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Who will succeed Jokowi? Indonesia to open candidate registration

In Indonesia, despite we have different Presidents, but Sri Mulyani is the only remains person in the heart of Indonesian power as Finance Minister, Javanese who was born and raised in Sumatra Island and educated in Jakarta for her higher learning study.

Will she be Indonesia Finance Minister under new administration? This is something to be seen, I expect she will likely remain neutral........Under new administration she will not likely enjoy large power like she currently held

Sri Mulyani shows remose over some corruption scandal under her Ministery with Kompas TV Chief Editor


Indonesia's top judge faces guilty verdict in ethics probe, says investigating panel​


Friday, 03 Nov 2023

JAKARTA (Reuters): The chief justice of Indonesia's Constitutional Court is set to be found guilty of ethical violations for his role in a decision that paved the way for the president's son to contest the 2024 elections, the head of a judicial ethics panel said on Friday.

The decision sparked widespread outcry in the world's third-largest democracy as it created a path for President Joko Widodo's 36-year-old son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, to run in February's election.

The ruling prompted the formation of an ethics panel tasked to investigate the conduct of the court's nine judges, including chief justice Anwar Usman, who is the president's brother-in-law and Gibran's uncle.

He has dismissed the notion of a conflict of interest.

The head of the panel, former constitutional court judge Jimly Asshiddiqie, said that Anwar had been deemed the "most problematic".

Asked by a journalist whether that meant he had been found guilty, Jimly replied: "Yes, of course."

"This case isn't hard to prove," he added.

Speaking to reporters after he was questioned by the panel on Friday, Anwar said he was ready for its decision.

Jimly did not elaborate on what sanctions would be taken, but the body can formally reprimand and dismiss judges, according to a 2023 court regulation.

The council will announce its ruling next Tuesday.

The probe relates to a decision by the court last month that changed the eligibility criteria for the country's elections, ruling that candidates under the age of 40 could run for president or vice president provided they had previously been elected to regional posts.

Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto named Gibran, the mayor of Surakarta, as his vice presidential running mate days after the decision.

Jokowi, as the popular Indonesian president is known, must step down after serving a maximum two terms.

Once hailed as a beacon of democratic progress, Jokowi is now facing criticism he is working to shore up his political dynasty to maintain influence when he leaves office.

(Reporting by Stanley Widianto; Editing by Kate Lamb and Alison Williams) - Reuters

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Indonesia Presidential Contender Ganjar Takes Slim Lead in New Poll​

Indonesia Presidential Contender Ganjar Takes Slim Lead in New Poll
Sumber: Reuters | Editor: Yudho Winarto

Senin, 06 November 2023 / 19:39 WIB

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Indonesian presidential hopeful Ganjar Pranowo led an opinion poll on Monday for the first time since election season formally got underway last month, nudging ahead of close rival and defence minister Prabowo Subianto.

The Oct. 26-31 survey by Charta Politika showed 36.8% of the 2,400 respondents backed the ruling party's Ganjar while 34.7% supported Prabowo, with 24.3% in favour of Anies Baswedan, Jakarta's former governor.

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Prabowo, who is making a third run at the presidency, has held a slim lead over former Central Java governor Ganjar in most polls in the past few months, with the two neck-and-neck for much of the year. Charta Politika's surveys since 2021 have mostly put Ganjar in the lead.

The poll also showed some dissatisfaction about outgoing leader Joko Widodo's role in the presidential race, in particular a perception of his involvement in a controversial court ruling on eligibility requirements that allowed his son to become Prabowo's running mate.

Jokowi, as the president is popularly known, has declined to comment on last month's decision of the Constitutional Court, of which his brother-in-law is chief justice.
Nearly 40% of those surveyed said they believed Jokowi had influenced the court's decision, while 23.3% did not agree and 37% did not answer or said they did not know.

Nearly half of respondents felt his 36-year-old son Gibran Rakabuming Raka would be unsuitable for vice president, while 59% said they disagreed with political dynasties.
Nearly 205 million of Indonesia's more than 270 million population are eligible to vote in the elections on Feb. 14 in the world's third-largest democracy.

Jokowi is finishing his second and final term and has not formally backed a candidate, though some political insiders say he is quietly playing the role of kingmaker to try to retain influence when he leaves office, having previously pledged support for Ganjar while tacitly backing Prabowo.

Jokowi recently said he would not get involved in the race.
Some political experts see the inclusion of Gibran as a move to enable the outgoing president to keep some political clout while allowing Prabowo to tap into Jokowi's huge support base.

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However, Yunarto Wijaya, executive director of Charta Politika said Prabowo's decision to run with the president's son had contributed to Ganjar's lead in the latest poll.
"Gibran has weakened Prabowo, the issue of dynastic politics, Jokowi, his family, the court's ruling," Yunarto said.


