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Pakistan’s Missing Market. Resuming trade with India is a chance to escape spiraling crises.

I am talking with respect to Azad Kashmir only. This will be mutually acceptable.
Our military is mainly Pakistan centric. Once this issue gets settled it will lessen the financial strain quite significantly.
Regarding China, I agree

Then, do you think Pakistan have no say on Indian Kashmir.

China is 5 times bigger military forces and due to their economy and to keep up with the pace of their military progress, we also need to invest on military. So, I don't think their will be any reduction of military budget (% on GDP) in another 2-3 decade.

Tomato and atta will be in short supply , only Indian punjab can help .

Don't worry about them, they are self sufficient on Tomato and in Atta and if they need then they will buy it from UAE not from India.

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