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Snow fall of session 2022/2023

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kaghan valley ...

Babusar Top Has Been Closed For All Kind Of Vehicles Due To Snowfall....


No let-up in Kaghan snowfall

Dawn Report
November 11, 2023

A Rescue 1122 official walks on a snow-covered bridge in Naran to assist motorists. — Dawn

A Rescue 1122 official walks on a snow-covered bridge in Naran to assist motorists. — Dawn

MANSEHRA/ABBOTTABAD: With the snowfall continuing for the second consecutive day on Friday, a cold wave swept across upper parts of Kaghan Valley in Mansehra district.

The Rescue 1122 extended its services to the region to deal with any emergency.
It also snowed in Abbottabad’s Thandiyani and Galiyat areas causing the temperature to fall below freezing.

“We have put our fleet on high alert for an effective response to any calamity as the valley is receiving snowfall intermittently,” Rescue 1122 official Sami Khan told reporters.

He said the snowfall disrupted traffic on the key Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad Road. Mr Khan said it was the heaviest snowfall of the year in Kaghan.

“We have deployed personnel in Naran and Battakundi areas to provide healthcare and other emergency services to tourists,” he said.

Temperature falls below freezing point in Abbottabad

The official said the Rescue 1122 was using its fire tenders to shift the stuck tourist vehicles out of the road.

Meanwhile, Kaghan Development Authority assistant director Asad Shahzad Khan told reporters that cars and passenger coaches were not allowed to go beyond Battakundi area as a safety measure.

“A huge glacier in Battakundi has blocked traffic on the MNJ Road, so the police aren’t allowing tourists and commuters beyond that point,” he said.

Mr Khan said travellers had been asked to stay away from ravines and mountainous parts of Kaghan Valley.

“While it snowed in the valley earlier this year, the Naran tourist point is receiving heavy snowfall at the start of the winter season causing cold to sweep across the region,” he said.

In Abbottabad’s Thandiyani, Nathiagali, Changlagali, Dongagali, Ayubia and Mera Jani areas, the snowfall began at around 2:30pm on Thursday and continued until early on Friday with frequent intervals.

Four to six inches of snow fell in the region, while upper hilly areas received around one foot of snow.

The Galiyat Development Authority cleared snow from the Abbottabad-Murree Road between Baragali and Nathiagali, Changlagali and Ayubia areas.
Batakundi , Naran


Nathia Gali after last night snowfall
10 November 2023

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