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Pakistan’s nuclear security ranking upgraded


Sep 26, 2018
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
The Nuclear Security Index 2023, which ranks the security of nuclear materials worldwide, has upgraded Pakis-tan’s status.

According to the report, the majority of improvements were in the security of materials and controls.

The forum ranked Pakistan above India, Iran and North Korea in terms of its handling of hazardous material, showing that the country had gained more points since the last assessment and was number 19 on the list of 22 states.


In security of facilities, Pakistan is ranked 32; tied with Russia and Israel, and above India, Iran, Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, North Korea and a few others.

Country ranked above India, Iran, and North Korea in handling of hazardous materials
Pakistan’s score is 61 as it gained four points, whereas India could only score 52 points.

Pakistan achieved a total score of 49, which is higher than its arch-rival India, scoring 40, while its western neighbour Iran scored 29, and North Korea performed poorly with 18 points.

The Nuclear Security Index comprises three dynamic and comprehensive rankings that assess nuclear security conditions across 175 countries and Taiwan.

This ranking assesses the 22 countries with one kilogram or more of weapons-usable nuclear materials (highly enriched uranium or separated plutonium) and the policies, actions, and other factors related to securing those materials against the risk of theft.

This ranking also evaluates the 154 countries and Taiwan with less than one kilogram of or no weapons-usable nuclear materials and the policies, actions, and other factors related to their support for global nuclear security efforts.

According nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand, the improvement in the nuclear security index shows that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state. He said that Pakistan had possessed nuclear weapons for over three decades, and despite witnessing testing times, its nuclear programme has remained safe and secured.

According to him, nuclear security was also a prerequisite for the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and this aspect was also examined along with other requirements when Pakistan was removed from the grey list.
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