Latest 2024 Presidential Survey Results, Prabowo's Electability Burdened by Gibran, Ngaruh to Anies and Ganjar​

Hasil Survei Capres 2024 Terbaru, Elektabilitas Prabowo Terbebani Gibran, Ngaruh ke Anies dan Ganjar​

Latest 2024 Presidential Survey Results, Prabowo's Electability Burdened by Gibran, Ngaruh to Anies and Ganjar

The survey was conducted on October 26-31 by interviewing 2,400 respondents from 38 provinces throughout Indonesia.

The survey has a margin of error of +/- 2.0 percent.

Gibran Becomes a Burden

Executive Director of Charta Politika Yunarto Wijaya believes that the figure of vice presidential candidate Gibran Rakabumming Raka is actually a burden for presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto.

He conveyed this reflecting on Prabowo's electability which actually dropped after announcing Gibran as the vice president who would accompany him in the 2024 presidential election.

"We can see or speculate and hypothesize that the entry of Mas Gibran's name as vice president actually becomes liabilities, not assets," Yunarto said in a press conference, Monday (6/11/2023).

Yunarto said, based on a survey on October 13-17, 2023, Prabowo's electability was superior to Ganjar Pranowo in head to head with a difference of 9.8 percent, namely 49.4 percent compared to 39.6 percent.

However, Prabowo's electability actually dropped to 44.4 percent based on the survey period October 26-31, 2023, after Gibran was announced as vice president.

In the same period, Ganjar's electability, which has taken Mahfud MD as his vice president, actually increased to 40.8 percent.

The electability gap between Prabowo and Ganjar based on the latest survey also narrowed to 3.6 percent.

"Although Mas Gibran confidently said, 'calm down Mr. Prabowo, I am here' but it turns out that if we read electorally, statistically, quantitatively, it becomes a burden for Mr. Prabowo," Yunarto said.

Yunarto continued, Gibran's position as vice president also reduced the segment of Anies Baswedan's supporters who would vote for Prabowo.

"Mas Anies voters, who were the majority who voted for Mr. Prabowo, began to doubt, some to Mas Ganjar, not much, but more to undecided voters," he said.

According to Yunarto, this is not surprising because Anies voters are a group that can be called anti-or opposite to the figure of President Joko Widodo.

Each candidate foreign policy

Ganjar first

Other will come soon, the event is Today
KF21 get highlighted by this lovely lady saying why Indonesia current administration is not serious in the funding side ?



Ganjar said the funding should be prioritized

Foreign Policy

Anies Baswedan


Moderator is Aviliani, INDEF Economist




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More on Ganjar and Prabowo economic policies




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Based on survey prediction, there will likely be two round of elections where the first round will likely be won by Ganjar and Prabowo in February 14, 2024.

My analysis about who Anies coalition will support in second round is likely Ganjar-Mahfud.

Why ?

1. With Gibran becomes Prabowo VP and Prabowo is backed by Jokowi then Prabowo is seen as the continuation of present administration.

2. Based on Anies camp vision which more about the change, so the vision is more fit with Ganjar vision and mission where so many changes appeared like for example Ganjar focus on research and industry utilization while infrastructure development is seen as having less focus. Jokowi administration focus is on infrastructure and mineral down streaming. Ganjar also see the focus should not only about mineral downstreaming in order to boost industrialization.

From there, we see that based on the strategies, Anies has more fit to Ganjar team that also shows alot of changes compared to current Jokowi administration economic strategist.

3. Voter basis : Anies voters are seen as Islamist Conservatives that most of them dont like Jokowi. When we see Jokowi has 80 % approval rating, then the other 20 % is very likely Anies Baswedan voters. From this it is easier for Anies voters to vote for Ganjar in the second round (if Anies lost in first round) than to vote Prabowo in the second round.

4. As it is very likely for Anies camp to back Ganjar so the formal backing from the Anies coalition will also likely support Anies voters to shift to Ganjar camp in second round of election in 29 June 2024
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Full - President Candidates Economic plans/strategies/programs

Ganjar is attacking Jokowi administration. Some analist from survey companies said it is effecting Ganjar negatively, but they dont show their survey result when the election goes to second round and Ganjar will be head to head with Prabowo only.

Anies voters are basically anti Jokowi camp, this group that is expected to vote for Ganjar in second round if Ganjar seen able to acknowledge Jokowi negative side on what happen in KPK Today, downgrading the important of R&D, his meddling on Constitutional court, etc

Dont need to attack Jokowi too much, but Ganjar should keep showing he will change some lacking on Jokowi administration in order to get Anies voters in the expected second round of election in June 2024.

Support whats good on Jokowi policy and show something that can be done better than Jokowi administration on Jokowi weakness like in the case of KPK.

Be nice with Anies camp as this camp has possibility to be an important ally in second round of election and parliament if inshaAllah ganjar won the election. I would say both Ganjar and Anies should see Prabowo as their main rival as Prabowo will be very certain to get through the first round of election in February 2024.
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