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Current situation in Sindh....
Jai Bilawal

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right where they belong

Now people of sindh only look for free money.
dude, wtf? You can't paint the whole nation.

Sindhi people have long forgotten about merit and hardwork.
when hardwork doesn't seem to work and a lifetime's worth of hardwork isn't enough to get a life of dignity in our system, then the people can hardly be blamed.

Khudara Karachi ko bacha lo inn ppp ka darindon sa...

What a joker........

PPP leader Manzoor Wassan’s tone-deaf comparison of flood-devastated areas to Venice has Twitter disturbed

People are calling out the lack of empathy and logic in his rather strange interview.

<p>Photo: Geo News</p>

Former Sindh home minister and current PPP leader Manzoor Wassan’s recent visit to flood-affected areas in Khairpur stirred controversy due to his very strange comments comparing the flooded areas to Venice, Italy.

Pakistan is facing a climate emergency after monsoon rains wreaked havoc across the country this year, resulting in flash floods. The death toll has crossed 1,000 with over 30 million people displaced. The economic losses accumulate to at least $10 billion, with Sindh in particular suffering damages of over $1.6 billion (Rs355 billion) as all major crops have been destroyed.

At a time when Pakistanis all over the country are focused on extending a helping hand and doing as much as they can to alleviate the suffering of those who have not only lost their loved ones but also their homes and livelihoods, Wassan’s remarks in a now viral clip are not only tone deaf but extremely insensitive and unnecessary.
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