of the commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces.

In contrast to its name ("Reserve"), Kostrad is the main warfare combat unit of the Indonesian Army. While Kopassus is the elite-special forces of the Indonesian Army, Kostrad as "Komando Utama Operasi" or "Principal Operational Command" still maintains as the first-line combat formation of the Indonesian National Armed Forces along with the Kopassus.[1]

As a corps, Kostrad is commanded by a Panglima Kostrad (Pangkostrad), usually a lieutenant general. Kostrad falls under the army chief of staff for training, personnel, and administration.[2] However, it comes under the Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian National Armed Forces for operational command and deployment due to the status of Kostrad as one of the principal operation commands. Kostrad typically receives best equipment in the Army and its two armoured battalions received Leopard 2A4 and Leopard 2 Revolution tanks.

Starting 1984 the Panglima Kostrad (Pangkostrad) has been charged to lead the conduct of combat operations, called defence and security operations.

Going to Soeharto family cemetery in Solo, Central Java. He is still very respected in Indonesia.

Soekarno families are still around and currently hold major power politically

Soekarno daughter is Megawati, Chairman of PDI-P, largest political party in Indonesia


Soekarno grandaughter, Puan Maharani, Chairman of Indonesian parliament



While Soeharto families are busy with bussiness

Tommy Soeharto’s Humpuss Maritim to Hold IPO​

This undated photo shows a liquefied natural gas tanker owned by Humpuss Maritim Internasional. (Photo courtesy of Humpuss)

Thresa Sandra Desfika
July 17, 2023 | 5:22 pm

Jakarta. Humpuss Maritim Internasional (HUMI), an oil and gas shipping company owned by Tommy Soeharto, plans to issue up to 2.7 billion new shares during the initial public offering scheduled for next month, the company announced on Monday.

The IPO is scheduled to take place from August 1 to August 4, with Reliance Sekuritas Indonesia acting as the underwriter.

The offered price is put at Rp 100 per share as the company seeks a fresh capital of Rp 270.7 billion ($18 million).

In addition to the new shares, HUMI also plans to issue 1.35 billion warrants, giving investors the right to purchase stock at Rp 200 per share. For every two new shares purchased, investors will receive one warrant for free.

HUMI's core businesses include oil and gas tanker rentals and marine support services. Current shareholders of HUMI include Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi with 89.998 percent of shares, Humpuss Transportasi Kimia with 10 percent, and Bhakti Samudra Employee Cooperative with 0.002 percent.

Parent company Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi (HITS) has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1997, while HUMI’s subsidiary GTS Internasional (GTSI), has been listed since 2021.

Tommy, whose real name is Hutomo Mandala Putra, is the founder of Humpuss Group. He is the youngest son of the late President Soeharto, who served as Indonesia's president for 32 years.


The only Soeharto family who active in politics is Titiek Soeharto, previously in Golkar, now is in Gerindra Party (second largest party)

General Abdul Harris Nasution was Indonesian Armed Force Commander during that period. He lead the Coup plan but sniffed by Presidential Guard Force (Cakrabirawa). All of Coup planners were killed by Cakrabirawa in 30 September 1965, except Nasution who was escaped but his youngest daughter get killed by Cakrabirawa.

Indonesian History hide the fact that Armed Force General with Army Generals planned to do coup to Soekarno. The fact that Armed Force wanted to rebel civilian power is hiden although it is a very good reason to topple Soekarno from power during that period.

The reason they want to get rid Soekarno, as I have previously explained, is because Soekarno approved Indonesian Communist Party proposal to arm 1 million Communnist which will become another military force beside Indonesian Armed Force and Indonesian Police Force. In order to avoid civil war, he and other Army Generals planned to get rid Soekarno during military event in 5 October 1965 where Soekarno will be present.

General Abdul Harris Nasution is regarded as Hero by Indonesian Government. He is also leading figure during the Independence war who are lead by 37 years old General Sudirman.

General Abdul Harris Nasution and his family. The youngest daughter was killed by Indonesian Communist


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Soeharto House in Cendana, Central Jakarta. Soeharto family planned the house to be made as museum.

Indonesian female journalist, Najwa Shihab, had an interview with Tommy Soeharto, Soeharto youngest son.

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