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Rahul Gandhi Declared Disqualified As A Member Of Lok Sabha Following His Conviction In Defamation Case

Thanks India !

Pakistan dictator Zia ul Haq sank country in Islamization and Pakistan became Afghanistan
India copied same they are trying to sank their country in Hinduism, Even in Nationalism and Secularism there is Hinduism. Now, Hindu vs Muslim, Hindu vs Sikh violence will be more common.

All corrupt politicians in Pakistan made a group of PDM, and trying hard to arrest, ban, disqualify the politician who is most popular in the country.
India is same copying PDM like tact to ban rival politician.

In Pakistan, Islam is in Danger...
In India, Hinduism is in Danger..

Pakistanis dragged religion in politics,
India dragged [same] religion in politics
Seems india is more stupid then PDM pakistanis
Here he defamed not a person but a community which comes under criminal law.
according to some indians I know, modi is a name not a community. narrendra's zaat/jaat is teli not modi. had ghandhi said all telis or jains are crooked that would be defaming communities
Nazi Playbook. This site has been taken over by Bots, Pajeets and Uthias. They are bigger than I am to counter. The Mods are already sold out. No more wasting time.

There is criminal defamation law in India. Here he defamed not a person but a community which comes under criminal law. He will get bail of course, but Conviction for 2 years in jail term means disqualification even after bail.

How about Modi jee and his "Unko kapdon say hee pataa chal jaata hai" ?

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