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Rafale For Bangladesh? 1st Time In 33 Years, French President Visits Dhaka As Dassault & Eurofighter Compete For BAF Deal

I hope you know that sikkim was taken by india under chinese nose in 1975

Entire Bangladesh army has 10 infantry divisons with 1 armoured brigade equipped with weak light tanks and 1960s era type 59s. Bangladeshi divisions are smaller in terms of manpower and equipment than indian divisions. Indian Eastern command alone has 12 infantry and mountain divisions with 4 corps including one strike corps and 12 assam rifles sector brigades under them. They also have an armoured division in reserve as well as multiple indepdenent armoured brigades.
Each infantry division of Bangladesh army contains one regiment of Chinese tanks. The 11 infantry division in Bogra alone contains 1 brigade of Chinese tanks. The Chinese tanks (T-59 and T-69) were upgraded by new ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour), 125mm canons, and new more powerful engines. They have purchased 44 units MBT-2000 medium tanks and 44 units VT-5 Light tanks recently. So your information about having just one armoured brigade is a blatant lie.
Proof that age =/= wisdom.

Generally Kids between 2 years to 20 years always think that they are grown up adults.

Only when become mature enough they would realize how foolishness they were.

I can be in your shoes as I have been there but you cannot be in my shoes as you were never there.
So,against whom does Bangladesh need an airforce? India.
Then why choose the same aircraft with your enemy?
BD will also work on their own fighter in the next couple of years.

Pakistan and China could get to know the Rafale details through BD.

Security enviroment of Bangladesh is way better than Pakistan, they really do not need spend so much in national defense as I see.
Both are different topic. It’s mostly syndicate who raise price. But yes India all of a sudden stopped the supply. It takes few weeks for stabilization.
The govt is unable to control syndicate activities unless production of food items rises above the demand.

Govt manipulation creates shortage and the consequent rise of prices. It has been going on since the death of President Zia.
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