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Two soldiers embraced Shahadat in Singwan Area (Dist Kech) of Balochistan

Oh they are fighting and dying for the country????,I thought they were fighting and dying in a war their beloved generals started so they could earn some Benjamins:disagree::disagree::disagree:

Their are shaheeds in my family too and the way property dealers use us like they did in 9th May is just nauseating

If they really care about shaheeds then they should give justice to the brother and son of shaheeds Arshad Sharif

I bet General Asif Nawaz Janjua would be really proud of what his beloved institution did to his granddaughter wouldn't he????
Your problem is with the generals. Not the soldiers. There is no point crapping on the shaheed because of your views of the generals.
Why are we still fighting these multi-decade wars?
Mocking martyrs because of political differences; is the least kind of low one can expect from anyone especially on the Forum. If you have no interest, don't bother to comment.

Rip.... But please also look the matter of kidnapped Baloch civilians. If they are wrong, present them in civilian court. All people are not wrong.

Bhai sb.

Sufi Mohammad terrorist was also released by same courts.
1 ina lila for the fallen.

2nd Military releasing doctored to secretly recorded videos, black mailing, kidnapping , killing of own unarmed citizens in day light.
Finally people are starting to see for what Pakistani military is. So how can you expect people to give army benefit of the doubt when they are openly murdering, beating women, children, youth, older gen.
At this point it makes more sense to listen to what other side is saying, why all the deals in Pakistan are kept under the wraps and never shared with people of Pakistan whom these resources actually belong.
If Military can do all this in Punjab and against people with active following just imagine what they have been doing in rural areas

3 At every post people crying a blame the generals, dont blame soldiers.
Will its are these low ranking officer's and jawans who are implementing these orders.
If your army boss tells you to kill someone will you do it ?
If you can say no so can they.
They are as much as involved as the higher ups.
I strongly condemn hate speech targeting the martyrs by pro PTI avatars.

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