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Political Desk: Pakistan Peoples Party

My father is a good and honest person of the world, if you don't believe, take testimony from PML-N

Extremely needed to finish this so called political mafia witch is the biggest cancer & course for whole PAKISTAN it using Shiaisam & Sindhisam for takeover & corruption in Karachi & even now several Iranian proxy ethnic groups operating & active in Karachi because of this PPP mafias back support & they are completely getting out of control & using & controlling all the institute on there fingertips as like the slaves dose every one is blind what's going on this City even Month of RABI Ul Awal...
The one with the shalwar kameez doesn't know Urdu and the one with pant shirt doesn't know English and those behind them are not ashamed.

A train carrying seven hundred passengers in sixteen carriages traveling south at a speed of one hundred miles per hour
If so, tell me what is my age?
Pappu: Thirty-eight years
Surprised Teacher: Exactly! But how did you know?
Pappu: There is a boy living in our neighborhood, he is nineteen years old and he is half crazy.

The solution to all Pakistan's problems lies with the People's Party..: Bilawal

: ایک ٹرین سولہ بوگیوں میں سات سو مسافروں کو لے کر سو مِیل فی گھنٹہ کی رفتار سے جنوب کی سمت
‏جارہی ہے تو بتاؤ میری عمر کیا ہے ؟
‏پپُو: اَڑتیس سال
‏ٹیچر حیرانی سے: بالکل ٹھیک! مگر تمہیں کیسے پتا چلا ؟
‏پپو: ہمارے محلّے میں ایک لڑکا رہتا ہے‏اسکی عمر اُنّیس سال ہے اور وہ آدھا پاگل ہے۔۔۔۔۔

‏پاکستان کے تمام مسائل کا حل پیپلز پارٹی کے پاس ہے: بلاول
All Pakistani don't know how can they get rid off these 2 political corruption wadera & jagerdar mafias & there groups (ppp & pmln) there 2 parties are become course for whole Nation & Question is that on one side full hand over pmln But why free hand for ppp so why this Hippocracy Pakistan will succeeded when accountability starts across the board without any differences...
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